Mommy murderer

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Well, on Scott's 4th birthday he woke up to his mom dying in her bed. Scott's dad and mom have been divorced for a while and now Scott was going to go live with his dad. Every year the hurt of living with his father becomes more traumatizing. Each beating becomes worse, and each curse more cruel. (The story never actually swears. It's only saying parental guidance because it's violent.) If you like this please review and I'll add more :) Also, if you want me to read your stories and comment then just tell me to in these comments

Chapter1 (v.1) - Mommy murderer

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Well, on Scott's 4th birthday he woke up to his mom dying in her bed. Scott's dad and mom have been divorced for a while and now Scott was going to go live with his dad. Every year the hurt of living with his father becomes more traumatizing. Each beating becomes worse, and each curse more cruel. (The story never actually swears. It's only saying parental guidance because it's violent.)

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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chapter 1: first case
"Mommy wake up! it's my birthday!" 4 year old Scott said shaking his mom. He didn't get why his mommy wasn't waking up. Was something wrong with her? was she sick? "Daddy mommy won't wake up." He said through the phone to his daddy. His parent's were working on getting divorce.
"Happy birthday scott! I will be right over to see what's wrong with mommy o.k?" His dad said and Scott smiled.
"O.k daddy thank you!" He hung up the phone and about 10 minutes later his daddy was there. When he walked through the door he ran up to him and hugged him. "DADDY! I missed you so much." Scott yelled.
"I missed you to little man!" He was looking past scott and into the room that his mother was. "How is mommy doing buddy?" His daddy asked but to be honest he didn't seem that worried.
"She isn't waking up! I called 911 and they will be here now!" he said as he saw the truck outside the house with blaring sirens. The doctors got to her and noticed her pale coloring and the way her lips were slowly turning blue right away. In the truck she was still breathing but barley. Scott was right next to her and saying how much he loved her.
"Happy birthday baby. I love you to and don't you ever forget that o.k? Do you understand?" She whispered hoarsly as she wondered about what would happen to him if she died.
"Thank you mommy and yes i understand don't worry. I love you!" he said as she took her last breathe.
"Time of death 9:00a.m. september 11 2012" One of the doctors said and scott looked at them with tear filled eyes.
"What do you mean time of death? She is still alive right?" He asked so when the doctor touched his shoulder he screamed. "NO! MY MOMMY IS NOT DEAD! SHE CAN'T BE!!!!" He screamed so loud that it hurt his own ears but he didn't care. The parametics new that by the time this little boy was older he wouldn't remeber his mom well, if he even did at all so they let him throw a fit.
"You have to stay strong and get through this. You are still very little and so you have a lot of life it's o.k. You will be living with your daddy from now on allright?" The doctor informed him.
At the hospital while scott waited in the waiting room the doctors were trying to figure out the cause of death. Soon they realized this was no accidentle death, this mom of 1 was murdered. They found poison in her blood. They knew this was a case for the police.
"Hi there my name is detective barly and I need to ask you a few questions o.k?" The dectective was asking Scott sympotheticly.
"Okay but after words can I pease see my mommy?" The allready sad boy grew sader when Detective Barley shook his head no.
"I don't think that you can handle seeing her the way that she is scott. When somebody dies their body doesn't look the same as when they were alive. It might scare you. You do understand don't you?" Detective barly tried explianing to this tiny hild.
"Fine. What do you need to ask?" Scott asked with attitude as he crossed his arms over his chest.
"Did your mommy eat with any one besiedes you in the past 3 day's?" He asked this because the poison would have had to be inside of her 3 day's before it could take it's full effect.
"Well she ate with me yesturday and the day before and then the day before that she alone while I was at day care. Well at least i think it was alone." He said while drawing a picture.
"Okay did she make any new friends?" The detective asked.
"Well there is the boy she's dating. I can't member his name but he left to a differant place far away about 2 day's' ago." He said and the detective was looking at his drawing now.
"What's this drawing of?" Scott lifted the picture so detective Barley could see it better.
"Oh that's mommy and that's daddy before they broke up. and that's them when they were fighting and the one time when the pot fell off the dresser and hit me. But I'm all better now." Scott had an amazing vocabulary for a 4 year old boy that even impressed the detective.
"Okay that's all I have to ask you. Have a good day and I'm really sorry that your mommy died." The detective said smiling down at the little boy.

3 month's later
"Daddy are you mad at me?" Scott asked as they walked out of the court house for the last time.
"No I am not mad but when we get home I really need to talk to you." He said allthough Scott still felt like something was wrong. He could sence it like every little kid could and it made him want to cry. He didn't though because he was daddy's little soldier and a soldier never cried.
"Okay daddy. How long is the ride home?" Scott asked looking out the window. Since his mommy and daddy had started fighting he hadn't been to his daddy's house.
"I'ts 10 minuets now sit in your seat and buckle up." He said but still did not seem happy. Finally they got home and went inside. "Now come here!" His daddy yelled pulling Scott in the house by the arm. He was about to tell scott something no kid would be able to handle. "I'm the one who killed your mother! I wanted to live with you and you have to swear not to tell any one. If you do you will be in so much trouble. Do you know what a gun is? Well it will be used on you!!!" His daddy explianed.
"But daddy why did you hurt mommy?" Scott asked and ran upstairs to find his room. Scott was only 4 at the time but would never forget what his father had just told him. It was plain as he got older that the reason his dad had even told him was out of guilt.

