We Killed Another Alien (Chapters 1-7)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
An adventurous alien finds the unlikeliest of friends at a bus stop and together they must save the population from dangerous and destructive creatures.

Submitted: January 29, 2012

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Submitted: January 29, 2012



We killed another Alien

The mist rolled in from the sea over the small village of Rehteuf. The morning air cold and crisp the only thing that stirred were the Yennik’s as they searched for food and the Elbat flying overhead and the sun started to peak over the mountain bringing a new day.

Fracs opened his window to let in the fresh air and watched the men gather at the water’s edge as the boats returned with the nights catch. Everyone had a job to do, the fishermen left the boat to the men on the dock, then they would distribute the catch to the stalls around the village and what was leftover went to the freezer house where it was stored for times when weather was too bad to fish. The freezer house was big enough to hold fruit and vegetables and meat that could feed the village for a few weeks.

There was a knock on the door. “Fair morning to you.” Said Cisum as Fracs stepped out to greet the day. ”Are you read to kill your first Rettop.” asked Fracs.

“I’m a little scared and excited at the same time.” He answered.

“Just make sure you don’t get in front of it and you will be fine.” Said Fracs

“Elbat said that if you get caught in front of it the only way to kill it is to jump into its mouth and cut up through it head. “Cisum said laughing

“That is nothing to laugh about; that is true. That is the reason we attack it from the side and when it falls we can then stab it through the back of the head killing it instantly.” Fracs said very seriously

They met the hunting party at the edge of the forest there was twenty experienced men. There were also eight boys and six girls all coming of age that would watch the kill and help with the clean up after. There was also two rolling cold rooms, these were powered by a wind catcher and two men peddled in case there wasn’t enough wind to move it and one peddled to power the cold room

“Fracs I found a small herd neat the water fall.” Hgual said as he unloaded the weapons for the kill. He handed Fracs the Nori. This was a two piece blade’s that could separate, one to numb the beast’s legs the other to kill it instantly.

 Fracs had a power his touch could put you asleep and it also helped him communicate with foreigners. Other people in the village had different powers. Gnillor she was a heeler, Teerg was able to forecast extreme bad weather and could find injured people in need of help. When any children showed they had a power it was encouraged and they were taught to use it to the best of their ability.

  The hunting party reached the waterfall; they could see fourteen Rettop grazing.

 “Fracs they are huge” Neves whispered as she crouched behind a bush.

“Ok you are to stay hidden.” Fracs said to the young ones. ”Cisum‘s party and Elbat’s party will approach from behind. I will get one to leave the heard then they will move in for the kill so watch and stay out of sight, these creatures are very dangerous.” Fracs looked into their young faces they were all eager to join in but the first few times they would only watch from the woods.

 Fracs got as close as he dared then he attracted its attention by disturbing the brush near by the animals slowly moved away from the herd. The two parties moved slowly and carefully in behind the animal. Fracs stabbed it just over the back leg and while it fell to the ground Cisum rushed to the back of the head killed the animal. Remag ran from his hiding place cheering and a Rettop nearby turned and attacked him. It swung its tail catching Remag and knocking him into a tree. Elbat ran from his hiding place and jabbed the animal in the back leg causing it to stumble Fracs joined Elbat and stabbed it killing it instantly. Fracs turned his attention on the herd and watched them till they moved away.

They rushed over to Remag who was screaming in pain. They saw straight away that his leg was broken. Fracs touched his head and Remag fell asleep.

“Neves run back to the cold room and tell them what happened and we need a Regnom now.” Fracs said and Neves ran off as fast as she could. They made Remag as comfortable as they could. Aliquet was trained in first aid so he made a poultice to help stop infection and he put the leg in a splint. Neves returned breathless but managed to say they were on their way. A few moments the Regnom landed nearby and in no time they had him strapped in and heading back to the care centre.

The cold room’s got as close as they could while the hunters carved up the carcass to transport back to the village. Rekaeps squealed like a girl as the blood poured from the animal, however Retaw and Yawa seemed to enjoy the carving so the girls would be coming again.

“We will have to find some other job for Rekaeps. He looks like he will get sick.” Said Cisum;

“The girls seem able for it, next time they can join in the kill.” Fracs said as he helped placed the meat on the shelves in the cold room.

“Will Remag be able to go on another kill?” Neves asked

“Yes of course he can. I have broken a few bones over the seasons. He will join us when he is ready to do so. Until then we will keep squealing Rekaeps.” And they all laughed. 

That evening the villager’s gathered in the square. The community would have their evening meal together and catch up on the events of the day. Everyone served themselves, there were stalls with hot meals and others with cold and if the weather was bad there were several large buildings and meals were served indoors. When the meal was over the screen would be turned on and they would watch news from other parts of the world. Then finally music and depending on who was playing there would be screaming from the young girls or the oldies would get up and dance.

“Teerg, what are you looking for?” asked Cisum the men stood looking out over the sea.

“Yes, there is not a cloud in the sky. It’s a beautiful night.” Added Fracs and they stared into the night sky.

“There is something strange out there….. I don’t know what it is.” Teerg answered in a soft voice.

“Should we get everyone in doors?” Fracs asked

“I don’t know. Normally the Yliad would fire on the Egnaets and they would break up into small pieces and I wouldn’t feel them. But there is something different, something is not right.” Teerg said softly

The three men stared at the sky over the sea. “Look it’s just Egnars falling.” Cisum said as the Egnars streaked across the sky. The villagers watched the fire works for an hour then the clouds moved in and added their lightning to the show. Teerg looked very worried this was new to him and it felt dangerous.

