God talks to me (Prologue and Chp 1-3)

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John, frustrated with the lifes woes turns to god asking for help and is shocked when god speaks to him. the journey john goes on is humourous, romantic and life changing.

Submitted: May 28, 2012

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Submitted: May 28, 2012



God talks to me


John Brown was reaching his 45th birthday and already he and his wife had separated and now John lived alone. Due to an accident to his hand he lost his job as a carpenter and now works as a shop assistant in a supermarket. He is well liked, he is easy going but of late his moral has sunk to an all-time low. Because of the increase in the cost of living John’s wages don’t go as far and so some time he would ask God for help, well today God answered but not the way he had expected.

Chapter 1

 John punched his code into the machine at the end of another boring day at work.

“Hi John, are you finished?” Mary asked as she packed some goods on the shelf.

“Yes thank Christ it’s over. Take it easy, I’ll see you tomorrow.” John answered giving her a wave.

“John that doesn’t sound very cheery, where’s moral?” James the assistant manager butted in as he peeped his head around the end of the isle.

“I believe he is fine in the realm of fantasy along with Harry Potter, Gandalf and team work.” John answered and waved good bye. Mary turned her face away smiling

“God there’s got to be more to life than this?” John said to himself as he walked from the shop.

He got off the bus in Dundrum as the rain began to fall. John checked his pockets he had thirteen euro enough for two pints so he went into the Eagle house.

John watched his pint of Guinness settle, the white head peaked over the top of the glass and the brown bubbles disappeared to form the famous black and white liquid. The door burst open and a man rushed in out of the pouring rain.

“Good God It’s coming down in buckets now.” He said shaking his coat off and hanging it on the coatrack. “Paul a pint when you’re ready.” He added as he pulled out a stool to sit at the bar.

John read the newspaper as he sipped his pint; there were only more job losses or more tax increases, or car accidents nothing but bad news so he closed the paper and decided to watch the TV.

“Paul at your leisure can you pull another?” John asked holding up his empty glass.

Paul placed the Guinness and the change on the counter in front of John.

“Paul it’s very quiet for this time of the day. What’s the story?” John asked

“People don’t have the money any more. The days of having a few pints on the way home from work have gone that’s why I’m here on my own; there isn’t enough work for two barmen. I’m lucky I still have a job.” Paul answered. John watched the TV for another while then finished his drink and headed home.

John hung his coat on the hook behind the door; the room was open plan, kitchen dining and sitting room all in one. He went to the kitchen turned on the stereo and listened to Nova while he made himself an omelette

“There has got to be more to life God than just existing like this?” John said as he opened the can of Guinness t to have with his supper.

Chapter 2

John cleaned up after supper then got himself another can and sat on the sofa and player his guitar along with the radio. The station began to play stuck in the middle with you by Stealers Wheel

“God if You’re listening could you make my life a little more meaning full…..Please…Please.” John sang along with the song.

“What did you have in mind?” A deep gravelly voice asked.

John jumped out of the seat knocking over his drink and held the guitar in front of him for protection.

“Who the fuck said that?” John asked as he looked around the empty room

“You want me to make your life more meaningful.” The voice answered.

“Jesus Christ. “ John said backing up to the door.

“No that was my son.” The voice said.

“Oh fuck” Then John ran for the bathroom. He fell to his knees and threw up in the toilet.

“I’m going fucking mad I hear voices.” He said to himself.

“No you’re not you hear my voice.” The voice answered

John’s body was shaking as he lay on the bathroom floor.

“John I need you to relax because we need to have a little talk.” The voice said calmly

“OK. OK; “John panted. “ OK I’m OK,” He said but he bent over the loo and threw up again.

“AHHHHH. I’m insane I’m fucking insane.” John mumbled as he cleaned himself off.

“No you’re not, I’m answering you’re request.” The voice said.

John threw some water over his face. He looked in the mirror at his reflection the water dripping from him, his hand shook as he dried himself off.

“What the fuck is happening?” He shook his head at his reflection.

“We need to talk.” The voice said.

“OK, OK you want to talk. Answer me this. Why do you sound like James Earl Jones?” John asked

“I can sound like Morgan Foreman.” The voice answered sounding like Morgan.

“Are you black?” John asked.

“I don’t have a body like you so I don’t have a colour.”  The voice answered sounding once again like James.

“Ah… but aren’t we meant to be made in your image?” John asked.

“I am, I have a head two arms and two legs,” The voice answered.

“God that could be anything from a monkey to a T Rex.” John said sarcastically

“I don’t have a tail.” God answered.

“OK ah…an As-guard to an Wookie?” James asked.

“Yes.” God answered.

“Are you saying they exist?” John asked excitedly.

“There are different types of life all around you that you see every day and there are many more life forms out in space.” God answered.

“You created more humans?” John asked.

“No. Life does all the creating I just help it along some times.” God answered.

“Do you do this thing all the time? Mess with people’s lives?” John asked.

 “Well two thousand years ago I met a Jewish girl and there still talking about it.” God answered with a laugh

“You’re making jokes at a time like this and that’s an old one and it’s not funny.” John said.

“I’m older than you can imagine and I think the old ones are ready to make a comeback.” God answered.

“Now let’s get down to work.” God insisted

“I’m still not sure if I’m insane or not. After all I’m talking to myself.” John said.

“We are going to go out for a walk and you are going to touch the people I tell you are sick.” God said.

“Are you fucking mad?  You want me to touch a stranger and say what? The lord be with you… I’ll get the shit knocked out of me or I’ll be taken away by the police and they’ll throw away the key.” John said alarmed.

“Why would you say the Lord be with you?” God asked.

“What… you don’t want me to say anything?” John asked.

“You can say something if you like or nothing at all.” God answered calmly.

“So I just have to put my hand on someone. I can make it look like an accident and that’s all?” John asked. 

“Yes that’s all.”

“Ok, we can go for a walk. We’ll see what happens.” John said putting on his coat.

He stopped at the mirror and looked at himself.

“You’re fuckin mad.” He said straightening his collar.

“Just because a voice in your head that sounds like James Earl Jones tells you to go out and heal people you now think you have the force…..You fucking eejit.” He ran his fingers through his hair then shook his head at his image. John picked up his keys and went out for a walk.

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