"What's greater then life itself"

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Aspects of life we have to go through in order to answer the question, is there a perfect life.

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



\"What's greater then life itself\" Is there anything such as a perfect life, well that decision is based on whether we chose to make it perfect, regardless of the ups and downs we may face in life \" a perfect life is still something to be had. Through the hard times and the great times its not based on something we call the past but a thing known as the future. We are faced with up hill struggles its something we all have to deal with one time or another during our lifetime. Face it head on and be strong is easy to say, but its the actions of others who are able to have a positive effect on helping one in need to get through a difficult time. That's it but wait no that's not it, it's only part of it, it's only one stage of trying to fight a difficult situation and come out on top and victorious. It's easy to forget but really it's not, it's only easy to forget once we have got to that place where we are safe, secure and happy. Safe, secure and happy now that sounds like three values which go into making life perfect. But these are only three values there are many more values which go into making life perfect. In a sense the value of life is a factor which is to be cherished, and not taken for a joke. Precious even through times of struggle. Building a solid foundation and progressing through the means of hard work and determination is perhaps something which leads us down the right path to have a successful so called perfect life. Witnessing others go through hard times, low times, shit times and facing that aspect of life for yourself is what is known as the \"downs we do face life\" but why? Why does the human civilisation have to go through down times, bad times, it's because it's a test to see who will be there for you in your time of need, who will do whatever it takes to help you out and more importantly how as an individual we fight and stay strong no matter how hard the situation may be. Strength through a rocky stage of life, pass that test and may the \"ups and great things come\" I suspect your at this stage thinking how does this define what a perfect life is. Well you can't have that \"perfect future\" until we experience these things, otherwise life would be one big happy time, but we all know that is not true.

Is there a thing such as a perfect life, I think it's based on your personal interpretation of your life, only as individuals can we look back on our time and decide whether it was \" a perfect life\"

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