chapter 2: Turning 8 (Scott's point of view)
Since that day I knew I was alway's going to have to keep my guard up. I wouldn't sleep at home so when I went somewhere for school I sometimes would catch short naps. My problem now is falling asleep in class, I always try to be very good but with sleep that's hard.
"Scott!" The teacher yelled and snapped me out of my vivid dream about having to go home.
"Yes? Um I'm awake." I said witch resulted in the whole class laughing. I looked into the teachers angry eyes with my innocent, tired ones.
"If your going to fall asleep you can go to the office!" She said pointing to the door. I did this with no question knowing that when I got home I would be beaten for this.
"Scott that's the 4th time this week you've been sent here for sleeping in class. You need to start going to bed earlier at home." I held my head low and didn't look up. I knew that it was true. I needed more sleep and decided to try to get some tonight. "You know that after 3 times I have to call your parents and tell them what's been happening." He said and all I could do was nod. I sat there in the office awaiting the arrival of my father, terrified of what I knew was going to happen in about a half hour.
"Scott what did you do now? Uhg!!! sometimes I just don't know what to do with you. I'm so sorry for my sons behavior today." Dad does that all the time. He acts nice and sweet in front of people, then lashes out when we get home. Sometimes he'll smack me while were are still in the car. This time I was really in for it. I didn't know just what dad had in store for me yet so maybe it wasn't as bad as I was worried it was gonna be. "Scott how was your day today?" Okay now I knew that this was bad. If dad was this nice on the car ride then at home he would make this one of the worst beatings yet. Then I remembered, it's my birthday.
"Now let's go!" Yelled dad and I was scared. When we got in the house dad grabbed my hair and pulled me into the kitchen. He pushed me to the floor and I could feel my cheeks become tear stained. "Be a man! Your not that little boy that I got years ago anymore. Nope, it's your birthday now! Here's your present!" He reached for the drawer and I looked around panicked for an escape plan. I spotted the door and while dad was opening the knife drawer tried to make a run for it. Every year I got older the beating's got worse and worse. Especially since we moved into a house instead of an apartment. Now we have a basment and concrete walls so nobody could hear my screams of pain and horrified screaches. I crawled a little then bolted for the door. Right before I made it out dad grabbed my arm and pulled back hard. I lost my balance and fell. When I fell I had hit my head on the counter and could feel myself slip in and out of consousness.
This is it. were my thoughts He's really done it. He's gonna kill me just like mom. The thought's wouldn't leave my mind and the fear grew bigger and bigger untill I was horrified. I felt blood run down my arm and looked up and dad holding the knife. After that I heard something familiar. ding ding ding, it was the door bell! I might actually be saved for once!  Nobody has ever been there for me since I was little but this time maybe it would be differant.Dad dropped the knife and went over and opened the door just a crack.
"You can't come in I'm busy!" He said harshly to whoever was at the door. I decided now was my chance at freedom. I let out a huge cry of pain. Whoever was at the door obviously heard me because I heard consern in their voice. I didn't know what they were saying because I was starting to slip uncounsous again but I knew I was going to die. I just hoped that dad would be blamed for this murder.
My eye's soon opened and all I saw white. I was startled for a moment and thought for sure I must be dead. I looked around as my eyes adjusted and noticed that there was medical equipment around me and my dad was right there. Right by my side then I knew where we were. Somehow I had ended up in a hospital room.
"Oh boy you sure took a nasty fall." The nurse said walking in. I just closed my eye's knowing once again my dad had succeeded on lying and causing me pain. Dad looked over with a smirk on his mean face.
"I never got to finish giving you your birthday present Scott. One of your friends came over so you'll get the best present when you get released from the hospital." His dad explianed and all I wanted was to cry. I had started wondering what friend had come to the house and saved me from the worst beating I had ever reseved when Ally walked in.
Ally was a girl from school that never really talked to me but was in all my classes. I've alway's had a crush on Ally. She was beatiful! "Scott are you feeling any better?" Ally asked smiling and I think she noticed the look of joy that appeared on my face as soon as she walked in. I didn't even notice that she had said anything because all I was thinking about is the way her blonde hair was flowing just perfectly and her blue eye's sparkled in the light of the room. "Scott are you allright?" She repeated, snapping me out of my daze.
"Oh, ya, I'm fine." I lied. "I guess I just fell pretty bad didn't I?" All I was wanting to do was tell her what actually happened. I knew if I did that she would probably not like me though or dad would kill me. Ally came by me and brushed a strand of hair behind my ear like a mother would do to there sick son and for once in my life I felt completly safe. I felt like this girl would protect me from dad and that I would finally be rescued.
"Ya you did but your a pretty strong boy. You were all cut up and bruised when I came in there and now look at you being all cool and not even crying." She said and I really did feel like she was my mother. She was only a year older than me though but I just loved how kind she was being and the way she talked.
"When can I take him home?" Dad asked with mock sympathy in his voice that I was probably the only one who noticed how fake it was. I looked over to Ally and Saw concern on her face. Not pretend concern either, no, her beautiful eye's got wide with horror.
"Oh well I was going to ask you if Scott could come over to my house for dinner tonight. I mean since it's his birthday and everything I wanted to do something nice for him." Ally spoke quickly and with a steady voice but her entire body shook violently. I could tell that she was obviously scared of dad so I decided to say something.
"Dad I allready promised them that I would go. Her parents will be mad at me if I end up not going so I really should. Please dad just let me go." I begged knowing he would probably say no still.
"Well only because I don't want to be the one acused of being a bad father here, Just go." He stood up and pretended like he was hugging me but he whispered in my ear. "I'll deal with you more when you come home later." His voice was sharp and terrified me!
"Scott can leave the hospital whenever he's ready now" The nurses voice rang through the room. That's when I got to thinking how long had I been there? I didn't want to ask dad so decided that Ally was a better candidate.
"Hey how long have I been here Ally?" I wondered out loud.
"Oh umm...let me think. It was Monday when you got here and on Tuesday you were still asleep and then Wednsday was Yesturday so 3 and a half day's." She thought through the math out loud.  
"Was I asleep the whole time?" I asked thinking that 3 and a half day's of sleep was like a mini coma or something.