“I think it is time we watched this from the safety of our homes” Teerg said turning to his friends, so they raised their concerns and everyone headed home. Before everyone was off the street’s the Egnarts began to splash into the sea and they were getting closer to the shore.  Now the light from the clouds began to strike the Egnaets and they exploded. The nigh came alive with the howls and screeches from the animals in the forest and the village. The lightening came faster and lasted longer sometimes it looked like it jumped from the sea to the land and then back again.

Fracs stood in the square he had the Noir in his hand pointing to the kids to go in doors. The Noir began to glowing brightly then to his friend’s watched in horror as he was hit by lightning and then it seemed to jump into the sky and Fracs was gone. The night suddenly went quiet again. There were just a few Egnaes streaking high in the sky and a few moments later even they stopped. The villager’s came out of their homes the children clinging to their parents as they join Teerg and Cisum on the square.

“I only heard of storms like this in legends.” Teerg said looking around the square.

“If the legend is true then Fracs has been sent to a far off place “Hgual said as he stood beside his friends.

Chapter 2

Joe Kelly stood under the bus stop to shelter from the rain that seemed to be coming down in buckets. He had never seen as much thunder and lightning it had been going continually for the last hour.

“Come on for fuck sake ease off for a few minutes till I get home.” Joe said looking up to the night sky. The lightning started to strike faster and now it seemed to be traveling down Barton Rd. towards him. The lightning struck the patch of grass beside the bus stop and it glowed for a few seconds, then everything went dark and quiet. All the lights along the road had gone out.

 It seemed like a long time before the next flash of lightening then the lights began to flicker on and then Joe noticed a man lying on the ground. He took out his phone and tried to call an ambulance but there was no signal. Then the body began to move, slowly the man sat up. Joe went over to help the man stand up.

“Jesus I never noticed you standing there.” He said taking the man by the arm to give him some support. The man was at least seven foot tall and built like a wrestler. He helped him to the shelter and got him to sit on the seat.

“Fuck” Joe said taking out a cigarette, his hand’s shaking as he tried to light it.

“Do you want one” Joe offered.

“Frakkiv uv” The man said looking down on him.

“I’ve no Idea what you said?” Joe answered.

“Frakkiv uv cassak umniv ca fv.” He said as he looked around. He looked frightened his whole body was shaking

“Frakkiv uv.” He repeated

“Hay I don’t know what the fuck your saying and this is some scary storm so pull yourself together. Are you ok now?” Joe asked. The man put his weight on Joe pushing him against the bus stop

“Listen you big bollox I’m trying to fucking help you.” Joe was trying to escape from this man’s strong hold, he found himself caught in the corner of the shelter one big arm across his neck and now the man put his hand over his face.

“What the fuck are you doin” Joe tried to push him off.

“Frakkiv uv” he kept repeating till his language changed.

“Where am I. Where am I” he said, the tall man sounded scared.

“Barton Road you daft bollox now let me go.” Joe answered still trying to escape from this man’s hold.

“What is this Barton Road?” he asked.

“Hay, what the fuck are you on? This is a road in Dun Drum dickhead now let me go.” Joe tried to push the man away.

“I don’t know this place” he said softly

“What do you mean? What fuckin planet are you from?” Joe asked.

Now the man looked around slowly. Everything was strange to him, the houses the road was the wrong colour it was all strange.

“Suoiruf” he answered but he still held Joe by the shoulder.

A guy on a bicycle came towards them then turned left at the traffic lights

“What is he doing?” he asked.

“Cycling you fucking eejit” Joe answered.

There wasn’t a sound the rain had suddenly stopped. Then the silence that surrounded them was shattered by a frightening roar that seemed to come from the mountains. Then another flash of lightening and it seemed to dance around the Dublin mountains Joe thought he was in some kind of horror movie.

“What the fuck was that?” Joe whispered

“Rettop it sounds like a Rettop.” The man answered letting go of Joe.

“A what?” Joe asked straightened himself up. Then there was another roar.

“Fuck this I’m out of here.” Then Joe left the shelter.

“I need your help.” The man said putting his hand on Joe’s shoulder and pushing him against the wall.

“Hay I don’t know you, I don’t know what that noise was, thunder and lightning don’t normally frighten the shit out of me but this has been one scary night, so I’m going home and I think you should do the same.” Joe said looking up at the giant of a man that held him like he was just a puppy.

The man put his hand on Joe’s face.

“Hay, fuck off I’m not ……” Joe fell silent for a moment.

“What did you do to me? I saw a different country. What was that?” Joe asked

“My home” He answered.

Joe looked up at the man for a few moments

“Are you trying to telling me you’re a fucking alien? No fucking way.” Joe said but he somehow knew it was true.

“What is a fucking alien?” he asked.

“Someone from a different planet. Though you’re some big fucking E.T.” Joe said with a nerves giggle.

“I need your help” the man asked.

“How can you speak English” Joe asked

“I have a power. When I touch people I can learn their language it takes a while to get it right.” He answered.

“Fuck me” Joe answered in amazement.

“Will you help me” he asked.

“I can’t believe I’m going to do this. You might be a fucking Terminator and I’m bringing you home. I’m fucking mad.” Joe looked up at the man

“What’s your name?” Joe asked

“Fracs, I’m called Fracs” he answered then he let Joe go.

“Fracs, Fracs. Sound’s foreign anyway. ’I’m Joe…. Ok this way” Then they headed towards Meadow Park.

