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About a guy I went to piano class and JROTC with. We never talked much, but... I dunno. Maybe I'm just weird, but I felt that he had secrets, and for that reason, I felt... connected to him, in a way. But he graduated, and I'm still a sophmore, so the opportunity to know for sure is gone.
Oh, and I wasn't exactly sure how to end this one. Sorry :(

Submitted: August 09, 2013

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Submitted: August 09, 2013



A secret hidden

Behind innocent eyes

A mistake from long ago

Haunts him, he hides

He's ashamed

But no one knows

He hides it well

But he can't let go

No one suspects

It's killing him inside

Maybe sometimes

He just wants to die

I can understand

Relate to his strife

To the pain inside

That dominates his life

As it does mine

If you'll hear me, I'll tell

If you'll only listen

I'll relate my hell

Because of my past

I bear shame

Grief and guilt

I carry the blame

I've done some things

And I deserve to die

Is this how he feels

Deep down inside?

The pain, the guilt

I believe I can see

When he looks away

Can he see it in me?

When he thinks no one's looking

He gets this look in his eyes

Like he wants to run away

Without a single goodbye

That secret hidden

Behind those innocent eyes

His regret, his guilt

And even his lies

Bearing a burden

So great as shame

Is driving him

Slowly insane

I see his pain

And I long to help

I long to help him

Forgive himself

But there are some battles

That must be fought alone

And he chooses to fight this one

On his own

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