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- They say she was dangerous -
said some of my friends.
She was an aggressive girl , rebellious and arrogant.
She drank, she took drugs, went around it was said about her.
But she didn't care, she was at school, just for the fun of it.
But the more strangest thing, was that ,she was beautiful, they had all noticed that, though she dressed in a way, almost masculine,
 even though she had a bad temper,  but in the grades in school, she was good.
She had long hair, blond and wavy , two big brown-light eyes , to which put a lot of black pencil and mascara, which made ??them  highlighting, she had a small nose and thin lips.
She never smiled, but when she did, her mischievous smiles, were accompanied by dimples on her cheeks.
- Gabriel! - Called my friend, yes, that was my name, Gabriel Norris, 17 years, I attended high school of  the human sciences.
- We warned you, dont near her, the last person who tried it, ended up in hospital - Told me, one of my best friends, Shiny Skylar.
That mysterious girl, teased my interest, you know, that phrase that says:'' Only god knew how beautiful damned things,  could attract us". Here, it was just how I felt,everytime  i saw her.



At the end of the school, i took another cigar, ready to
Switch it on, when i noticed a good-looking guy,  coming towards me.
He had light-brown hair ,with golden reflections, intense violet -blue eyes, a lovely smile on his face and
gleaming white teeth.
He was wearing a black sweater  open, a gray tank top inside,dark-blue jeans and Black shoes "Vans".
The typical model boys , which the girls loses their mind , I snorted in disgust.
- Hi -  spoke  the boy,  with a gentle and sympathetic tone
- Fuck you - I answered frank and unabashed.
 - Miss! -he exclaimed, amused.
- Why dont you  take example from others and  stay away,  from me ? -I asked cold.
-'Cause ... maybe ... I don't want to be like others - he answered , i light on a cigarette,  walking to get home, ignoring him.
The boy kept followig me still.
-What's your name? - he asked, with a curious voice
- Certain death! if you don't get off my way- I said seriously.
-Pleasure, certain death! my name is Gabriel Norris! you should be, in the second year, right? -
 I whirled around, grabbing the boxcutter,  i pushed him against the wall, pointing it at his throat.
-Are you teasing me? -  i snarled ,
-No! I just wanted to know you ...-he said in defens.
I felt him trembling ,under the touch of the cold steel, I smiled pleased.
- .... You have a beautiful smile ... - he whispered,
-Shut up! if you don't want to die! - I threatened him
- Do it..... kill me .. if it makes you feel good ... - he answered with a quiet and safe voice.
 - No ... i wont  kill you! .... Just because I dont  want to have other problems with the police go home and leave me alone , if not, the next time, I will not hesitate to do it ! -
I let him go, taking the park road,  ending  up,  my 'cigar.

- Hey! Wait for me! -
 the boy caught up with me, I clenched my  fists, irritated.
 - What the hell do you want?! - I cried out against him,
he was a little taken aback, by my aggressive tone.
He looked down at the floor, biting his lower lip, putting his hands in his pocket.
-I want to know you .....-he said hesitantly.
-But I don't want to know you, so heels up and go home! - I asserted.
 - Guys, don't wear heels ...-
I think this guy love teasing me ....
-Okay! Enough! Spit it out!you 've finished taking all the girls,  of the school to  bed,  to the point that you saw im the only one missing ?! .. Then you came here! -I asked  nervous .
I runned my hand through my hair, tired.
 He was looking at me in a state of amazement and confusion.
 - Why do you think this of me ...- he asked perplexed.
- Are you kidding me? - I said, raising an eyebrow,
  -All the girls in this school, are hanging from your lips and you definitely, have fuck all! - I decreed.
- No ... I'm not that type of guy .. he answered, assuming an offense expression.
- Alex! - I turned around, not so far away, there was my group of guys, not recommended.
 - Get out now! If they  see you, you will become Their toy- I turned my back, walking away.

