All The Lonely People

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Eleanor falls in love with of her dreams, is set to be married on the happiest day of her life her future turned upside down when her happily ever after is taken from her.

Submitted: June 06, 2011

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



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All the Lonely People

(Completed story)

The clock over the biscuit isle it showed twelve thirty five, the minutes seemed to have slowed down, only ten more to go. Eleanor Thompson sat at her checkout patiently waiting for her lunch break.

“Hello, Mrs. Smith how are you today,” Eleanor asked.

“Totally fed up, if that awl fucker doesn’t get out of the house and get some kind of job I’ll be doing time for murder, sorry love but you did ask,” Mrs. Smith answered.

“Yes I did, I, eh did, well if I hear of a decent way of getting rid of the body so you don’t have to do time I’ll let you know.” Eleanor said smiling.

. “Ah, sure you’re a good girl, thanks I’ll see you tomorrow” and she took the change and left the store.

“Eleanor you can go on your break now” said Sharon, the supervisor, she always seemed to be cheerful. Sharon treated everyone the same, whether you were manager or staff and so everyone did whatever she would ask which made it a nice place to work.

“Hi, love, what can I get you today” asked Hanna, picking up a worm plat. “We made a nice Sheppard’s pie” “Yes that will do nicely, thank you” Eleanor answered, then she joined the other girls at the table by the window, it was a nice day and from her seat she could see the Dome of the Rathmines church quite clearly. The canteen wasn’t full yet, there was some staff from the butchers the bakery and the shop floor all gathered around the pool table watching a game in progress.

Damian the manager came in with a new member of staff everyone looked as he introduced him to the canteen girls, and left him in their capable hands. The canteen girls would do well in an Irish intelligent secret service if we had one. As they organized his lunch they found out where he lived, where he was from and was he married. They were better than MI5 or even the CIA. He took his lunch from Phyllis then looked for somewhere to sit down.

“Hay Kentia- Kinta park your arse here we won’t bite.” Tom Rigby said and pulled out a chair.

“The name’s not Kentia-Kinta dick, its Dave.” He said in a flat Dublin accent.

“Dave? You’re shitting me” Tom said surprised. “Where the fuck are you from?” he asked.

“Crumlin” Dave answered as he sat down.

Are you related to Phil Lynott” James asked as he moved to make room for Dave to join them.

“No, no relation” he answered, tucking into his lunch.

“You must get a lot of sun shine in Crumlin, that’s some fucking tan.” Tom added.

Dave stood up, anger on his face.

“Hay” Tom said holding his hands up. “We’re just taking the piss, you know, pick on the new guy., come on sit down, you won’t last long if you can’t take a joke, come on sit down, please ” Dave sat back down.

“I’m sick of people picking on me because I’m black.”

“Really I thought it was just bad lighting in here, I thought you looked a little off colour but I didn’t want to say anything to embarrass you.” Tom said, as he raised his coffee,

“Welcome.” James and Kieran joined in.

“That was an unusual welcome, thanks, I think?” Dave said.

The four of them were in conversation when,

“Fuck they are everywhere now, coming over here and taking our jobs” John Mc Niven said. He was in charge of the stores area, a very unlike able person, even the lads who worked closely with him found him to be very arrogant.

“And who would that be?” Asked Tom sarcastically

“Niggers that’s who;” John said venomously. Dave went to stand up but Tom put his hand on his arm.

“Well its small minded people like you that will always blame the wrong people, it’s the politicians, the management and the unions that sell out our jobs.” Tom said knowing quite well that John was their union rep.” “You will be sorry when the blacks takes your job.” John said, looking down on Dave. Tom gave a little pull on Dave’s arm to stop him from planting John into the canteen floor.

“Dave’s not black, that’s an allergic reaction he has to milk, just a little in his tea every day and he looks like this, the girls love it, puts a bit of colour in their cheeks and other places.” Tom said.

“Do you think I’m a fucking eejit, you’re just nigger lovers” John said as he passed the table.

