Writing Exercise #12 - 12/14/16 - The Demise of Prince Arvel

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Prince Arvel Adrahsi, a scoundrel born into royalty, meets his bloody demise at the hands of a man who once swore his soul to not only the preservation of the Seven Lands, but to protect the lives of the Adrahsi royal family.

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



"Arvel!" the massive man cloaked in plate armor shouted as he entered the prince's quarters, drenched in the blood of guardsmen. Arvel never saw a need for the useless fodder of soldiers, but his father deemed it necessary to the prince's protection.

"Ah, I've been waiting for you, Jarek... I see you've made it past my bodyguards." Arvel replied as he rolled out from a bed of wenches, lacing his trousers. The women quickly covered themselves and without a word nor wail exited the prince's master bedroom. Arvel turned away from Jarek and made his way to the armoire across the room, throwing an extravagantly sewn shirt over his bare torso, and wrapping a dragon skin belt around his waist before turning back to Jarek.

"I was hoping you would've shown yourself later in the night. It's always so embarrassing when I'm not prepared for a fight." Arvel said with a grin as he reached for the cutlass sword and dagger at his bedside table, gripping each blade in hand.

"You're a monster, Arvel... Months of searching has led me here... I will have my revenge for what you did to my family..." Jarek shouted as he gripped his massive blade with both hands.

"Revenge? For wha- OH! That's right... Your daughter, was it?" Arvel said with a smirk as the two began pacing in a circle around Arvel's bed; the only thing dividing the two, "Tell me again, was she the blonde or the brunette?"

"They were the only thing I had in this world, and you slaughtered them both!" Jarek shouted as he swung the massive greatsword at Arvel, cleaving through the bed's canopy and just barely missing the prince as he swiftly rolled out of the way of the blade. Jarek lunged forward again with a slower, but much more powerful strike of the blade as it crashed through the bedside table just to the right of Arvel. Arvel used the opportunity to strike while the man was recovering from the swing, dashing forward and slicing Jarek's cheek with the tip of his cutlass. Jarek stumbled back and wiped the blood from his cheek, staring down at the smear on his gauntlet then returning his gaze to Arvel.

"Heh, tired are you?" Arvel snickered, "Fighting through all of those men to reach me must have taken quite a toll..."

With a vicious shout, Jarek charged forward again and swung at Arvel, just for the man to dash aside. Then again, then again, then again. For what seemed like nearly ten minutes, Jarek continued to swing the massive blade at where the prince once was, just for him to appear a few feet away moments later. Finally, Arvel grew tired of the dance of blades and made a counter attack, leaping over a bedside table and slicing at Jarek's torso with his cutlass. Jarek let out a cry in agony and dropped his sword as Arvel leapt forward again, driving the blade down towards the massive man. Jarek was able to sidestep the attack, then gripped the blade of the cutlass, letting it slice into his fingers, so that he could rip it from the hands of Arvel. The two struggled for a moment over the sword before Jarek drove his forehead into the cunning rogue's nose, causing the cartilage to shatter apart.

"Ah! You fuck!" Arvel screamed in pain as he stumbled back, clutching his nose which poured blood onto the rug beneath his feet.

"You will pay for your crimes, Arvel..." Jarek said as he stared the man dead in the eyes, tossing the cutlass aside. Arvel recovered himself and drew a second blade from his boot, facing the two towards Jarek as the massive being stepped towards him.

"Stay back! I'm warning you!" Arvel shouted as he slowly inched away towards the window. Jarek knelt down to the floor and grasped the handle of his sword, a blank expression overtaking his face as he stood back up and glared at Arvel.

"Six stories down to the ground... Think you can survive that leap?" Jarek stated as he continued making his way towards the prince. Arvel breathed heavily through his teeth, looking Jarek up and down before making his decision.

"I never liked heights..." Arvel said softly before letting out a war cry and charging forward. The two's blades clashed, steel on steel, as Arvel used all of his strength to attempt to push the brute back. Jarek lifted his right leg and kicked Arvel in the chest, sending the man to the floor and knocking one of the daggers from his grip. Jarek prepared to swing the mighty blade towards the helpless prince when he caught his stomach, coughing up a bit of blood to the ground. Arvel had inflicted a serious wound upon the man. As he looked back up, he had seen that Arvel had not only gotten back up to his feet, but was charging upon him. Jarek raised his mighty sword to block the first dagger, but was unable to block the second as Arvel drove it deep into his chest. Still breathing heavily, he jumped back and gazed upon Jarek.

"You should have stayed away, Jarek... Your fighting skills have aged with the rest of you." Arvel said with a grin as he watched the brute lose more blood.

"This fight... Isn't over yet..." Jarek said quietly between breaths as he regained his composure, ripping the dagger from his chest and tossing it to the ground.

"Just give me another moment and it will be!" Arvel shouted as he dashed forward again, swing the dagger at Jarek once more. As the blade was inches away from his torso, Jarek dropped his sword and let the dagger dig deep into his stomach. With his hands free, he gripped Arvel's right arm and snapped the bone with one hand, using his other hand to grab the prince by his throat and suspend him into the air.

"I will be damned by the Gods before I let a cockroach like you be my demise!" Jarek bellowed in the man's face before throwing him into the stone wall. With a sickening thud, Arvel toppled to the ground, barely able to lift himself through pain and exhaustion. Jarek, with the little strength he could conjure up, lifted his sword and staggered towards the wounded prince. Arvel reached out and grasped his cutlass, raising it up as Jarek swung his greatsword through the man's left arm, cleaving it off and sending it, along with the cutlass, to the floor.

Arvel screamed out in pain, looking to his arm on the floor in disgust and agony. His vision began to feel hazy when he felt a massive hand grip him by the top of his skull. Jarek dragged the prince by his hair over to the window as the man's screams continued to echo out the room.

"My name is Jarek Helbourne," the brute began as he continued dragging the helpless prince to the window, "My daughters were Camilia and Carlotta Helbourne, their lives taken from them when they were still in the crib by Prince Arvel Adrahsi..."

Arvel screamed at the top of his lungs as Jarek reached the window, kicking out the pane and clearing any glass from the sill.

"...He burned their corpses in front of their mother, while their father was away at war, defending the honor of King Mikael Adrahsi..."

Arvel squirmed and tried to fight back against the brute when Jarek dropped his body, laying his head out on the low sill and placing his boot on Arvel's skull.

"My name is Jarek Helbourne, and I will have my revenge!" Jarek screamed at the top of his lungs as he kicked down with all of his might, crushing and decimating the skull of Arvel as the man's brains and blood coated the window sill. Jarek, exhausted and wounded, slunk down and sat next to the man's corpse and stared to the doorway of the prince's room, seeing the shadows of guardsmen race up the stairwell.

"Prince Arvel! Are you alright!?" one of the guards shouted up.

No one responded to the question. Jarek simply stood to his feet, gripped his sword, and prepared to meet his fate. 

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