The Hare and Ferret

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Submitted: January 26, 2010

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Submitted: January 26, 2010



The hare and the ferret,

Decided one day to go out on the ale!

Funniest sight you’ll ever see,

If you can get your head, around this tale.

They stopped first at the “glade inn,”

It was full of cheerful hogs,

And dancing in the beer garden,

Was a crowd of newts and frogs?

The ferret said to the hare,

“How come the landlords having this”?

This inn has only been open an hour,

And everyone is” pissed“!

Well! Hare explained to the ferret,

A gaggle of geese have a “still”,

They are concocting “moody” gin

It’s yonder over that hill.

The ferret suggested they go to the cider house,

Saying “this is far too loud for me”,

Look even the two wood pigeons,

Are pissed up, in that tree.

They passed by Fred the fox,

Reclining in a hole,

Sipping on some cherry Gin,

Picking his teeth, with the rib of a mole.

“How’s it going Fred?”

The two friends gave a shout,

Not going well he said

“My mrs threw me out”.

We are sorry to hear that Fred,

Said the mates with a sigh,

We are going for a cider,

There’s one on us, if you’re passing by.

Thanks, but no, I am rather peckish,

I am of to the farm,

Fancy a feast of chicken,

No one left to keep me warm,

Ambling up the cinder path,

They met a wobbly coot,

Wearing denim bib &brace,

And playing a silver flute.

A cap was lying at his feet,

As he played and danced and tapped,

Trying to earn his supping fee

But cant make enough for a glass.”

The hare then said to the ferret,

“Have you noticed anything”?

I haven’t heard one song thrush!

Or even a blackbird sing.

The ferret said I know,

The magpies have seen to that,

While everyone is getting drunk,

They are getting fat


It’s said they are driving 4x4s,

Creaming everything to the hilt,

All of money they have made,

Mansions! they have built.

All the nests are empty,

Lairs are rotting with decay,

Even the little piggy’s have built houses,

To keep the magpies at bay,

I thought that was the wolf?

The hare he did reply,

No that’s another poem said ferret,

Our wolf is to work shy.


Oh! Said the hare, I think I’m getting it now

The geese work for the magpie ,

Who are making all the dough!

The ferret smiled the hare he grinned,

As the cider house appeared,

They both laughed together and said,

“Isn’t the countryside getting weird”?

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