“That reminds me of a joke,” said Tom “What’s the best thing about necrophilia?……… There’s no need to bring flowers, there usually already there. Dave laughed,

“You’re one sick fucker.” He said

“Well John isn’t that right, any woman that would let you near them would want to be dead” Tom said with a little smirk on his face. John turned and left the canteen.

“That was better than getting into trouble for throwing him through the window.” Tom said tapping Dave on the shoulder.

“I would have enjoyed throwing him through the window though.” Dave answered. “What the fuck is nicro…. la or whatever you said.” asked James. Dave explained.

“Tom, you’re a sick bastard, and where the fuck do you read about these things, never mind hearing jokes about that stuff too.” James said.

“You should try reading a book.” Tom said “May be you could start with a magazine first, Cosmo, Woman’s own so when you get tired of reading you can look at the pictures of the women in their under ware,”

“Tom you’re a dirty fucker all together.” Una butted in. “But nicely done, he makes my skin crawl.” she said “Well Una, don’t let him touch your skin.” Tom answered with a smile.

“Uahhhh.” The girls gave a little scream.

“Ok it’s about time we did a bit of work today, see you girls later,” Tom said as they got up from the table. Eleanor brushed past leaving her plate back.

“Eleanor, you make that uniform look very glamorous.” Tom smiled and he saw her blush.

“See you later at the bar.” he added. As the lad’s headed down the stairs.

Dave said “She has one fine arse; even Stevie Wonder would have problems keeping his eyes off her.”

“Hay don’t talk about my future girlfriend like that.” Tom said.

“Sorry” said Dave.

“Don’t mind him; we’ll be drawing our old age pensions before he asks her out.” Kieran said.

“No I’ve made up my mind, I’m going to do it, I’m going to ask her out.” Tom nodded his head

“Yep, I’m going to do it”

After work the lads headed to the Coach House for a few drinks. They sat at the bar, at this time of day there wasn’t many in the pub so the lads could hear themselves talk and so in no time Dave was like an old friend, it was as if they had known him for years. Tom felt a hand on his back

“Well would you like to buy a few nice girls a drink.” asked Theresa “No” said Tom “Nice girls are no fun, but we don’t mind buying you a drink, so what’s your pleasure? Ahh I’ll find that out later, so what do you want to drink.”

“You cheeky bastard.” Theresa said digging him in the arm. Theresa had started working in the supermarket the same day as Tom and they became very good friends. Theresa was a little short, very slim, brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes, very attractive and a personality to match.

“Hi,” Eleanor said as she came around in front of the lads.

“Eleanor, hi, ah this is Dave we are trying to introduce him into some new bad habits but so far he has them all.” Tom said as he turned to face her.

“So, ah here take a seat.” Then the three girls sat at the bar, Theresa Una and Eleanor and the lads spread out around them.

At eight o clock Tom said. “Sorry lads but I’ve got to call it a night, so I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I’ve got to go too,” Eleanor said.

“Well in that case we can walk together, you live near the school?” He asked. As they left the three lads gave Tom the thumbs up.

“See you tomorrow” he said and giving them the two fingers.

They walked slowly down the Ballinteer rd. The street was quiet it was dark the street lights only lit a small area so Eleanor linked her arm in Tom’s. The night air was cool and fresh and as they walked, they managed to find out a lot about each other. When they went through the school Eleanor cuddled into Tom she felt safe with him. The road Eleanor lived on was quiet everyone was indoors no kids running around screaming, they stood outside her door Tom took her hand,

”I’d like to do this again soon” he said.

“I’d like that too” she answered. Then she moved closer to him, they faced each other. He looked into her eyes which seemed to be shining, he could smell the sweet fragrance of her perfume, he had her two hands in his, they were soft, warm, he gently squeezing them. He moved his face down to meet hers, “Seeing as we are this close I think we should kiss” he whispered.

“If we don’t I will be very disappointed” she answered. That was the start of a very beautiful relationship.