As soon as ,i got home, my sister of six years old, blocked me on the entrence of the door.
-well!  from where are you coming ..home ?!
why are you so satisfied! and why are u looking at me, without answering?? - she said with an interrogative expression, on her face.
Miley Norris , the little lady of the home,my sister ...i looked into her green eyes, amused.
- you didn't see anything ...-i said kidding.
- instead! I saw everything! And u haven't yet answered,to any of my ...1....2....3....questions!-she said counting her fingers.
I ruffled her blond wavy-curly hair, smiling.
The next day, as soon as the bell rang the end of school, I rushed into the yard, looking for Alex.
I noticed her ,sitting on a little high wall, with her legs dangling, intent watching her phone.
 I was about to walk towards her, when I was stopped,
i turned around, Shiny held me firmly by the arm.
-don't go to her! - she said with anger in her voice, I read a veil of sadness and jealousy in her grey eyes.
-Why? .. -

-Why?!  i've been always there for you! she comes! and  all goes to hell ... -  she  pulled herself far from me, running away.
- Shiny! -I shouted after her, but she didn't turn around .....I reached Alex, she didn't  look up at me ,
 - Why are you not running after her ? - she wondered, asking me with a detached voice.
-I don't know ... I ... don't know  how much I love her, but ... -
-But? - She raised her amused eyes on me,
-Know one thing, beautiful, i don't  love you ..- she told me with malice.


I peered carefully at him , tilting  my head slightly to the side.
He was tormenting his lower lip, making sexy expressions without knowing.
 -... you're a weird guy -
He looked up at me.
-you didn't  expected it? -I asked him
-No i ..  i expected it -
- Then why are you not running away, desperated or frustrated, but you're still here? -
He ran his hand through his hair, narrowing his eyes and  biting his lips.
 -You don't know how you can send me in ecstasy- I said with irony.
-Is a good thing? - he Asked , staring at me.
-Maybe ... -
He wasn't no more looking at me , he was thoughtful and  is gaze was faraway.
I cross my legs to his pelvis, dragging him near to me , he winced slightly, flaring.

-Can i ? -He asked, staring at my lips.
-No ..- I replied sarcastically.
-Then, why did you, approach me to you ?- he asked ,serious.
-you are more sexy when you're serious- I scoffed him. -Alex...please..- he said gently.

-Okay ..-i consent him.
He  placed his lips on mine, i opened my lips slightly, leaving him to try .
- Stop!  - i put my hand on his chest, turning him away.
 -Why?! -He asked, slightly resentful.
- What a kind of way to kiss is that?! Barbie and Ken?! -
 - And should I do it? I have always done so ..-he justified himself.
I grabbed his face , trying his lips, i bite his  lower lip, not caring if I could hurt  him with my teeth, he groaned when I started to kiss him hardly.

The weeks went by, as fast as if he was all ,only a beautiful dream, as Her love for Gabriel.

she know that time for her, had come to an end, Soon, the head of her
 dangerous gang of mobsters( She had beena delinquent, almost  a  killer ) ,will want revenge because of her leaving,  because she decided to change , to be a different girl, a good girl..they hated this.
She knew ,her boss very well,she knew his movements , Gabriel  was in danger.
Her boss (Charles MC) had always thought what could destroy his employees, accomplices and helpers, that's what was Alexandra, his accomplice and Charles knew how to destroy her.
Alexandra .. walked towards Shiny, she saw her sitting alone , her hazel hair, was moved by the breeze, her dark greenish-brown eyes , was staring at something far away ,before they were placed on Alex.

I saw Alex coming towards me, I prepared my mobile phone , ready to call the police, alarmed. My legs was shaking, I was alone sitting on a bench.
- Stay away from me! - i yell
Alex looked at me ..
I've always hated and  hated her even more when she took away Gabriel from me ... but when I saw her, her eyes, was full of pain and frustration,  I realized that she had no  intention to hurt me.
 I had always envied, her wild refined beauty  , even though she dressed in a masculine way. -
 -Shiny ... will u do me a promise ? .. will you take care of Gabriel, will u help him, sustain him, Support him...give him, what I couldn't give him...Shiny will you do this, when I won't be there ?- she asked me
Her voice , was cracked , almost as if ,she wanted to curse herself or cry.
-what happened ?? what did you do to Gabriel ?!- i stood up, coming towards her ,furious.
-i did nothing....but they will want revenge on me ....- she answered grimly.
-what ? what are you saying ?! who ??-
she didn't answer, she walked away ,i screamed behind her ,to stop, she turned ,looked at me , and said :" Shiny ...never let go ,that promise , never let it go ....".
-what the hell are you saying ?! -i asked getting confused.
-promise me ...Shiny, Just promise - she then left, living me alone in the dark of the night.
...i promise u....

