Paint a Picture - Joey Bishop

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I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking of when I wrote this, but nonetheless, I enjoy this poem.

Submitted: June 16, 2008

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Submitted: June 16, 2008



No thoughts
No words
No feeling
No movement

Dead silence

The voice is choked out by
Words I fear to speak
Sounds my tongue dares not let roll
And so I am a mute

I find myself killing any thoughts
Of that which I do not condone
Or which I have not done
And so I am thoughtless

I force myself not to feel
Feelings which I am told are wrong
But feelings which I know I cannot stamp out
And so I am emotionless

I trick myself into believeing time has stopped
Freezing the moment
Keeping the memory as it is, or was
And so I am motionless

This is the picture I paint for myself
Of things I have not dreamed of
Or things I wish to do, but cannot
This is my sin

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