"Well not exactly. I mean the entire first day you were here you were slipping in and out of concousness. I was worried you were going to die to be honest. When I saw you on your kitchen floor the gash in your head made so much blood it looked like it came straight from a horror movie! I'm really happy your okay though." I looked over and saw the light blush on her cheeks and it made me blush to. I had been wanting this girl to like me as more than a friend for the longest time but was also worried what dad would do to her if he found out. He might hurt her or kill me. I'd prefer the second option.
Chapter 3:I know a secerate
Ally and I had started walking to her house and I was trying to get the courage to ask her something. Be a man Scott Be a man. I thought to myself. Here it goes.
"Um Ally why did you do that? Why did you say you invited me over to your house for a birthday dinner when we were at the hospital? How did I end up in the hopital? One more question Do you know anything that I don't?" I started throwing a bunch of questions at her and she looked at me kind of shocked. I felt bad but really wanted to know.
"Well I could tell that you didn't want to go home and well you were in the hospital and I felt bad making you do something you obviously didn't want to do. I knocked on the door to give you a birthday present and when your dad only opened it a crack and said he was busy, I could tell something was wrong so I pushed the door opened and saw you lying on the floor. There was a knife next to you and so I asked your dad if he had called 911. He said no because he was going to take care of you himself. I was terrified at the sight of you bruised and bloody. Oh and no I don't know anything. What did you think I would know?" she asked and Scott could tell it was a mistake to ask her if she knew anything. When she said she didn't though she sounded like she was lying.
"Did you really come to give me a present?" I asked cautiously changing the subject. She nodded her head yes and I smiled. I never had anybody who cared enough to get a present for me before. I knew that this girl was special and was happy about it.
"I'll give it to you before you leave tonight okay?" She said and started skipping to the house. We made it to the door and a big man answered. His face looked nice but I had grown to hate any grown man. I was terrified of adults because I thought they would all hit me if I was bad. I didn't know how to talk to grown up's unless I know them well enough.
"Hi you must be Scott." The man said and I looked down without thinking. The man motioned us inside and we all sat at the table. Dad normally only let me eat once a week. I looked at the table and there was chicken, mashed patatoes, and green beans. I smiled the biggest smile in the world and Ally's mom smiled warmly towards me.
"This looks amazing! Do we actually get to eat it?" I asked completly serious. A lot of times dad would order a pizza or something and eat it right in front of me and made me smell it. He wouldn't let me eat a single bite and if he found out that I had eaten anything then he would beat me again. Ally's mom smiled and giggled as Ally did the same.
"Of course we get to eat it. That's what it's here for silly. What did you think? We were gonna make you stare at it while we ate?" I faked a little smile to make it seem like that wasn't exactly what he was worried about. The smell of the food filled the room and I realized just how hungry I was at that moment.
"Let's all say grace and then we can eat." Ally's dad said and they all held hands. I was next to Ally's little brother and Ally and felt awkard holding hands with them. "Thank you for this food." Ally's dad said and her mom started handing out food. She gave me a nice  big piece of chicken and I stared at it for a minute before digging my fork into it.
"WOW!!!!! This is amazing!!!" I said with a full  mouth. Ally's mom put up her finger.
"Thank you but no talking with you mouth full sweety." I finished swalling and felt bad.
"I'm sorry." I didn't notice that my head hung low for a minute before realizing nobody was raising a hand to smack me.
"Scott look under the table." Ally whispered and I did as told. She was holding a folded piece of paper. "It's your birthday present." I took the little piece of paper and started unfolding it. She took my hand quickly in hers.
"You can't open it yet!" The normal light blush on her cheeks was darkend now and I folded the paper back up.
"Oh allright." I said. I had eaten a lot and was actually full for once in my life. I weighed about 65 pounds and no more. "I should be getting home." I said looking at the clock. I knew if I was out later than 9:00.then dad would be mad. It was 8:50 and it was a 5 minute walk.
"Open the letter when you get home." Ally whispered just soft enough for her parents not to hear.
"Oh Scott do you need a ride home hunny?" I was surprised that Ally's mom was so nice and nodded my head as she smiled. She looked very young and her shoulder length hair was just as beatiful as Ally's. She had greenish blue eye's and a warm smile that you could only expect out of a mother. "Ally dear are you coming?" She asked her daughter.
"Of cource! I'm not gonna let you and Scott be in the same car together alone! Who know's what you'll tell him." Her mom smiled knowingly. "Um Scott do you want to come over again sometime?" I smiled, exited, because for once I felt like I had a friend. Not just any friend though. The girl that I had a crush on wanted me to come over again.
"I would love to come over sometime! You have a really nice house." I said and she smiled and blushed at that. I really did like her and couldn't wait to read the note that she had writen.
I got home and stalled as long as possibal before getting out. I walked to the door slowly and heard a BANG as I opened it. Dad was drunk again and had fallen. I ran in to help even though he was such a jerk I still felt the need to help him. I lifted dad the best I could and pulled him into the living room. I put a pillow on the floor and rested his head on it. I took a blanket off of the couch and placed it over his cold body. I knew that he was alive or I would have called 911. I'm not a stupid kid. I can actually be really smart when I chose to be.
Now time to look at this note! I thought making myself more exited. I sat down in my bedroom and unfolded it. It read:
Dear Scott,
I know a lot more about you than you think. I have been dying to tell you something but don't know how. I decided to write it in this letter instead. I really like you a lot and would love it if you were my new best friend. I really want to talk to you about something personal at school on Friday. It's not personal about me though. It's something I need to tell you that I know. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier but I really didn't know how. Meet me by the main entrance before school starts.
I was smiling till I heard footsteps coming toward the room. The note has to be hidden, but where? I had no pockets and there was only 1 place I could think of. He shoved the note in my pants and pretended like nothing happend.
"You rotton kid what are you doing up at this hour!!!!!!! If your so awake then you just won't be sleeping tonight then! Your going to clean untill school starts tomorow! If I catch you sleeping for even a minute you'll be dead!!" Dad was yelling but I honestly didn't care. I knew that somebody liked me and that was all that mattered to me at that moment. The hours dragged on endlessly while I cleaned and he couldn't wait untill school started. Friday was tommorow and I really wanted to talk to Ally.