Chapter 2

Eleanor loved walking with Tom in Marley Park, he would put his arm around her waist, she would snuggle against his chest as they strolled around the lake watching the ducks

“Aren’t the ducks lovely” she asked in a soft voice, as they leaned on the little bridge crossing the lake.

“Yes, But I like them with a barbeque sauce and roast potatoes, hmmm,” he answered. She gave him a dig in the ribs. “Can’t you ever be serious” she asked.

“Wow,” said Tom. An opportunity presented it’s self so Tom took a chance. “I’ve been waiting for the right time to ask this.” He got down on one knee; the sun was shining through the trees casting bright blotches on Eleanor’s face that flickered as the leaves waved gently in the wind. “Eleanor, you are the only one I think of from the time I get up in the morning till I go to bed, being with you is the highlight of my day and I don’t want that feeling to ever end.” He put her hand between his……I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you”

“Yes” Eleanor didn’t wait for him to finish. “Oh, Yes”. He stood up putting his strong arms around her and lifting her off the ground and kissing her. She felt like she could fly, this was the greatest day of her life. She ran her fingers through his hair, feeling the strands gently run between her fingers, she pressed her body against his wanting to get even closer. Their tongues caressing gently, their passion growing, she could feel the warmth of his body pass through her clothes and slowly move over her skin. When he finally put her down and she got her balance, he looked into her sparkling eyes and said, “Ok what do we do now?”

“I don’t know” she answered.

“You said yes” then he picked her up again giving her a little swing this time, “you said yes” they just kissed again. The sun was shining the park seemed more alive, each time a couple passed them he would say “ She said yes”

“Tom we, we will have to tell the lads.

“When will we, tell them. He asked

Yes when will we tell them” Eleanor asked.

“Tonight, Yes we’ll tell them tonight” Tom answered nodding his head.

Tom and the lads sat at the bar in idle conversation. Tom wanted to tell them the news, but Eleanor wanted to tell them all at the same time, so they were waiting for the girls to arrive. “James what time is your train tomorrow.” Dave asked.

“Are you going home for the weekend?” Tom asked.

“Yes. I’m heading off about seven-ish in the morning, I’ll be in Killarney for lunch as long as there’s no delay’s” Betty tipped Dave on the back, “Well how’s it going” she asked to no one in particular.

“Fine, fine” he answered.

“Where’s the rest of the girls” Tom asked.

“They’ll be here soon” she answered. “They arrived fifteen minutes later.

“Hi Dave, did I hear that one of your cousins was having problems?” Una sounded concerned. Dave looked a little confused. Tom butted in. “Oh yea, Obie, he’s nearly blind and has one arm and has to cycle a bike with no saddle three miles to school every day” Tom sounded very sincere.

“Ah, that’s terrible is there anything we can do.” Theresa said in a comforting voice.

“Yea, give him five shillings he has photos, their fucking hilarious.” Tom said with a smile, the lads burst out laughing.

“You bollix” Una said but she started to smile too.

“You fucker you had me feeling sorry him.” she added.

Eleanor stood close to Tom, then took him by the hand, and gave it a little squeeze.

“Well lads now we are all together Eleanor and I are letting you know we have got engaged.” Then Tom put his arm around her and kissed her on the cheek. The girls gave a scream then hugged Eleanor, while the boys gave Tom a pat on the shoulder or shook hands, then Dave said,

“That calls for a round of drinks”. When the drinks arrived, Pat the barman asked

“What’s the celebration?”

“Tom and Eleanor just got engaged.” Theresa answered with a squeal.

“Come here Eleanor.” Pat gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Congratulations, and you Tom, next round is on the house.” He said shaking Tom’s hand.

“Hay grab James, last time he heard the drinks were on the house we found him trying to climb the drain pipe.” Tom said with a laugh the others joined in.

“Well, where are you getting married “Dave asked.

“Up the road I suppose.” Tom looked at Eleanor.

“Ok, that’s something we will have to organize, so we better see the parish priest.” Eleanor answered.

“Any idea what he’s like, is good crack, or a holy Joe.” Asked James. Tom and Eleanor shrugged their shoulders.