Chapter 3


“Joe you shit head I’m sick of tidying up after you. I’m not your fucking house maid” Lucy picked up some cups off the floor. “I’m always’ picking up after you, you prick.” She mumbled as she tidied the sitting room. ”I HAVE A PAIN IN MY ARSE” she yelled.

“If you have a pain I can help you” Fracs said as he got up off the sofa.

”EEEAAA.” She screamed. Joe came running down the stairs and into the sitting room.

 “Lucy.” He called. Fracs took her hand and she stopped screaming then she fell into his arms.

“What the fuck did you do to her?” Joe said alarmed

“She said she was in pain so I put her to sleep. Now you can get her a healed” Fracs answered.

“You what? You put her to sleep. Why, why would you do that?” Joe asked.

“She was in pain. She has a pain in her arse. When someone back home is in pain I can relieve their suffering by putting them to sleep till the healer arrives.” He said explaining what he had done.

“Wow, she is wearing stockings. Very nick.” Joe could see up her short skirt.

Fracs put her lying on the sofa, one leg fell to the floor and they could see all the way up to her frilly thong.

Fracs and Joe stood and looked at the beautiful sight that lay in front of them.

“How long will she sleep” Joe asked softly

“If you like I can wake her now.” Fracs looked at Joe then back down at Lucy’s legs.

“What the fuck is going on?” Jen asked as she came down the stairs wiping the sleep out of her eyes.

“I heard someone screaming.” She said.

Joe quickly put Lucy’s legs together on the sofa. “There’s nothing going why?” he answered.

“Oh fuck” Jen said when she saw Fracs standing beside Joe.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“Fracs I’m a fucking alien”

“His English isn’t that good” Joe interrupted. “He’s Norwegian. He is going to stay with us for a while. Ok?”

“What happened to Lucy?” she asked

“She is asleep;” Answered Fracs.

“I think she fainted when she saw him.” Joe nodded towards Fracs.

Fracs touched Lucy on the face.

“What happened?” Lucy asked as she sat up.

“I think you fainted when you saw Fracs” Joe said before Fracs could say anything.

Jen and Lucy looked up at Fracs then at each other.

“Ok how about breakfast?” Joe said and nudged Fracs towards the kitchen.

“What will you have?” Joe asked.

“I don’t know; what do you have to eat?” He answered

“In that case I think you should have a fry.”

“What’s a fry?” asked Fracs following Joe to the kitchen. Fracs had to stoop low to go in and out of each room.

“Take a seat while I get breakfast ready.

“Where do I take the seat?” Fracs asked.

“No you fucking idiot, sit down.” Joe answered.

“Ok penis head;” Said Fracs.

“Penis head; Are you trying to use bad language? It’s not penis head, its dick head.” Joe said smiling

“I think you should stick to normal language, don’t try cursing. Well not for a while anyway. Ok let’s get this started. You’ll love it” Joe put some rashers and egg’s on the pan.

Lucy and Jen sat at the table and Joe dished out the breakfast.

 Fracs looked at the food and wondered what to try first. Joe cut into his rasher and a piece of egg so Fracs did the same. The flavour’s exploded in his mouth.

“OH HUMMM AHHHH. This is wonderful, OHHH” he said raising his voice. The girls looked at him as he smiled like a child with a big bar of chocolate

“Don’t they have fucking rashers in Norway?” asked Jen

“OH, OH YES OH this is good.” He said tucking into his meal, the others just laughed.

After breakfast Joe turned on the TV to watch the news. The storm was the main story and there were unconfirmed sightings of strange animals in county Dublin and Wicklow.

“That must have been the eerie sound we heard last night and there seems to be more than one.” Joe said in a soft voice so the girls didn’t hear him.

“You mean the Rettop? somehow they came here with me?” Fracs looked at Joe

“Are they dangerous?” Joe asked.

“They stay by themselves near water but if threatened they will kill.” He answered

“We will have to find them so I can kill them. If your people go near them they will get hurt or be killed.”

“I don’t think so we have some powerful weapons.” Joe said

“We should find them in case your people fail.”

“Well I have to go to work. so you watch the telly and here’s a pen and paper. Do you know how to write?” Joe asked.

“No, I only pick up the language I cannot right it.”

“Don’t worry about it we’ll find out later. You might learn a bit more about this world by watching the telly anyway. There’s food in the fridge so help yourself;” Joe said while he got himself ready for work.

“What is a fridge.” Fracs asked

“Oh yea, come on I’ll show you.” Joe put his phone and keys in his pocket and picked up his iPod as he headed for the kitchen

“What is that?” Asked Fracs

“It’s for listening to music. Here have a listen.” Joe showed him how to put the ear pieces in then he turned it on.

“Fracs jumped and hit his head and shoulder off the sealing. “AH how did that get into my head?” Fracs screamed pulling out the ear piece.

“That was in my head.” He said but Joe took no notice he was holding his side laughing.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Jen asked, Lucy joined her at the door to see what the commotion was.

“That sound was in my head” Fracs said he looked at the girls confused.

“You are a fucking eejit. Joe are you sure it’s safe to leave him home alone? I don’t want to come home and find this place in a pile of rubble.” Jen said looking at the pare of them.

“Yea it‘s fine I’ll plonk him in front of the telly, he’ll be fine” Joe was still laughing as he took the iPod from Fracs.

“Let’s try that again” He said.

“Joe any damage and you’re paying for it” Jen said and then headed out the door.

“Ok now listen.” Joe turned on the music and then told him to put the speakers in his ears.

 “WOW I CAN HEAR THEM AS IF THEY ARE PLAYING INSIDE ME.” Fracs shouted. He began to sway and bob up and down to the beat of the music.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Joe asked.