chapter 4: When secerats are spilled
Finally it was time to go to school. Most 10 year old boy's wouldn't be exited to go but I was about to run out the door before dad grabbed my hair. This is why he kept my hair long.
"Where do you think your going you little punk!?!" He screamed and I quickly broke free and darted out the door. That was the first time he had ever gotten away from dad and didn't get beat before I left.
"SCHOOL!" I answered dad's question as I ran and ran. Finally  I thought. I made it to the school door where Ally was. "I'm so sorry I hope I didn't keep you waiting!" I said worried. She just smiled and looked up from her shoes.
"Oh don't worry I just got here." She said but it was obvious she was lying. "I need to tell you something I know." I looked at her face and knew that this wasn't going to be good.
"Umm...what?" I didn't know if I wanted to hear what Ally was about to say. Mostly because I had a pretty good idea that I allready knew. She talked so fast that it was bearly audible.
"Well Scott that day that you went to the hospital there was something I noticed." She paused. "When I saw that knife I noticed the way it cut your arm couldn't have been from a fall. Any way that you could have fallen no matter where the knife was it couldn't have cut you like that. I also noticed the red mark on your cheek looked like a handprint. It wasn't your hand print either. Basically what I'm saying is your dad did that didn't he?" She said and I was speechless. I didn't know what to do. My mind flashed back to the voice of dad when he said he'd kill me if he ever told a soul. I started to cry and tried to look away but Ally was determined to look me straight in the eye.
"MOMMY!!!!" I yelled and was really scared! I was obviously having a meltdown and Ally didn't know what to do. Honestly I didn't know that I had just screamed for my mommy. "D-d-daddy said that if I t-told anyone that he would k-k-kill me." I was stuttering on my words and Ally shivered. I looked at her to see the emotion on her face. She looked terrified and very distant.
"Don't worry I'm not gonna tell. I promise." She said and I was carefull to make sure she wasn't lying. I was in tears and Ally gave me a hug. "Stop crying Scott, you'll make me cry." The calmness in her voice helped me stop my uncontrollable sobs. She obviously cared about me for real. Not like the rest of the world. No, out of the whole world this one girl was differant.
"Thank you Ally, your a great friend." I smiled and looked almost happy but not for real.I was to good at faking emotions. It almost scared me. I did feel safe with Ally.If she was with me then Dad couldn't touch me. I sighed when the she walked away but then she turned around, her blonde hair was flowing with the wind in a beatiful pattern.
"You can come over any time Scott. I talked to my parents about it and they said your a sweet boy and that your welcome to be part of the family anytime!" She sounded exited and skipped away. That's when I noticed how she had said part of the family.  I frowned knowing what I was in for it when he got home. I never finished getting my 'birthday present' from dad that night.
It was time for class and of course I couldn't focuss at all. All I could think about was the beating I would get after school.I love to doodle on papers but I stopped doing that last week. I had gotten yelled at then punished at home. Now I would sit there while the teacher was talking and draw in my notebook. I figured that the notebook was more private anyway and I could draw differant drawings in it. I started drawing a picture of Ally and it turned out perfectly. I was a pretty good artist even if dad doesn't want me to think so. Dad almost had me convinced that I was worthless and good for nothing.
"Scott are you doing your homework?" I tried clossing my notebook before the teacher grabbed it but was a second to late. "If this is so important maybe you should show it to the class and read it to." The teacher said harshly and I scrunched my face together so that it looked like I was actually in physical pain. my head hung low again and I was more embarressed than ever.
"Please don't make me do that!" I begged still not looking the teacher in the eye. I had learned better than to ever look an adult in the eye when they were mad.
"Are you talking back to me?!? Get up there and read it now!!!" The teacher was raising his voice and I was terrified. I carried the notebook up with my head held lower than low and Ally looked conserned while other kids whispered and laughed.
"It say's A is for awesome, L is for lovely, L is for i Like you, and Y is for Your amazingly beatiful. At the bottom it say's ALLY and it's a picture of her." Ally blushed and so did I. I basically ran back to my seat and the teacher made a mean smile towards both of us. Ally made her way over to my desk moving slowly so that she wouldn't get caught.
"Hey Scott don't worry about that. I understand." I wouldn't look at her or even look away from my paper.
"Really? Have you had to read something like that in front of the class before?" I asked and she giggled a little.
"Well no but I do have a notebook with pictures like that in it." She smiled and handed me her notebook. It was filled with pictures of me that said stuff like 'I love you' in it. "I wasn't going to show this to you but I figured it was needed." I felt a small smile on my face while he looked at one page and I was blushing. Ally looked over and grabbed the book.
"Hey I thought that was cute!" I laughed at her but she knew I was just kidding around.
"Hey that wasn't supposed to be in there!" She kinda giggled but was half serious. In her hand she held a note that had my name at the top. Under my name were a bunch of describing words and the top one was Hot. I took it back and it went back and forth between us for a while because we kept snatching it from each other. we both left class smiling untill I realized that it was the end of the day.
"I don't wan't to go home!" I said to nobody but knew that I had to go. I shut the door quietly and tried to sneak in but was on the ground in seconds. Dad had grabbed me right away by the hair and threw me to the floor.
"YOU THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY FROM ME THAT EASILY!!! I NEVER FINISHED GIVING YOU YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!!" He screamed and I curled up in a ball trying to protect my gut from my fathers anger. I was small and so fighting back wouldn't help at all. I was going to loose no matter what. Just then dad's girlfriend came running in the room.
"Honey! It's positive!!" She had come from the bathroom and I wondered what she meant.
"Well congragulations you worthless child your gonna get a little brother or sister in 9 months." Dad said giving me one last violent kick before going to nap on the couch. I knew that this beating wasn't over but was happy that dad was taking a break. I decided that now would be a good time to go to Ally's house. It would be around dinner time and I was hungry. I was in a cold dead run for her house scared that dad was going to get me and wanting to tell Ally the baby knews. I guess that I hadn't noticed how bad I looked after that untill I rang their doorbell.
"OH MY WORD! What happened Scott?" I didn't know what she was talking about untill I remembered minutes before and had to think of a quick story.
"Oh well I fell on my way over here. Um Ally said that I could come over again and I tripped in the road but I'm allright really." I did my best to lie straight to this kind womans face.
"Come in Honey. Take off that shirt it's all dirty and you need a shower. I'll find you some extra cloths somewhere here." I was so happy to finnally take a shower. Dad wouldn't let me touch a bar of soap unless it was at school. At school is the one place he can't controll what I do and now here was another safe place. I had just taken off my shirt when Ally accidentally walked into the room.
"OH Scott! When did you get here? Are you allright? Are those fresh bruises?" Ally rambled trying to look at everything accept for my shirtless body. To be honest I didn't care if she saw because it was just my top half but she obviously cared. I smiled at her reaction.
"I'm okay Ally I just fell in the road." I said and she gave me the liar liar look and I frowned. "I'll tell you the real story later when nobody else is gonna hear." I told her and her mom came in.
"Well Scott let's look at these bruises all over you." She sounded so motherly I wanted to curl up on her lap and fall asleep. I missed my mom more than ever when I heard her voice. I didn't remember my mom very much but I remembered her alway's being so sweat and never laying a finger on me unless it was for a hug or kiss. I removed the towel and she looked at the huge bruise I hadn't noticed was right in the middle of my chest.
"I'm okay really. I'm accident prone so I get hurt a lot and I'm used to it." Only half of that was a lie. I really am used to having bruises head to toe.
"Scott are you sure you can breathe okay? you look like you may have a cracked rib! Come over here and sit on the edge of the tub. Were going to put some proixide on these cuts you have all over your body you poor thing!!!" The consern in her voice was sincere and she meant every word she said. Dad had broken some of my bones before but let them heal himself. He wouldn't take me to a doctor because he knew that doctors wern't stupid and could guess what was going on with no problem. When she put on the proxide I wanted to scream. "Sorry Scott this is going to sting a little bit. So what did you say happened?" She asked and I thought for a minute and didn't look her straight in the eye.
"Well when I was walking here I didn't notice that my shoelace was untied and I tripped in the road. I landed straight on my chest." I said trying to make it sound like that's how I got the big bruise on my chest.
"Oh Scott you need to be more carefull sweety! You scared me half to death when I saw you like that. Here you go now take your shower." She handed me the cloths she had brought in.
"Thank you so much for being so nice to me." I said as she left the room. I took my shower and got dressed. I came down stairs and dinner was being put on the table.
"Go ahead and sit down son." Ally's dad said and I smiled at the way he called me son. I really wished that these people were my family. I just want a good family. That's all I wanted, is it to much to ask for.