“He is very nice, he does a lot of good work in the area, you know Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Fitzpatrick and a few other widows he has helped over the past few years, he’s a nice man”. Una said.

“So he’s fond of a bit of skirt.” Tom said

“A man after my own hart.” Said Tom

“That’s not nice he’s a good man.” Una added.

Tom’s parent’s had died two years ago leaving him the house he had grown up in, on Laurel Rd, it had a nice big kitchen a sitting room two bed rooms and it looked onto the little field where the local kids played football.

Over the past few months Eleanor moved some of her things in, making this house the home they would be sharing the rest of their lives in. One afternoon as they painted one of the bedrooms Tom asked. “Are you happy, are you sure I’m the right person for you.” Eleanor looked at him, shock on her face,

“Do you want to break up with me;” she asked her face looked shocked.

No, no I don’t, you are the best thing in my life, you are the only thing in my life. I love you more than anything, you are like air to me, every day I just want to breathe you in more, I’m blessed to have you as a part of my life, I feel like I’m getting the best possible deal. I just want to make sure you’re happy with what you’re getting.” He fidgeted with the paint brush in his hand waiting for an answer. Eleanor moved to the chair and sat down, her eyes filling with tears, inside she was feeling like she wanted to explode like fireworks on Halloween night but her body was confused how to react to this feeling. She looked at Tom, tears now running down her face.

“I’m sorry love I didn’t mean to upset you, you mean the world to me” he said. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. They knelt on the floor running their hands over each other.

“We’re going to get paint all over the place and each other.” Tom said catching his breath.

“I don’t care. What you just said reached into my heart, I can’t explain it but you make me feel, she paused. “Horny” Tom asked. She slapped him on the shoulder.

“No, well yes, but you make me feel precious, I want to be the air that you breath.” Then she pulled off her t-shirt and kissed him on the lips. Then she removed her bra kissing him again. He needed no invitation he took off his shirt too. He began to rub her breasts and her nipples became hard and erect. He ran his hands down over her belly and began to unfasten her jeans then slowly pull them off. They caressed each other there was no urgency, their bodies searching to please one another. It didn’t matter that they were surrounded by dust and paint it makes no difference where you are as long as there is love.

Eleanor and Tom went to see the priest to arrange the wedding,

“I don’t know what to say to him” Tom said as they approached his door.

“Just say we want to get married.” Eleanor said pushing him in front to ring the bell. Fr. Mc Kinsey opened the door, a grey haired man his glasses down on his nose, taking the pipe from his mouth he said. “Well what do I oh the pleasure of the company of a young couple like yourselves.” He asked.

“Might you be selling something.” He added with a smile.

“No, ah, we want to get married,” Tom said.

“Of course you do, well come in, come in, go in there to the sitting room and I’ll be in in a thick.” he pointed to the door on the right, then he disappeared through a different door. They sat down at the desk near the window; “What do we do now.” Eleanor asked.

”I’m fucked if I know.” Tom answered.

“Hay, watch your language, remember where you are.” Eleanor whispered.

“It’s just a house I can curse here,” he answered whispering back. They looked around the room from where they sat.

“What the fuck.” Tom whispered pointing at the sofa.

“Watch your language I said” Her voice sounding angry but in a whisper. “What?” Tom pointed at a pair of socks with a needle and a long piece of black wool. “He darns his own socks.” Tom said surprised.

“Well he’s a priest he doesn’t have a good woman to do it for him.” She gave him a slap on the arm, “Shut up he’ll be back in a minute, and don’t be so nosy.” She turned her head to look out the window. When he came back he had a diary,

“Now have you decided on a date.” He helped them to arrange a date and everything they needed.

“I see the two of you were baptized here, sure I’ll be able to dig up those baptismal cert‘s and holy communion ones this will be a doddle for you.” He said. He invited them to have tea so they could talk a bit more, he made them feel at ease and made sure they knew what they were getting themselves into.