Joe stopped the music. “You don’t dance like that to Led Zeppelin. You looked like you were doing a pole dance without the pole.”

“What’s a Led Zeppelin?” He asked.

“That is the group you are listening too. You can listen to that later, just watch the telly, maybe you can find out more about us and where you are. There is food and drink in the fridge, help yourself and try not to break anything or Jen will kill both of us. She may be small but you don’t want to get on her wrong side.” Joe got ready to leave.

“Joe you were going to show me what a fridge is?” Fracs said

“Fuck living with an alien is not going to be easy” Joe showed him where everything was and how to use the remote for the TV.

Chapter 4

……The front door opened and Fracs jumped from his seat excitedly and bumped his head on the top of the door frame as he rushed to meat Joe as he came home from work.

“Hay Joe I know how you can get me home” he said holding his head and falling to his knees in pain

Joe gave him a hand up off the floor.

“You’re one big heavy bollox” he said leading Fracs back towards the couch.

“You fucker you’ve been drinking all the beer” Joe said when he saw the cans neatly stacked on the coffee table.

“You said to help myself…. What is beer?” Fracs asked looking up at Joe.

“Jesus your drunk, when ET fell down it was funny and fine he was small, if you fall on anyone you’ll kill them.

 What were you saying about getting home?” Joe asked.

“I saw it on the thing” Fracs pointed to the TV.

“You can get me a lift on the Enterprise and they can find my world” He said smiling.

“You fucking eejit…… There is no such thing as the Enterprise, it’s just a show.”

Fracs sat up straight he had lost his smile.

“I saw it. It flew through the darkness. It travelled to new worlds, I heard captain Pickard say so.”

“Listen’ it’s not real there is no ship no captain no other world’s it’s a show on telly, it’s entertainment.” Joe tried to explain.

“What about the Stargate then are you going to tell me that’s not real too?” Fracs asked

“Yes that’s not real either” Joe answered.

“Look.” Fracs pointed to the TV as the insurance add came on.

“I suppose that talking animal isn’t real.” Said Fracs

“Oh yes.” The dog said on the telly.

“That isn’t real either” Joe looked at Fracs sadly.

“What do you mean it’s not real I can see it talking” he said.

“It’s an add; it’s supposed to catch your attention and the dog is cute.” Joe said. Everything he took for granted was all new to this giant, how was he going to explain these things to him

“Look, it’s real” Fracs said pointing at the telly

“No it’s not real.”

“What about the animal on the drum.” Asked Fracs

“You’re shitting me. You think the ape in the chocolate add is real too” Said Joe

“I don’t know what you mean?” said Fracs

“No it’s not real” said Joe

“Don’t you people tell the truth to each other?” Asked Fracs

“It’s the way we sell things.” Answered Joe a little frustrated.

“What is this sell?” Asked Fracs

“You are one silly ass. They use the add to sell their product” Joe answered.

“I don’t understand? If you need something you get it. What is this thing you call sell.” Asked Frecs

“You go to work you get money so you can buy things. Don’t you use money?” asked Joe.

“No we don’t, we work for each other so we can have the best possible life before some disaster happens.” Fracs answered in a soft voice.

“A disaster like what?” asked Joe.

“Our world is surrounded by rocks and sometimes they fall and destroy villages or they fall into the see and the water will flow into our land and knock down everything in its way”

“A tsunami” Joe interrupted

“A what?” asked Fracs

“It’s what we call a big wave that destroys land, go on don’t mind me.” Said Joe

“Now we have a Tseuq to break them up while they are in the darkness” Fracs said indicating with his hand that they broke up in the sky.

“What’s a Tseuq.” Asked Joe slightly amused by Fracs as the intoxicated gentle giant described his home planet and their achievements.

“It’s a light we shoot into the……sky.” He answered slowly

“Your shitting me, you’ve got lasers. No fucking way?” Joe said in amazement.

“Yes a laser, I think Captain Picard has one of them. Well I think that is what he said.” Fracs said holding Joe’s shoulders.

“Sorry Fracs we don’t have them either, well not like the Enterprise.” Joe answered sadly

“Your leaders must have way of helping me get home.” Fracs was getting frustrated now.

“I don’t like it here. It scares me.” Fracs picked up his can of beer and finished it in one swallow.

“Hay go easy you only opened that.” Joe said as he headed for the kitchen.

“Jesus Christ you drank most of the beer.” Joe said taking one from the fridge.

“Jesus Christ , I heard them talking about him on the thing. I didn’t like them they sounded angry.” Fracs said taking the can from Joe. “Thank you……Who was he. ”.He asked taking a sip from the can.

“Jesus, well he was the son of god who came to save us from our sins and everything is supposed to get better. But that didn’t happen.” Joe answered.

“What is god.” Fracs asked.

“You know when you die and your soul goes to heaven, he is the guy that is in charge.” Fracs looked at Joe confused.

“HE’s the guy that created life.” Joe said

 “You mean he came from the afterlife and you killed him?..... Are you not afraid?” Asked Fracs

“Hay we didn’t kill him, they did back then, a long time ago. Anyway we’re waiting till the next time he comes and it will be better then.” Joe tried to sound convincing.

“What did he want you to do?.” Asked Fracs

“Love your neighbour.”

“Make love to your neighbour, all of them?” Fracs interrupted.

“No, love your neighbour not have sex with them .Be kind to each other respect one another that kind of stuff.” Joe answered.

”You had someone come from Neila and you don’t listen to him and even worse you kill him.” Fracs ran his hands through his hair; he just could not believe his ears.

