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its her name

Submitted: August 22, 2010

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Submitted: August 22, 2010



Morning to evening i keep thinking of u, Over the lunch break too, thats when i called u, Now its 1.30, and i am still thinking of u. I keep typing texts like this of which i have no clue. Know that i miss u, like i always do Always and forever love, i'll be with u.

Magic spell or a love portion, Octaves of music or strokes of art, Never ending hymns or epics of passion, I keep breaking my head, but cant figure what, Known you for a while now, but still cant decide, All of the above you are, when you are by my side.

Made for eachother, aren't we? Online chat or overseas calls, whatever it my be. Not many people can see in u what i see. Innocent, naughty, beautiful and classy, Knowledge is there too, but that must have been from me, An absolute delight, baby forever, be with me. Mistress of my heart, Own me, we shall never part, Now its 2.30, more than an hour since the start, I am now sleepy, so will have to depart, Know that i have a life time and a license not to be smart, And you'll keep getting crap like this, but for now, good night sweetheart.

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