Chapter 3

The sun was shining as she stepped out of the limousine; her brother was giving her away as her father had died when she was a child. Eleanor gave her mother a big hug as she reached the door of the church. “I’m sure you father is watching over you, He would say you look mighty beautiful to day love.” Her mother then pulled the vale over her face then straitened the trail, “Ok, off you go”. Then off they went down the aisle.

As Tom and Eleanor stood at the alter their nerves began to show,

“Well you both made it here today ok, and on time. Well that’s fine now just one more thing, did you get the permeation slip from the pope for me before we carry on.” Fr. Mc Kinsey said looking at them both. Their mouths dropped open, “What” They said together loudly and you could hear the congregation stirring.

“Just my little joke to break the ice.” He said.

“Fuck, my heart is pounding.” Tom said. Eleanor gave him a little dig.

“Your language” Then she put her hand to her chest.

“Mine’s beating ninety to the minute.” She added.

“Ok, the worst is over already, once the dress is bought its all downhill from there”. Fr. Mc Kinsey said. They started to laugh. “I’ll bet they’re wondering what we’re laughing at up here. Tom I think Eleanor could do with a kiss, and sure you can do it again at the end.” Eleanor felt the warmth of his lips against hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth, she opened her eyes to see the sparkle in his, she couldn’t imagine being any happier than this.

Their friends shook hands or kissed them as they made their way to the door, but they didn’t let go of each other as they walked back down the aisle. Eleanor watched the light from the sun, beamed through the stained glass windows making their exit more magical, her feelings inside going into overdrive she just wanted to explode with joy.

They stepped into the sun and were showered with rice and cheers. Tom pulled Eleanor closer, putting his arm around her. The sweetness of his after shave filled her lungs, his arm squeezing her closer to him giving her a sense of safety; as long as they lived she knew he would protect her, she was happy to put her life in his hands. “Ok love.” the photographer said taking her by the hand.

“I want to get you with the bridesmaid.” She was only two paces away when Tom grabbed her picking her up and kissed her passionately.

“Don’t go far, there’s more where that came from. And you,” he said to the photographer. “Don’t lose her or there’ll be hell to pay.” Then he let her go.

Eleanor and Theresa stood under a tree getting their photos taken when there was a loud bang and the sound of breaking glass, then they heard women screaming. Two cars had crashed and one mounted the path finally stopping in the church grounds. Eleanor’s mum was being held up by two friends as she screamed uncontrollably; other women clung to their partners looking away from the horrific scene before them. Eleanor moved closer to see what happened, but Una Betty and Kieran caught her She wondered why were they crying, so Eleanor pushed her way through to see Tom lying in a pool of blood, Dave looked up at her as he held Tom on his lap, Eleanor dropped to her knees beside them, running her hands over Tom’s face. People were trying to pull her away but she looked at them in total shock. There was blood on her hands and some on her dress then she heard a terrifying scream, it was her and she couldn’t stop. This couldn’t be real, she pulled at Tom, then she put her arms around him, with her face resting on his chest, she wept.

“Fr. Mc Kinsey you better come quick; there’s been an accident.” One of the altar boys said.

When he saw what happened he moved through the crowd telling them to move back, or to go into the church and comfort one another, he told one of the boys to call an ambulance, and the other to see if doctor Roberts was in and to come as fast as he could. He put his hand on Dave’s shoulder.

“Can you manage for another while, the ambulance is on the way.” He asked looking at the sorrow and shock in Dave’s eyes.

“Eleanor, love I’m going to give Tom the last rights, he might not need them but just in case” he said, but Eleanor seemed to look right through him.

The police and ambulance arrived a few minutes later. The paramedics put Tom on the trolley and put him in the ambulance, but Eleanor stayed knelling on the ground and picked up the rice where her wedding had just been. Her soul had been ripped out of her chest, now there was a huge empty space there that would never be filled. Her legs felt like jelly her whole body was shutting down.

Eleanor was taken back to the house that should have been where Tom and herself; would have made a home for themselves and grown old together, but now on her wedding night there was just herself and Una. The doctor had left some sleeping tablets, “Just give her one half an hour; before she goes up to bed, that is if she will go up for you and I’ll drop in in the morning, You try get some rest, you had a rough day too.” Then he left.