“I don’t like this planet, would you be able to get me to the third world at least I would be off this place you call earth.” Fracs said softly as he sat on the sofa in front of the TV.

“Ah hears the thing, the third world is part of this planet.” Then Joe explained as best as he could the third world situation. Fracs listened in horror of the suffering of children starving to death and parents watching their children die needlessly while parts of the world had an abundance of food and would not share. When Joe finished he watched as the tears ran down the face of this giant of a man

“I can’t believe how cruel you are to one another….. Why are you helping me?” Fracs asked

“We’re not cruel, we try to help these people, it’s just difficult to explain the whole situation, the politics all that kind of stuff.

“No it is easy, you just need to treat each other as equals. From what I see you seem only interested in using one another, you don’t seem to understand how much you need each other.” Fracs said and the two of them sat in silence as the news started on the telly.

“Rettop?” Fracs said pointing to the telly.

“If that’s fuck me in your language well you can say that again.” Answered Joe

“That is a Rettop, it is from my world. It might have come the same way as I did.” Fracs said thoughtfully.

“Holy shit, It’s as big as a dinosaur.” Joe said staring at the news report.

“Marley Park has been closed and the surrounding areas are being kept under constant surveillance” The news presenter announced.

“How dangerous is that thing.” Asked Joe

The news reporter announced several animals had been killed in the area.

“It can be very dangerous; we leave them to roam their own territory until hunting season. Then we cut down the herd to half the size, we hunt then for food.”

“You hunt those things? What do you kill them with a tank?” Joe looked up at Fracs.

Fracs reached under the sofa where he slept and pulled out the Noir that he had with him.

“I kill them with this.” Fracs answered as he split the blade in two.

“We sneak up behind it and I stick this in his back leg numbing it so it will fall then I use the other to stick in the back of its head killing it instantly.”

“You kill that big fucking thing with that little knife? You’re yanking my fucking chain.” Joe said he was not sure if he could believe Fracs.

“Hi what’s the story?” Jen asked as she came into the room and plonked herself on the sofa.

“Dinosaur’s in Marley” Joe said

“Are they a new metal group? When are they playing?” Jen asked.

“No real dinosaurs, just watch the news.” Joe said heading out to the kitchen to put the kettle on.

“I’m too tired to watch the news, I’m shagged I could sleeping for a week,” Then she slouched down in the sofa.

“Ok sleep for a week.” Fracs said and touched her hand and Jen fell fast asleep.

Fracs watched the news for another while and there had been two more sightings in the Wicklow area.

Jen’s head fell on to his shoulder so he made her more comfortable and lay her down. Fracs touched her face her skin was soft she was very attractive. He picked up her hand it was tiny compared to his and he ran her fingers through his, he could also detect a sweet fragrance from her body. Her legs were slim and the short skirt she wore made her exciting to look at.

“Hay what the fuck are you doing.” Joe asked chewing on a sandwich.

“I was just looking at Jen’ she is very attractive.” Fracs answered.

“Yea well she’s my sister so no messing.”

“But we looked at Lucy, she is very attractive too.” Said Fracs

“That’s different. You’re not to mess around I don’t want to end up being an uncle to a Wookie, and what the fuck have you done to her?”

“She said she wanted to sleep for a week” Answered Fracs

“She didn’t mean it literally, Jesus will you wake her up?” Joe said sounding frustrated.

“What’s a Wookie?” asked Fracs.

“It’s something else that is not real in this world, and will you stop putting people to sleep, you may have the force but you don’t have to use it at the drop of a hat.”

“I don’t understand” Replied Fracs

“Never mind just wake up Jen.” So Fracs touched her face.

“Oh I’m sorry’ I must have dosed off.” Jen said as she stretched out her arms

Chapter 5

Thursday and Friday night Fracs and Joe drove around Marley Park but there was a lot of police so they could not get in to the park

Saturday morning Fracs woke Joe up. “We need to go to that park where the Rettop is, it is killing more animals.”

“What fucking time is it?” Asked Joe.

“Morning” Answered Fracs

“Morning, morning, what kind of an answer is that?” Joe said as he looked for his phone to see what time it was.

“You bollox its half five. Go fuck off.” And Joe turned over and pulled the covers over his head.

“No get up.” Fracs pulled the covers off Joe and touched his head.

“What the fuck did you do?” Joe asked as he threw the covers off and sat up in bed.

“As well as putting people asleep I can also wake them up.” Fracs said with a smile.

“You bastard” said Joe

“What is this bastard? Some of your words I just don’t understand.” Said Fracs

“Well you’re a bastard for getting me out of bed at this hour of the morning.” Joe said putting on his shirt.

“I thought I was a fucking alien.” Asked Fracs

“You are. You are a fucking alien bastard and before this day is over I’m sure I will add a few more unflattering abbreviations.” Joe said as he headed for the loo.

The police were parked at the entrance to the park so Joe and Fracs drove down towards the golf club but that entrance was blocked too so they turned onto Whitechurch Road. They parked outside a house then walked back to Collage Road then climbed a wall into Marley golf club and carefully made their way to the lake in the park. The park was empty but they still stayed in the woods so the helicopter overhead did not see them.

“Jesus Christ that thing is fucking enormous. I can’t do this, I’m scared.” Joe admitted.

