Shiny New Eyes

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Submitted: September 21, 2015

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Submitted: September 21, 2015



Four eyes twice as bright as two. Gleaming, catching the rays of light from the cylindrical light casing. Fixed steadily on my own. She can't see past her own reflection, i'd never let her. Blurrier until four become six, and six become eight. God, what a fascinating beast. To my left, a book shelf. To my right, an empty lie. Directly infront of me the hooved figure i've been hiding from for months. Growing more omniscient by the moment, but I won't let her see anything but my face. These eyes are no gateway to my soul, you'll need more than twelve. She stared, wider and wider. Time seemed to start to strech along with her pupils. Her eyes don't see as mine do. They don't see the multiplex behind my eyes. What a fascinating display. A twenty-or-so-eyed-women, desperately reaching for my lungs. They've become balloons, only lighter. The more I breath the more weightless I feel. Eventually she can't see me, or, rather, I can't see her. I've left behind a pair of glossy eyes. I continue onward in my stretch of sky, no journey is complete until the man is defeated. I refuse to die. Now back to the bookcase, it's contents are strictly that of Dr.Suess's secret novels. To my right, you ask? The ideas we onced possessed about ourselves, the ones that rang true many moons ago before the womb was ready. Before time started, and certainly before I could think. She's till there, somewhere beneath me. Gleaming eyes and all. Maybe now they had doubled to the millioms, perhaps billions? Some beasts are too precious to kill, and not to leave behind, 

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