Next morning, Una was surprised to see Fr. Mc Kinsey at the door.

“Come in Fr. There’s no change; she just seems to stairs right through you.”

He sat beside Eleanor on the sofa and told her the arrangement that had been made for Tom’s burial, but she just stared at the wall.

“Fr. I need to get some things from the shop could you spare an hour and stay with her” asked Una.

“No problem; take your time I have the morning free”

“In that case I would like to go home and get some cloths as well. I’ll be two may be three hours if that’s ok” Una asked. Then he walked Una to the front door. “Do what you need to do. This is a very sad time and this is the legist I can do.” Then off she went.

He sat beside Eleanor this time he took her hand. She didn’t move. “The Lord is testing you, you need to have faith that God will look after Tom and I will pray that his soul will be allowed to enter heaven.” He paused; he pushed her hair back over her ear then let the back of his hand run over her cheek. Eleanor never moved she just starred at the window. He rubbed her back, she could feel the cold from his hand through her dressing gown as it moved slowly up and down, his other hand started to rub her leg, but she still stared blankly at nothing in particular. “I know this is a horrible time for you but with prayer you will come through this, God loves you and will be with you through these hard times.” He said in a soft voice.

“Why don’t you lie back and relax” He put his hand on her shoulder and maneuvered her back in the sofa. His hand moved from her shoulder to her breast his bony fingers squeezed her but she never moved.

“The Lord will watch over Tom and forgive him his sins.” He said softly as he pulled up her gown, she was like a manikin he could move her body around as he willed.

“Oh my God, thank you for your divine creation.” He was saying as he pulled off her knickers

“Oh my God though art merciful, forgive us our sins” he said as he pulled down his trousers. He opened her legs her skin soft and smooth, he ran his hands over her breasts then down to her pubic hair, his cold hand running the hair through his skinny fingers. He was now erect and lay on top of Eleanor. He prayed as he entered her, his face against hers, his unshaven cheeks scratching at her neck, the smell of smoke from his breath filled her lungs as he moved his head from side to side. His breath getting faster and faster as he penetrated deeper into her, finally his body went ridged; he stopped pushing and just lay there running his cold hand over her face. He finished with a prayer “Thank God for this day, and have mercy on our souls.”

Eleanor made no reaction to her ordeal even though this was happening to her it was like she was watching it on T V ,it didn’t seem real. Fr. Mc Kinsey tidied her up and straightened his cloths; it looked as if nothing had happened.

Una came in and put the messages away.

“Can I help you with anything Una.” He asked.

“No thanks Fr. how was she while I was gone.” She asked.

“Same as she is now, all as we can do is pray things will get better.” He walked back to Eleanor and placed his cold hands on her shoulders.

“I’ll drop in and see you soon my child, good day Una, I’ll pray for you too.” Then he walked to the front door “Thanks Fr. I think I’ll need them.” Then she closed the door behind him.

“He’s a nice priest; we could do with a few more like him.” Una said leaving the sitting room door agar so she was able to keep an eye on Eleanor; while she went to the kitchen to make lunch.

Eleanor’s hart had been shattered, without Tom there was no reason to live, she was like a ship in a bottle nothing got through her glass shell, and everything outside it seemed distorted so she was able to ignore the life that carried on around her and everything that happened to her. Eleanor‘s face was pale with no expression, like a porcelain mask which she wore every day as she watched each day go by outside her window.

After Tom’s funeral Dave and James would take Eleanor, as often as they could up to the grave, even on a sunny day it was a sad place to be. They had covered the grave with small stones which took the messy look off it. Eleanor lay on top of the grave running her hands through the stones.

“Come on Eleanor, don’t lie down there.” James said feeling a little embarrassed.

“No, leave her.” Dave put his hand on James arm

“This is all she has, leave her.”

“But look all these people, what will they think.” James asked.