“I was scared the first few times I went on a kill. Your job is to keep a lookout for other people. If it is frightened by anything that could be bad for us. Stay close to the tree’s and if it turns around keep still and stay low.” Fracs said in a low voice and they carefully made their way up behind the animal. Fracs pulled out his sword and split it so he had a piece in each hand. Joe held onto the tree’ he could feel his knee’s getting weak his hands were shaking he wanted to run but he was afraid if he let go of the tree he would fall to the ground. Joe looked around carefully there was no one around. The helicopter had just passed overhead so he nodded ok to Fracs. The animal was drinking from the lake as Fracs ran up behind him and he quickly stuck the first sword into the animals back. Its back legs buckled and it fell over, Fracs jumped onto its back and jabbed the other sword into the back of its head and the animal lay still. Fracs pulled out the swords and cleaned them on his shirt.

”That’s it lets get out of here.” And they made their way back to the car

They got to the house about nine o’clock Joe went straight to the fridge and took a can of beer and took a long swallow.

“Fuck that’s not strong enough.” Then he took another gulp. “Look I’m still shaking” He watched his hands tremble there was nothing he could do to stop them.

“You did very well. It is a terrifying experience to be so close to a Rettop for the first time.” Fracs said joining Joe at the table with the rest of the beer.

“It will get easier; there are at least two more to kill.” Fracs said then opened a can and they drank to their first success.

“Good morning.” Jen said entering the kitchen. “Fracs put the kettle on will you?” She pulled out a chair and sat down.

“Yes I would love to, anything else?” He asked.

“You’re so sweet, but a cup will do at the moment thanks.” She answered as she stretched, her house coat opened to reveal a lot of her legs.

“You’re looking very exciting this morning do you always look this good so early in the day.” Fracs asked sitting beside her at the table.

“You say the nicest things; you know you might just get what you’re looking for.” She said patting his hand.

“Hay sis don’t even go there.” Joe said then took another long drink from his can.

“Hay, don’t get drunk don’t forget your taking me and Lucy dancing tonight.” She said as the kettle came to the boil. She went to get up but Fracs put his hand on her leg and said. “Let me get you the tea.”

She put her hand on his and gave it a squeeze. “You are a treasure, thanks.” She held on to his hand as he got up from his chair.

“Hay you two no messing.” Joe said but he only looked at Fracs.

“Mind your own business, I’m a big girl I can take care of myself.” She glared a Joe.

 Fracs put the tea in front of Jen. “Is there anything else I can get you?” He asked.

“No that’s fine, sit down and tell me a bit about yourself.”

“Ah why don’t we go up to the Coach House for a full Irish breakfast?” Joe suggested trying to change the subject.

“If you’re paying you are taking me and Lucy.” Jen insisted.

“Ok you got five minutes then me n Fracs are out of here.” Joe said taking a sup of his can.

“It doesn’t open for another forty five minutes

“You’re going to need me to drive you up, you’re certainty can’t use the car.” Then she went up to call Lucy and get ready.

“That was close, we can’t tell her you’re an alien.” Joe said

“We told her that last night.” Fracs answered.

“Yes but not a real alien she thinks you’re just a foreigner.” Joe replied.

“What’s the difference?” Fracs asked.

“A few million light years. Ok, just don’t tell her how you got here or that you’re from a different planet. I need another fucking drink so far this day is one disaster after another.” Joe opened another can.

Half an hour later the girls appeared. “Right let’s go.” Said Jen

“You girls look very beautiful.” Fracs said joining them in the hall way.

Jen linked his arm. “You say the nicest things.” Then they went out to the car.

“Where the fuck are we going to put you.” Asked Joe looking at Fracs and then at the Fiesta.

Fracs squeezed himself into the front seat, his knees were jammed against the dash board and his head pressed to the roof. Lucy and Joe were in the back squashed together.

“This is radicles Fracs put your seat back.” Joe said and Lucy turned the dial and the seat reclined till Fracs was lying almost on top of her. “Is that better?” She asked.

“It’s different” He answered.

“That’s as good as it gets. Now let’s get breakfast.” And they were off.

  Fracs looked at the plate of food placed in front of him. “This smell wonderful.” He said, then Joe handed him a knife and fork and “Tuck in.”

“Oh this is good, oh yes mm, mm, mm.” Fracs said as he tasted everything. The lounge girl placed their drinks on the table

“This is wonderful thank you very much you’re a good cook” Fracs said smiling at the girl

“You don’t have to thank her she didn’t cook it.” Joe said to him in a soft voice.

“Excuse me.” Fracs called after the girl. ”Whoever cooked this fantastic breakfast thank them for me.” Fracs smiled as he tucked into his meal.

The girls looked at Joe. “It must be a Norwegian thing.” Joe said then shrugged his shoulders.

When they finished breakfast Joe said “I’m going home to sleep for a few hours. I need to rest before we go out tonight.” Then Joe and Fracs walked home and the girls went on a shopping spree.

Chapter 6

…….The music was loud as they entered Rodeo Joe’s and the dance floor was packed.

“Oh can you feel that?” Fracs shouted

“Feel what?” Asked Joe and the three of them looked up at him.

Fracs started to sway to the music and he moved onto the dance floor.

“Look at him, he looks like Gandalf surrounded by Hobbits.” Joe said

“Who?” Asked Jen

“You know from…”

“I know, I’m just messing with you. I’m going to join the Hobbits.” Said Jen and danced towards Fracs.

Joe got the drinks and joined his friends Ed, John Sally and Sinead at their table.

“Where the fuck did you find Chewbacca.” Ed asked with a laugh.

“Fracs; I kind of bumped into him the other night, he’s ok though.” Answered Joe

“How the fuck could you not see that coming at you, he’s huge.” John added.

“I didn’t literally bump into him you dichheads, we just got talking and now he is staying with us for a few days” Joe said.

“Would you look at that, Jen and Lucy are using Chewy to practise their pole dancing.” Ed said as he looked towards the dance floor.

