The untitled secret

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Have you ever found yourself in a matter of life or death?
where no one can hear and the only thing that awaits you is Death ?
someone can save you?...
when you are next to death, the only thing you want is to be saved

Submitted: November 13, 2013

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Submitted: November 13, 2013






With persistent light ,snow was falling and I stared at it and remarked involve conflict with the greed and the monotony of the house.

I was at my  old high school friend's home, he made me sit down and went to get something to drink, his house smelled of used.  The smell of  that old objects, which are now covered with mold and web.

 I'd have said it, it was disquieting.

 The environment  was strange, my friend or best man that I remain unknown to the last 20  years of my  life, sits next to me ,with the tea served in large cups of porcelain.

We begun to talk about everything.

I asked many questions so perhaps suspect.

but he wasn't surprised for all my questions , and he didn't answer .

At one point he gets up and tells me, he was going to take an old photo album, in which there were our photo's memory.

I waited him , until at a time, I hear a noise, almost a moan coming from the room above, the voice continued then I went upstairs and I arrived at a door opened it .

I was appeased ,it was a huge room very tidy ,in the center there was a  big closet.

I stopped ,but then i opened it , yelled , screamed desperately fell to the ground confounded.

In the  closetwere the bodies of three men with a  rope ,hanged .

I got up . On the bodies, there were obvious signs of torture and and there was still an empty place, I did not have time to turn around that I was ushered inside the cabinet doors , i got closed and  he did not open again. and that's why now I'm writing this story on a closet door in the hope that someone finds me , are weeks that he  keeps me locked up in here, I have lost count now. I no longer have the strength to count, I do not have the strength to do anything .. .. I'm dying .


Elyar Anderson , Los


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