“I don’t care what they think, but it looks like all these lonely people know what she is going through.” Dave interrupted

“It makes you wonder” James said as he looked around the grave yard.

“All the lonely people, where do they all come from?”

“It’s hard to imagine there are so many lonely people in the world.” Dave said looking around.

Two months had passed and Eleanor’s friends still took turns staying with her. One morning Betty was helping her down stairs when Eleanor suddenly sat down and got sick.

“Oh, love don’t mind that, let me help you to the kitchen then I’ll call Doctor Robert’s.” She said. Betty was frightened; Eleanor had lost a lot of weight and now this would not be good.

Doctor Robert examined Eleanor and his results surprised him Eleanor was pregnant.

“Eleanor I need you to listen carefully, I am going to have to change your tablets, because you are expecting a baby.” The doctor said gently holding her hand. A tear ran down Eleanor’s face, this was the first reaction she had shown since Tom had died, she got up and went into the bathroom and they heard her cry.

“What does this mean.” Asked Betty looking at the doctor.

“I’m not sure, I’d like to say that at this stage any reaction would be good, but this is out of my field.” When the doctor was leaving Fr. Mc Kinsey arrived.

“How are things doctor,” he asked.

“Just a routine check, her weight loss is something I want to keep an eye on, how are things with you Fr.” the doctor asked.

“Just fine, I try to give comfort where I can,” he answered.

“Well Fr. you take care of yourself; we all need you to pray for us. Ok I’ll drop in again tomorrow, see you Betty,” and he closed the door after himself.

“I need to get a few things done Fr. Can, you stay a while?” Betty asked.

“Sure I can, go on do what you have to do, I’m in no hurry.” Then he took off his coat and Betty got ready to leave.

This time there was no waiting; his hands were still cold, he still smelled of cigarette smoke, there was no sense of comfort no care he just wanted to relieve his frustration and two minutes after Betty left he was lifting up Eleanor’s dressing gown and pressing his hands and face against her body. Eleanor turned her head away as he lay on top of her; this time tears ran down her face it seemed her bottle was starting to crack.

Chapter 4

One evening Theresa had gone to take a bath, leaving Eleanor alone which wasn’t unusual, but this time Eleanor went to the kitchen and took all the tablets in the cabinet, and a sharp knife from the drawer and left the house. She walked to the church, it was empty. It was silent and very peaceful. The statue of the blessed Mary was looking down on her with arms out stretched as if to say welcome Eleanor swallowed all the tablets and then she cut her wrists. She looked at Christ on the cross His head hung down in shame for what one of his preachers had subjected her too. Instead of easing her pain he had added to her suffering and now Eleanor lay down on the seats in the small artery and fell asleep before death arrived.

Eleanor’s friends sat sad and quiet at the foot of the alter while Fr. Mc Kinsey said the mass but when it came to the sermon he said nothing, he didn’t ask if anyone wanted to say any words, and because she had taken her own life no one knew how to put in proper words, you are happy now with the one you love, so they said nothing.

The rain had stopped before they reached the grave yard. Now Tom and Eleanor finally lay together, two wooden crosses identified the grave one with Tom Rigby and now Eleanor Rigby. Their friends wept as her coffin was lowered into the grave. Fr. Mc Kinsey said the usual prayers and as he prayed he dropped his rosary beads, but continued on without them. Eleanor’s friends dropped flowers on to the coffin then walked away leaving Fr. Mc Kinsey alone by the graveside. He took a piece of paper from his pocket.

“Eleanor you have given me so much pleasure and it is sad it had to end like this, you so young, you should have had a much longer life and may be you could have come to love me as I had loved you in the short time we had together, but taking your life and the life of your child was a mortal sin and it is up to God to forgive you. I we’ll pray that your soul will eventually reunited with Tom and that God see’s it fit that you will be allowed to enter haven and spend the rest of eternity at peace.”

Then he put the paper back in his pocket, he picked up his rosary beads and put them away, now he wiped the dirt from his hands as he walked from the grave.


By Joe Keogh

© Copyright 2020 JoeKeogh. All rights reserved.

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