thats just the way it is

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ever feel powerless to change the things that matter most to you? well it's time to take a stand...

Submitted: March 09, 2010

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Submitted: March 09, 2010



alt\"you have to accept it.\"

“but why?”

\"because that's just the way it is.\"

“who says?”

\"i don't know. but its always been that way. And nobody i know has ever tried to challenge it.\"

“but that's STUPID! you mean to tell me nobody before me has EVER said a word about this situation?
Never even felt that there was something wrong here that needed to be changed?”

\"of course there have! lots of people have mumbled about what it is they don't like. about how
uncomfortable the situation makes them feel. some even go so far as to make somewhat of a stink about
things, and what they will and will not do about it. but in the end, they all seem to fall back into the
complacency of their pathetic lives. the unspoken creed around here seems to be, \" i don't make the
rules, i just follow them\". man. that's some sorry ass shit!\"

“yeah, well, that may be the way its been around here, but I'm not going out like that.”

\"oh really? and what the hell do you think you're gonna do?\"

“I don't know yet. but its gonna be something.”

\"Sure....I've heard that kind of shit before and ain't nobody done nothin yet!\"

“that may be true, but I believe you have to have some kind of plan of action first. you just cant
challenge things without at least thinking seriously about it first. i mean, look...I've spent my whole life
just overlooking things that have been either painful, or irksome, and I'm tired of it. not that I'll force
my way or anything like that, but I'm going to at least let it be known that things cant just happen
without my protest.

\"humm. ok. I think i just might start believing you!\"

“well you ought to, cause I'm serious.”

\"alrighty then. we'll see. we'll see...\"

- joekidd © 2000

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