Chapter 5: Breaking The New's

"Hey Ally I really want to tell you something." I said and she looked up from her plate.
"Ya? What is it?" She asked and I didn't really know if it was good or bad news to be completley honest.
"My dad's girlfriend is pregnant. I'm going to have a little brother or sister in 9 months but I don't know if that's good or bad." I said and a smile went from ear to ear across her face.
"Oh my gosh! I think it's a good thing. Just protect him or her. I have a feeling it's going to be a girl." She said and I laughed a little.
"Ya I guess so but then do you think when the baby is born I could have him or her come over here with me sometimes?" I asked and her mom and dad were looking at me. Me and Ally were whispering that whole time and I had my head turned so they saw the side of my head. I didn't know what they were looking at untill I remembered that morning when dad had grabbed me and I broke free. I think he ripped a lot of my hair out and they had just noticed.
"Of course." Ally whispered. "Your amazing and I don't want your new younger sibiling to suffer like you've had to." I never noticed before but she smiled a lot and it was a beatiful smile that I will treasure for the rest of my life.
"Scott What happened to that side of your head?" I knew that Ally's mom was going to ask that so I had thought of a story in my mind before she did.
"This morning when I went to go to school my hair got caught in something and I didn't notice so I ran out the door and it just ripped out of my head. It hurt really bad but it doesn't anymore." I explained calmly so that I wouldn't raise any suspision. To be honest though I wasn't sure if she was actually going to believe a word I said because my hair was long just not that long. She nodded though so she must have believed me.
"Thanks Ally." I whispered into her ear. I looked at the time and basically jumped out of my seat. "I need to leave! My dad is going to be so mad at me when I get home!!!" The clock read 9:15 and I was supposed to be home by 9! Ally's family ate really late. I was about to open the door when Ally's dad grabbed my arm.
"Calm down kid and I'll give you a ride okay?" He said and I was truly scared. I hid my face with my hands and said to not hit me. "I'm not gonna hit you boy. I would go to prison for that. What are you so scared of?" He asked and I just nodded yes to the ride.
Me and Ally sat next to each other in the car and were whispering the whole time. Her dad seemed to like me enough but also seemed suspicous. I knew that I had to be carfull about what I said around her parents from now on.

8 and a half months later
"Scott get in the car! Were going to the hospital!" Dad yelled while helping his girlfriend pack her stuff. I walked to the door and headed to the car. I was kind of exited to see the baby but wouldn't let dad know that. If I was happy about it Dad would hit me again and probably not let me go.
The drive wasn't to bad and now we were in the hospital. I was told to wait in the waiting area and did as told. I had brought a little bouncy ball and was quietly bouncing it for what seemed like hours. I fell asleep for about half an hour but then a nurse came in the room.
"Scott there is somebody waiting to see you." The kind lady said and showed me the room. There was a little pink bundle in dad's girlfriends arms and I smiled slightly.
"Dad what's her name?" I asked and dad looked shocked that I would talk to him without fear in my voice or eye's. I'm not an idiot though, I know that dad can't even touch me in the hospital because he would go to prison if he did.
"Jessica and why do you care? She's not even your real sister! She's only half your sister!" His voice slowly raised and the little girl started crying. He picked her up and I wanted to hold her bad.
"Um... Marry can  I hold your baby please?" I asked dad's girlfriend with pleading eye's. Honestly she was beatiful but cold hearted. She had brunet hair just like my mom had. Her chocolate colored eye's matched her perfectly and she was just a little shorter than dad. Since the doctor was right there she couldn't exactly be mean to me.
"Yes but if you drop her I'll deal with you at home!" She said and I knew what she meant. She had never hit me before though. She could if she wanted to but she never did. Dad gently handed me the baby and I looked at her and smiled.
"I'm your big brother Jessica! Did you know that your beatiful?" I told the little girl and she was smiling and laughing. I swear she was the smallest human being I had ever seen. I kissed her gently on the forehead and dad put out his arms, silently asking for her back. I handed her to him reluctantly and noticed him squeezing her arm a little to hard.
"Dad you shouldn't hold her that tight or you'll hurt her." I said and the doctor looked over conserned.
"Who are you to tell me how to hold my child?!?" His voice rose into a slight yell and the doctor rushed over quickly.
"Um sir the boy is right. Your holding her way to tight it's going to leave a bruise!" If only he knew how many bruises she is going to grow up with. I thought when the doctor said that.
"Whatever." Dad said loosening his grip on the babies arm and cradleing her head. "When can I take her home?" Dad asked the doctor since he was right there. The doctor took the little girl and examined her.
"If the baby and the mom are okay then you can take her home in about 2 hours. I need to give her some shots first." He said and I was exited to teach her everything and talk to her everyday. I was mostly exited though for when she got older. When she get's just a little older I will have somebody who understands. I'm 10 allready though and she's not even a full day old. When she's 10 I'll be 20!! When she's 8 I can get her out of there because I'll be 18!!!!!!! I was very happy at the thought of taking custody of her as soon as I could.I liked being so much older than her because I knew that somehow I could protect her. When dad went to hit her I could go in front of her and say no. I was going to protect this little girl with my life.
2 hours later
"Can we take her home now?" Dad asked the doctor impatently. The doctor nodded and handed dad the Jessica. He put her in a new little carseat and I smiled. The carseat was pink and I just loved how cute she was in it. The car ride home was only 10 minutes long and almost completly silent. Every now and then I would say something to the baby but besides that it was silent. The car stopped about 3 minutes away from the house.
"Get out! You can walk the rest of the way! I need to talk with Marry at home ALONE!" He yelled at me and I unbuckled and got out. It didn't surprise me because Dad does this all the time. It would be a 15 minute walk and it was freezing out. Dad stopped me before I shut the door. "HEY! Where did you get that coat and new shoes!!!??" He yelled and motioned to me to take them off.
"But dad I don't have my old shoes anymore can't I please keep them on?" I begged knowing the answer.
"No! Hand them over right now!!!" He was angry so I took them off without anymore question. The ground was freezing and when the wind blew on my neck I shivered.
"I HATE MY STUPID FATHER AND I WANT HIM TO DIE!!" I yelled but then noticed that I was alone. Nobody heard my cry's like alway's. My toe felt like it was going to fall off and I wanted to scream as loud as I could. I was walking slowly because I really could barley moved but then I imagined what dad would be doing to Jessica. I started walking faster and my fast pase slowly turned into a dead run. I ran and ran untill I ran straight into somebody. We both fell to the ground and I hurried to whoever it was to help them up. I looked and there was Ally. She had a nice warm winter coat and boots on. It was december and her nose was pink. She looked at me with my T-shirt on and hugged me.
"You must be freezing!!!" She sounded conserned but all I could do was shiver. It had started snowing minutes before and I still didn't have any socks or shoes on. I knew that there were a few tears on my face but they felt like they were frozen.
"J-just a little. I was just going home. where were you going?" I asked her and she smiled.
"I was just going to your house because I heard the news about the baby and wanted to meet her. Why are you out here without a coat?" She asked taking my hands in hers because she had gloves on.
"Oh well my dad stoped where it would have been a 3 minute drive and kicked me out of the car and walk. It's a 15 minute walk though and he took my coat and socks and shoes. Sorry I ran into you. I wanted to get home to make sure that they wern't hurting my new little sister." I explained and it felt good to come clean to somebody about this whole thing.
"Sorry to hear that. Are you okay Scott?" Ally asked and her cheek were rosey because of the cold. I thought it was adorable. I tried to respond but my feet just gave out and I fell. Ally caught me and I was embarresed. I forced my self to stand up.
"Of cource I'm okay. Just a little cold that's all. Um sorry I fell, my feet are basically frozen. Do you just want to walk back to my house with me?" I asked and she just nodded. We finished walking and opened the door to fighting.

