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I had a dream. Too bad it's just a figment of my imagination. I want to wake up, and realise that this world is just a bad dream.

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011




I wandered aimlessly amid the land fleeced in forest,

I was happy in the moonlit realm,

Where heartache doesn’t exist,

And man and beast lived entwined in compassion.

As my feet danced on the soft, mossy earth,

I was happy in the moonlit realm,

Where pollution doesn’t exist,

And the soil was fertile, soft and full of microscopic life.

As my soles started to hit the ground harder, faster,

I was happy in the moonlit realm,

Where the landscape was covered in a pallet of soft blues and cyan,

Where colourful birds nested, sending waves of song to my ears.

As I ran on and on across the rolling hills,

I was happy in the moonlit realm,

Where pale thin smoke rose from thatched houses,

And people lived to love each other,

My feet drummed on the soil as I entered a village,

I was happy on moonlit hill,

Where the people of the village welcomed me,

Where I could learn to hunt, to forage.

As I snaked up trees, harvesting fruit,

I was happy in the moonlit tribe,

Where the people were compassionate,

And I was appreciated.

The campfire crackled like a fiery beast,

I was happy in the moonlit clearing,

Among other, moonlit people,

Intelligent eyes and beautiful, cheery faces surrounded me

As the conversations proceeded,

I was happy in the moonlit settlement,

Where I met numerous, amazing and original people,

And a young maiden whom, shared many of my characteristics.

As the years went by we grew up together,

I was happy with my moonlit life.

And amid the cheer and joy of the village,

I approached the maiden,

As I bent down on my knees in the never-ending moonlight,

I was hopeful with my moonlit love,

And we escaped from the tribe together,

Running for miles over the blue-green plains.

As I wake up, I let out a hopeless sigh,

I was longing for that moonlit dream,

Away from this cruel and heartless world,

And its cruel and greedy people.

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