“Fuck me that’s some dirty dancing.” John added.

“Sinead lets go they’re not getting all the fun.” Said Sally and they joined the others on the floor.

The hours passed and a few pints had been consumed and they were having a laugh. Fracs tried to keep his feet out of the way of people passing their table but it finally happened. David Scully who was known for causing trouble when he had drink on him fell over Fracs feet. David was only five foot two but he turned to Fracs and said

“Hay bollox keep those things out of the way or you’ll be sorry.” He said angrily, Fracs sat up straight in his chair and looked down on him.

“Ok.” Then he turned to talk to the girls again

“Hay I’m talking to you fuck face.” Dave said then tipped Fracs on the shoulder.

Then Fracs turned and stood up.

“Oh fuck David meets Goliath, but this time it won’t go good for David” John said in a soft voice

“What do you want?” Fracs asked.

David swung his fist but Fracs caught his small hand in his left hand and he held his right in front of Dave’s face and extending his thumb and little finger the next thing Dave fell to the floor.

“Jesus, he can do the Crocodile Dundee shit. I didn’t think that was possible.” Ed said in amazement.

Two of Dave’s friends suddenly appeared and one went to hit Fracs but once again he blocked the punch and caught the guy by the shoulder with one hand and then he made the Vulcan sign.

“Live long and prosper.” Fracs said and the guy dropped to the floor on top of Dave.

Joe and Ed stood beside Fracs and the other guy decided to back off. Next moment there were five bouncers around them.

“They started it.” Joe said quickly pointing to the guy’s on the floor.

“We know we’ve been keeping an eye on you since you came in. I mean you’re not exactly too hard miss.” One of the bouncers announced.

“Can we have a word outside?” He asked.

“Are you throwing us out?” asked Joe.

“No I just want to talk.” He answered.

Ed took a photo with his phone.

“What the fuck are you doing? John asked

“Hay you don’t see that every day” he said pointing to the floor

“Dave Scully with another guy’s head on his lap. I’m going to put this on Facebook.” He answered with a laugh.

Joe and Fracs went out with one of the bouncers and the others picked up Dave and his friend and escorted them out of the club. Joe and Fracs came back ten minutes later.

“What did they want?” Jen asked taking Fracs by the hand.

“They offered him a fucking job.” Joe answered with a grin. “Fracs could be working here in a couple of weeks, can you believe it?”

“That is great. Isn’t it?” asked John

“Jen let’s dance” Fracs said and they got back out on the floor.



Chapter 7

Joe wiped the condensation off the mirror in the bathroom and looked at his reflection.

“That was one hell of a night.” He said to himself.

 When he left the bathroom he saw Fracs coming out of Jen’s room.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Joe asked in a whisper

“What do you mean?” asked Fracs

“Down stairs now” Joe said giving Fracs a nudge towards the stairs.

“What do you think you’re doing? You and Jen you can’t, you know, do you know.” Joe stammered.

“What are you saying?” asked Fracs

“You know you and Jen? She’s not built to carry an avatar, you and her, you just can’t.” Joe said sounding a little frustrated.

“You think Jen and I are making a family, don’t you?” Fracs said beginning to understand what Joe was trying to say.

“Well that’s a polite way of putting it but yes isn’t that what I’ve being saying.” Joe answered.

“What’s an avatar?” asked Fracs

“A big blue alien. Now don’t be trying to get off the subject ” Joe said looking up at Fracs.

“We’ll when Jen and I decide to make a family it will be none of your concern. And now that I might have a job we will be able to make a home for ourselves.” Fracs said looking down on Joe.

Joe didn’t know what to say

“I’m just joking with you. I’m not ready to be with someone, not even as nice as Jen.”

“But what about last night? You were in her room.” Joe interrupted.

“We held each other, then I put her asleep.” Fracs answered.

“Oh, ok, I’m sorry I thought you and Jen, you know.” Joe said nodding his head.

“You are a very strange people, never finishing a sentence, or not saying what you really mean, sometimes I find it hard to understand you.” Fracs said then he went to turn on the TV.

The news had just started; there was another sighting in Wicklow near Roundwood.

“Do you know where that place is?” Fracs asked

“Yea it’s about an hour away.” Answered Joe

“We must go there now.” Fracs insisted so they got ready and drove towards Roundwood

“We need to find a remote place with water.” Fracs said as he looked through the map.

“Look around you how much more fucking remote do you want.” Joe answered as they drove through Sally’s Gap.

“Now we need water.” Fracs said glancing sideways at Joe.

“Killing that thing yesterday scared the shit out of me, I need at least a week to recover and a lot of beer before I do something fucking stupid like that again” The tension on Joe’s face was beginning to show.

They stopped to look down over Lough Bray but there was no sign of it.

“This is the type of place, is there another lake like this near here?” asked Fracs

They looked at the map and they both decided to try Lough Tay next.

Joe pulled in at a lay by. There was no one else around it was very quiet.

“Well this is it. Through those trees and you’re at the lake.” Joe said as he crossed the road and leaned on the wall. Then they heard the Rettop roar. Fracs quickly climbed over the wall and headed for the trees. Joe followed behind slowly the fear was building up inside him. Fracs moved swiftly through the trees silently. Joe was trying not to catch up without make too much noise.

“Keep your eyes open for anything that might startle the Rettop.” Fracs whispered.

“There is fuck all on this planet that will give that big fucker a fright.” Joe responded quietly.

There was a little sandy beach and the beast was at the edge of the water drinking.