Chapter 6: The Custody War
"SHE'S TO LITTLE FOR THIS!" Mary screamed to dad and I knew what she was talking about right away. Mary was trying to protect her baby. I came in the room fast pulling Ally along to say shut up. Dad knew that if there was a guest in the house he couldn't mention hitting us kids.
"I don't care what you say! She's my daughter to!!!!!" Dad yelled but then saw Ally. "Oh hi kid. What do you want?" He was talking to Ally and trying to make it seem like nothing happened.
"I wanted to say congragulations on the new baby. Me and Scott want to play with her if that's allright." I felt bad because Ally was obviously scared of my dad. She know's what he does to me so I don't blame her.
"Go ahead and play with her but don't hurt her." He said. "That's my job." He whispered that but only I heard because I was right next to him. The baby was lying on the floor and I noticed a small bruise on her cheek.
"Ally look." I pointed out the bruise and Ally looked ready to cry right then.
"Oh no! Is that what they were just fighting about?" We were playing with the rattle in front of the babies eye's and talking quetly so that they couldn't hear us.
"Yes I could tell right away. Mary has never hit me even though she could. She say's mean things and threatens to hit but when it comes down to it she never really does." I said and Ally got a small smile on her face.
"That's a good thing." She said and she stopped rattling the toy. "Listen." She whispered and we were silent for a minute.
"At least wait untill she's 3! Please just hit me all you want. Like all those times when Scott wasn't here for you to hit so you took it out on me! Trust me I know that you just can't controll your anger but please don't take it out on sweet little Jessica. Remember when Scott was 5 and I didn't want you to hurt him so you hurt me instead? It worked didn't it? I'm trying to protect your children because their both so young. Especially Jessica." That must be why she never hit me! I thought. Ally looked at me and then I heard what I wanted to hear.
"IF YOU LOVE THEM SO MUCH WHY DON'T YOU KEEP THEM!" Dad was screaming and there was no way he didn't know that we could hear them.
"You know what! I'm going to try and get costudy of both kids. I was only mean to Scott because I knew that if I wasn't you would slap me! I love that boy as if he was my own son!!" She said and I heard dad punch the wall.
"Scott is it going to be okay here when I leave?" Ally asked and honestly I didn't know. I nodded my head and continued to eavs drop.
"I thought I told you that if you ever threaten to take away my son I'll kill you!" I ran into that room and in front of Mary.
"NO DAD! STOP IT!!!!" I screamed and his fist came down hard and landed right on my eye. Mary caught me when I fell and Ally ran over.
"CRAP! That girl saw everything. Do I need to take care of her to?" Dad had a smirk on his face and I was ready to punch him there. I decided now was a good time to do what I've been wanting to do for a long time.
"DAD! If you lay a single finger on this girl I'll kill you." I said queit but harsh. I was still in Mary's arms and She kissed my forehead.
"Don't worry Scott. I'm gonna try real hard to get you out of this house." She said gently and I smiled. Dad raised a hand to Ally and I jumped up and grabbed that hand. I twisted it backwards till I heard a large crack.
"I mean it dad! Don't you touch her! She's my only real friend and I'm not gonna let you touch her!" I said my voice slowly raising. "She allready knew that you beat me anyway! She swore not to tell a soul now just leave her alone!" I yelled and he pushed me down to the floor and walked out of the room. "I'm sorry Ally. It's okay if you never want to come over again." I said and she looked where my dad had given me a pretty big shiner.
"No Scott. I'm happy that you saved me like that." Her voice was almost a whisper and it was obvious that she was terrified. "I really do like you Scott. I can't wait untill were old enough to date!" She said and started towards her coat. "I should get going now though. Thanks again Scott." She said and I smiled gently to her.
"No problem Ally. I really like you to and I'll see you tomorow at school! Don't forget tommorow is our last day before Christmas break!" I reminded her and she giggled.
"Hurray I can't wait!" She said exitedly but I frowned knowing that there would again be no tree or decorations. We would get nothing and have no stockings. "Do you want to come over to my house on Christmas?" She asked and I felt myself smile to the extreme.
"That would be great!" I ran to her and gave her a huge hug. "Thank you so much Ally!" She giggled again and walked out the door waving. I turned to Mary who saw all of that. "Please don't tell my dad that I have a crush on her! Please Mary!" She came over and put her hand on my shoulder.
"Don't worry Scott. I'm on your side. I love you as my own son. That's that only reason that I stayed with your father. It was to protect you the best I could." She said and I remembered Jessica. I walked into the living room with the baby lying on the floor and I scooped her up.
"I promise you Mary, I'll protect this baby with my life." I said and she smiled.
"I'm going to take your father to court Scott." She said and I basically jumped up. "I really need you to testify. Do you know what that means?" She asked and I shook my head no. "You have to tell the court what your father does to you and Jessica." I felt myself shake violently.
"I-I-I can't do that! He'll kill me!" I was terrified and Mary held me tight. I felt tears pouring down my face and she just let me cry for a minute.She held my head against her and rocked gently.
"I won't let him kill you Scott, I promise.He might hit you a few more times but if you testify then you get to live with me." She said.
"Okay but only if you really make sure I don't die. I'm to young but I don't want you to get hurt either so please be careful." I said and she turned around and saw dad in the doorway.
"SCOTT! ARE YOU EVEN THINKING ABOUT TESTIFYING???" He screamed and I looked once again for a way to escape.He came at me and it took me a minute to see the knife in his hands. Mary jumped in front of me and and knife went through her stomach.