3 Weeks later.....

Only now ...i understood, her words ........ a gunshot, a thud.... a scream ..... I was in  company of Alex and Gabe, when  masked guys, was passing  inside a black car, the guys fired..
Alex pushed Gabriel to the ground,  taking the two bullets on her chest.


I fall on the floor , Gabriel quickly reached me , holding me ,tight in his arms, tears was falling  down on his cheeks so fast, i raised my hand , placing it , on his wet cheek shouldn't cry ..- i whispered

- don't leave me ..not now that i found you...- his voice was so cracked and hurt ...that it would had  made me cry too , but i resisted.

-i will never leave you - i placed my hand on his chest ...

-im here..inside your heart ...- he kept crying hardly ...Shiny didin't know what to do ....she followed Gabe ,crying too.

I looked at her ,she stared at me ....the promise ...she nooded silently.

I felt life , was living me ..i turn towards Gabriel

- i want to leave this world , watching you  smiling ..not crying - Gabriel looked me deeply in the eyes, i made him bow towards my face ,placing my lips on his ..that tasted salty and wet.

- do you love me ? - i asked him

-sure i ..why are u even asking me such a question ...-he answered suffering

- For all my life ...i've being living to love you ...- i told him ,placing my forehead on his ...

- Be strong ...because i built my world around you ...thank you for bringing me back to life ,for helping me to see the light ...u made everything right so happy i had u ...-  i cleaned his tears with my hand ...even do ,they kept falling.

- i love you...Gabriel Norris .....-  then life left me and darkness sorrounded me.



This is how story endend ...yes , my hero was an angel , we buried her the next day , i wanted the funeral to be perfect, i made to write on her tombstone "i will be loving u even, if i had nothing" in memory of Alexandra Hilary Stewart.

Six months have past from that day trying to go on strong , as she always taught me, but anything i do , remembers me of her .

Shiny is by my side everyday ...i don't know why...and when i ask her ..she tells me "i made a promise".

But love having her around.

i laid down , on the grass, admiring the colors of the sky.


- i will lay this forever ...- alex said , watching the sky , Gabriel laid beside her.

-why ?- he asked curios , starring at her pretty face.

- cause , its seems like a dream ...watching the sky ...with you - she answered softly

Gabriel smiled, holding her hand ..then whispered to her


-then let's not wake up -she said amused.




Submitted: March 30, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Joel Twister. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

This was so beautiful and I felt like crying. Gabriel was so persistent ... but in the end his love died. Such a sad and beautiful story. It might need some more editing, but I wish you the very best in the contest my dear!

Thu, April 3rd, 2014 1:24pm


Thank u!!!! Awwww u make me so glad :D xoxooxoxoxooo
Yep u are right, it needs some editing ....:D thank u

Thu, April 3rd, 2014 9:24am


Oh gosh, don't you make me cry. *sniffles* this is horrible, but so amazing at the same time. Sad yet great. Tragic yet beautiful. Their are grammar mistakes sometimes, but those are easily overlooked. Alex and Gabriel are so cute together, but her death is a bit haunting. My savior was an angel...hmm...that's actually really deep sounding. Meaningful. I really like the story Joel! (or is it Joy?)

Mon, May 26th, 2014 11:24pm


Hahaha my real name is Joy, Joel is the pen name :)
Really really happy, for your comment, you made my day ...yes I had to let her die ..the contest I did, asked a Sad ending ...thank you again xoxooxoxoxoxx smile

Tue, May 27th, 2014 8:52am

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