Horizons (By Joe Doyle)

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A 'love and lost' song, not the typical one, but a love and lost song none the less.

Submitted: November 12, 2011

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Submitted: November 12, 2011



A horizon of tricks waiting for me to trip,

but I'm not moving I'll sit on your lips,

here's a tip, don't look down, you won't like what you see,

'Cause there's only confusion, a withheld anomaly.


A landscape with you and a shepherd with herd,

He pushes you down, 6 feet through the dirt,

his sheep bleep and cackle, 

his feet turn and leave,

you're left there alone,

with a dent in your grief.


A bright blue sky and a dank alley way,

patterned with memories that all blow away,

the wind takes them all with a grasp of it's claw,

as if nothing happened between us before.


Messiah behold, the young and the old,

all of them have some stories untold,

shout them out loud, let us all hear,

what's happened in life to set us off gear.


A horizon of tricks, waiting for you to fall,

a shepherd and herd, are hosting your ball,

enjoy yourself darling, your love made me lose,

a horizon of tricks, it's all old news.



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