"NO! DAD WHAT DID YOU DO??????" I grabbed the phone and called 911. Dad dragged her into the kitchen and made it look like she fell. He sat by her and propped her head on his lap. It only took about a minute before the ambulance showed up. I was bawling and carrying Jessica in the ambulance. The doctors were asking dad a lot of questions and he had a quick answer to all of them.
"What happened to her?" One of the paramedics asked him and he didn't even have to think.
"I was chopping something with the knife and she said I was doing it wrong. She took the knife from me but then she slipped. Please tell me she is going to be okay." He sounded so worried but I knew He didn't really care.
"Well she must have fallen pretty hard because it doesn't look good. She has lost an extreme amount of blood." When he said that I got a terribal pain in my stomach.
"No,no,no" I kept saying no and I really meant it. I didn't believe a word that I was hearing. "Stop lying to me you jerk!" I said to the doctor and I broke down. I fell to the ground and just screamed while holding Jessica. Finally we made it to the hospital and I jumped out first and then they came with marry's lifeless body on the gerny.
"I see lot's of spot's." She said and it was obvious that wasn't a good sign. "Look up there it's so bright. Can you turn down the lights please?" She asked and I was completley freaked out.
"Mary look away from the bright lights please." I said and the doctors noticed me not calling her mom I guess.
"Is she your mother son?" One of the doctors asked and I shook my head no. He just looked at how freaked out I was but kept trying to fix Mary. "I'm going to need anybody who is not a doctor to leave this room untill furthur notice." The same guy said and I slowly made my way to the waiting room. I was sure that my face was white as a ghost. I was still holding Jessica and she was crying. I didn't blame her because she could probably since that something was wrong. We learned in school that baby's can do that.
"It's okay Jessy." I said gently bouncing her in my arms. I rocked her gently and gave her a bottle that the doctor had given me for her. She fell asleep quickly and I smiled at her. "Don't worry Jessy, if your mommy isn't okay I'll take care of you." I whispered softly into the little girls ear. She had just a little bit of white hair on top of her head. The doctor came in and motioned me and dad to come in.
"Marry! Are you okay?" Dad asked the completley white woman in front of us.
"My baby. Let me hold her one last time before I die. please." I handed her Jessica and She smiled. She motioned me to give her a hug and I did. The baby was waking up and started laughing when she saw her mommy. She started crying about 10 seconds later though and Marry flat lined.
"Mary! MOM!!!!! I love you!" I screamed and she put her hand on mine one last time.
"I love you to buddy. Take care of Jessica for me please." That was it. She went white and was dead. I grabbed Jessica and ran out of the room as fast as I could. I ran down the street and straight to Ally's house. I did'nt slow down but I made sure that the baby was okay. I didn't want to hurt her. I made it and I knocked continueslly untill somebody answered. As soon as I saw Ally at the door I handed her the baby and dropped to the ground.
"She, she's gone! SHE'S DEAD!" I screamed and Ally looked terrified.
"Who? Who's dead Scott?" She sounded so scared and I didn't know what to do other than tell her the story my dad had told the doctors.
"Dad was chopping and Marry wanted to do it. She took the knife from him and fell. The knife when through her stomach and she didn't make it! Marry is dead!!" I was bawling and in the time I had told Ally that her mom, dad, and little brother had all come into the room. Without saying a word her mom picked me up and took me into there living room. The way she was carrying me was just like how I had been carrying Jessy for the past few hours. She sat me on the couch and I soon fell asleep. I woke up and saw Ally with the baby and she was feeding her. What happened? I thought and slowly sat up.
"Good morning Scott. Did you sleep well?" Ally asked and things were starting to come back to me. I remember running to Ally's house with Jessica. Why though? Why am I here?
"Umm...Ally I slept great but I don't know why I'm here. I remember running here but don't remember why. Can you fill me in?" I was kind of embarressed to be sleeping in Ally's house.
"Oh um I'm sure that you'll remember later so let's just not talk about it now okay?" She said and I was okay with that. I figured it wasn't good but then I remembered.
"Oh I remember now. It was Mary who died. Oh no! I slept here with the baby??? Dad is gonna kill me!" I said walking over to Jessica to pick her up. I got her and went to go outside but Ally grabbed my arm.
"Just wait untill my mom and dad get up so that I can get you socks, shoes, and a coat and then ask to walk with you." She said and I agreed sitting down with Jessica.
"Yesturday I started calling her Jessy. Doesn't that sound cute?" I asked and she nodded.
"It's adorable and your gonna make a great big brother. Oh Scott I've been wanting to ask you since yesturday. What really happened to Marry?" She asked and I closed my eye's reliving the whole thing.
"No,no, no!" I kept saying that again but I didn't even know what I meant. "It was an accident okay!" My voice was slowly raising so I calmed myself down and appolagized.
"Okay I'm sorry I asked. I didn't mean to hurt you." She said and I shook my head.
"No I shouldn't have gotten mad. You just care and I understand that." Her mom came in the room. "Can you ask if we can leave now?" I asked and she nodded her head yes.
"Mom can I walk Scott home please? Oh ya and can he have some shoes and a coat. We also need something warm for Jessica." She said and her mom went into a room and came back with shoes and a coat for me and a coat for Jessica.
"Thank you very much." I said and she bent down and kissed mine,Jessica's, and Ally's foreheads.
"You kid's be safe and Ally don't forget your coat now. I love you guy's." She said and Ally and I smiled. Jessica was just laughing. She didn't know that her mom was dead and when she got older she would live like me. A sad life. No I wasn't going to let that happen.
The walk was long but that was okay because me and Ally were talking and taking turns carrying Jessy. I never smiled or laughed at anything that was said but I knew that it would pass. I was just upset now.