“Ok stay alert.” Then Fracs ran up behind the animal and stabbed it at the top of the back leg. As it fell Joe heard the sound of a helicopter. Fracs heard it too and crouched down behind the Rettop but he could see nothing. He quickly moved to the back of the head and stabbed the animal killing it instantly then ran for cover of the trees before the helicopter came into view. The helicopter had come down to tree level near the animal so while it was out of view Fracs and Joe ran to the car and drove towards the Sugarloaf then down to the N11 and back to Dublin.

They got back to the house just after two there was no one home. Joe went straight to the fridge to get a beer.

“How fucking many of those things are out there?” Joe said gripping the can.

“I don’t know.” Fracs answered calmly then got a beer for himself.

“I know you don’t know; I was just saying.” Then he took another gulp of his beer.

“You are doing that again, saying things but not meaning what you say. I can’t understand you.” Fracs said then sat at the table.

“How the fuck can you be so relaxed.” Joe was so tense he swallowed the rest of the can and got another one.

“That is what I do at home. When it is Lerual what you call autumn we kill some of the Rettop for our winter food and to keep the herd population down.” Fracs answered.

“What the fuck? You only work three months of the year.” Joe asked.

“I work one season yes, but the rest of the time I help in the Sharas, the hospital when they need me.” Fracs answered

“You must get paid well for only working a few months of the year.” Joe said.

“We don’t use money; when you work you get what you need.” Fracs replied.

“What about a house, do you just get one of them?” Joe asked.

“When you want to leave home and live on your own you ask the Erofeb, the council for a room and they get you one near your work place and when you want to start a family they will provide a house as long as you take care of it there is no problem.” Fracs said

“How can your economy grow? How about planning for the future? Or even for your retirement?” Joe asked.

“Every year the seasons change so everything grows, who knows if you will be alive tomorrow and if you will live till you are fifty, of your years. When we live till that age we start to take it easy and enjoy life more, you can work if you want to, or not at all. If you want to travel the world there is nothing to stop you, you earned the right to live. I have noticed on this world instead of working to live you seem you seem to live to serve. There are not many of you that get to enjoy your life, well that is how I see it.” Fracs said sadly.

“That is weird, that you don’t use money.” Joe said.

“Not really, Captain Picard or Kirk don’t use money either.” Fracs answered.

“That’s right, I wonder if we will ever get that sensible. It would be a nicer world, and you might even begin to like living here.” Joe said thoughtfully.

“I like living with Jen, that’s a good start.” Fracs said smiling

Fuck off you’re not going to marry Jen” Joe insisted.

“What is marry?” asked Fracs

“Don’t you have a ceremony where a priest gives you his blessing and pronounces you man and wife?” asked Joe

“Why do you need someone’s blessing to live with the woman you love, does it make a longer and happier union?” asked Fracs.

“Well no not happier but there is a good celebration.” Joe said smiling.

“We celebrate bringing new life into the world, not the many time we try to make life.” Fracs said

“What do you mean the many times you try?” Joe asked

There are eight days in our week and we work three sol we spend five days at home trying to get it right” Fracs said smiling.

“You lucky fucking bastards; Ok one more beer then we will make dinner for the girls.” Joe went to the fridge for two more cans.

Chapter 7

Jen got home from work about five on Monday she quickly changed her shoes then grabbed Fracs and headed to Dun drum.

 “What are we doing here?” asked Fracs

“You need some of your own clothes, Joe’s stuff is too small, you can pay me back when you start work.” She answered. They got some nice t shirts in M&S then they went into a men’s shop.

“This might be the only place that will do jeans you’re size.” Jen looked through the jeans on display and Fracs bent down to help her.

“Can I help you find something?” The assistant asked he had just come out of the stock room.

“I’m looking for jeans for him.” Jen pointed up to Fracs.

“Fuck me.” The assistant said surprised by Fracs when he stood up.

“No thanks I prefer the female species.” He answered looking down on the man.

He was too tall to fit in the changing room so he had to bend down while he tried on the jeans and the door kept opening so Jen held it closed.

“Feck we have to go back to M&S to get you some under ware.” Jen said smiling.

When they finished shopping they went back to the car and some people watched as Fracs squeezed himself into the Fiesta.

Over the next few days Jen and Fracs got closer but Joe told him not to tell her where he was really from. Fracs would have dinner ready for them when they came home from work and they would watch the news to see if and where any more Rettop’s were sighted. There were none seen but farm animals had been savagely killed in the Blessington area?

“Fracs how come you haven’t tried to have sex with me?” Jen asked as the lay on her bed. “Every night we just cuddle and then I seem to fall asleep and when I wake up in the morning you’re out of bed.”

“I like to get to know the a person before I get intimate with them.” He answered stroking her face then he moved his hand down her neck and began to unbutton her blouse, she made no attempt to stop him. He unclipped the catch in the front of her bra and moved his hand over her breast. She sat up and took off her shirt and pressed herself against his chest.

“What do you want to take off next?” She asked smiling. Fracs ran his hands over her bum, her jeans tight against her skin. He opened the button and pulled down the zip and slipped his hand inside her panties; Jen’s lips pressed against he’s their tongues caressed. Fracs put his hand to her face and she fell back on the pillow asleep. Fracs lay beside her holding her small hand in his.

“What if Jesus father was like me?” he whispered looking at Jen as she slept.

“What if he put that girl asleep then lay with her. And when she had the child he had powers. Then when he grew up to be a man they killed him because he was different. I can’t imagine the suffering his mother went through. I think Joe is right this secret should stay between me and him.” He said softly to her Then he put his arm around her and went to sleep.

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