Pain, Away from home

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lonely night

Submitted: August 22, 2010

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Submitted: August 22, 2010



the ground beneath me is falling off,

the light above me is fading off,

the air is too light, i am choking,

the cold is numbing my fingers,

but my palm is sweating

i feel so scared, i feel so alone who am i missing? what do i want? i have people around me but i am still so lonely,

there is a dark cloud around my heart, there is a loud noise within my head, the pain is too much, i cant feel it, the noise is too loud, i cant hear it.

i keep falling of the cliff, but i dont hit the ground i keep sinking deeper into the sea, but i dont drown the fear is constant, and the pain does not kill. life does not end, nothing stops.

why is everyone staring at me? what are they saying? i know its about me, what did i do? they know i am on my knees, why are they not helping. do they not hear me crying, do they not see me crawl? is it because i dont belong here? is it because they just dont care?

a thousand sharp needles piercing me through, i million glass pieces under my feet, thorns around my chest and chains around my neck, cutting me to slices and ripping me apart.

make the noise stop, make the pain go away, hold me close to you and say it will be ok.

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