Chapter 7: Time for Preschool (4 years later)
"Dad we need to sign Jessy up for preschool today." I reminded him and he smacked me hard on the head.
"You think I don't know that? I swear you think I'm stupid or something. Here is the form that I signed. You take her for her first day." He said as Jessy came skipping into the room. Of  cource the beatings are way worse for me now that I'm 14. Jessy get's smacked around a lot to but not as hard. When dad get's really mad and is about to hit her I make sure she runs away and I take the beatings for her.
"Okay. Come here Jessy we need to go to school now." I held out my hand for her to take and she happily took it.
"Don't forget to tell her what to do if somebody asks about the bruises all over her Scott! I'll kill you if she tells anybody!" He said and I knew he meant it. Me and Jessy started walking and she looked up at me.
"What does daddy mean Scott?" She asked and I really didn't want to tell her. I knew that I had to though. She had grown to be a very beatiful child. She had very short brown hair with little curls at the end. She had big beatiful eye's that were the color of her hair but sparkled in the light and that made them look gold. There was something that only I knew about her that was differant though. Under those big innocent eye's were tears tha even she knew couldn't fall. Dad didn't hit her as hard as he hit me but he still hit her pretty hard. She was only about 2 foot 5 and he smacked her around daily.
"Well Jessy if somebody asks you where you got those bruises you need to lie. I know that lying is wrong but you have to. Daddy will hurt both of us a lot if you don't lie okay? I want you to say you fell down the stairs last week if anybody asks okay?" I tried to make this as clear as I could to the bruised up 4 year old. Me and Ally worked together to give Jessy the happiest life we could.
"Okay I unwerstend." She said and I laughed a little at the way she tried to say understand.
"Look were here! Are you exited?" I asked and she giggled skipping to the door. She turned around fast.
"HURRY UP SWO POKE!" She screamed and I ran to catch up with her. She ran inside and I followed with the paper in my hand. We walked in and her teacher looked at the side of my head right away and gasped.
"Oh my what happend?" Jessy looked at me worried and I just signalled her to be quiet for a minute.
"Oh Well Jessy here fell down the stairs but I ran to catch her and hit my head. She just got a few bruises but I'm allright. Thank you for your consern." I said and handed her the signed paper. "It's her first day of school but my dad couldn't make it. He told me to give your this peice of paper for her."
"Okay welcome to our class Jessica." She said and Jessy made a mad face and crossed her arms over her chest.
"I don't like that name! Call me Jessy like Scott!" She demanded and the teacher didn't like being bossed around by her students. She looked a little mad and Jessy looked way down and tried to cover her face. I knelt down by her.
"Jessy don't be scared here. This is a safe place and nobody can hurt you here okay?" I whispered in her ear and she looked like she didn't know if she could believe a word that came out of my mouth.
"Really?" She said out loud and I nodded. The teacher was looking at us and Jessy put her arms up to fix her pony tail. The teacher looked at the multipule bruises down her arm and I put her arms down.
"Jess you can't do that at school okay?" I whispered one last time before I knew I had to leave. I also had school today. Now I just couldn't forget to pick her up at 2:00. I had a note to get out of class and grab her quick. "I love you Jessy. Come here and give me a hug!" I said and saw a few tears run down her face.
"Bye Bye Scott. I love you." She was crying and I felt bad leaving her. Right when I was about to walk out the door I felt her arms around my legs emidiatlly stopping me. "SCOTT!! DON'T LEAVE PEASE!!!" She screamed and I gently pulled her off of my leg and picked her up. I walked to where her teacher was standing.
"Jessy is really scared and I was wondering if you could give me a note to get out of class untill her class ends please?" I asked and the teacher nodded grabbing a peice of paper and a pen. She wrote the note and I put Jessy down. "Okay Jessy now I'm just going to leave for a few minutes allright." I reasured her and she hugged my leg again.
"No pwease let me come wif you!" She said and her teacher just nodded. I picked her up and carried her through the crowded hallway of middle schoolers. I made it to my teachers room.
Okay Jessy reach for that door nob and turn it for me." I said worried that if I did it I would drop her. She did as told and I quietly entered the room. A lot of girls looked at Jessy and were amazed by how cute she was. You heard at least 1 girl say aww a second. Ally came up to me and offered to hold Jessy for a minute. "Thanks Ally." I said and Jessy smiled. She really liked Ally for some reason.
"Hi I have this note to get out of class for you. I'm going to be with my little sister today because it's her first day of preschool and she's really scared." I talked quickly and with my head down like I alway's did and the teacher took the note and motioned me to leave.
"Thank you Ally." I said and Jessy frowned.
"No Scott I wanna stay wif Ally!" She said and Ally smiled brightly.
"Don't worry hun. I'll see you after school today! I promise." She held out her pinky and Ally took it in her's.
"Okay but only if you pwomise." She said and Ally giggled and nodded her head yes.
"Well let's go Jess, time for school." On the walk back to her class room I was thinking about how in 5 years I could get her out of that house. In just 5 years I could save her life. That is if 5 years is not to late for me. I thought about what Jessy would do if I wasn't there. What would Jessy do if she witnessed dad kill somebody that she loved like I had.
"Scott are you sure that they can't hurt me here? What if daddy tell's them to!" Jessy sounded scared and I was just happy

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Mommy murderer

Status: Finished

Genre: Other



Status: Finished

Genre: Other



Well, on Scott's 4th birthday he woke up to his mom dying in her bed. Scott's dad and mom have been divorced for a while and now Scott was going to go live with his dad. Every year the hurt of living with his father becomes more traumatizing. Each beating becomes worse, and each curse more cruel. (The story never actually swears. It's only saying parental guidance because it's violent.) If you like this please review and I'll add more :) Also, if you want me to read your stories and comment then just tell me to in these comments
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