Dr. Jeung & Ben

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic
Here is a short story that I wrote about my experience with my very first surgery in August of 1997 and my conversation with my Anesthesiologist before my surgery.

Submitted: April 26, 2014

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Submitted: April 26, 2014



Dr. Jung and Ben



By Benjamin Murray


Resources Courtesy of:  Dr. Wei Jeung




Toledo Ohio






Dr. Jeung showing me my flavored anesthesia mask before surgery and explaining how it goes on my face


 Have you ever been to the hospital for an operation? The thought of Surgery can be scary for both the parent & Child.  Here is a story that I will tell you about my very first surgery and an Anesthesiologist named Dr. Jeung. This story will help you understand what Surgery is and what Dr. Jeung's role was on my surgery in August of 1997


  It was August 1997 When I was seven; my family learned that I had to have hernia surgery. Weeks later the surgery date had arrived. At Toledo Hospital at 5:00 a.m. we met lots of people my surgeon, the nurses but one person who really made me feel less nervous was Dr. Jeung who was my Anesthesiologist. He is a tall Korean man with a very gentle & soothing voice and had a wonderful rapport with me


When my family and I arrived in a preop waiting stall a tall man in blue scrubs walked in and greeted us:


“My name is Dr. Jeung, and I am an Anesthesiologist”


Then he sat on a stool and wheeled over to me

“Hello Ben my Name is Dr. Jeung, I ‘m one of the doctors who’s going to help with your surgery today How are you this morning?”

“Hello” I said in a low voice


“Do you understand what my job is”? He asked

“No” I said shyly




“ Well Ben, Here's what's going to happen, I am your Anesthesiologist  you’ll need to take a nap for your surgery; what I am going to do is I am going to do is use a special kind of mask to help you take your nap”


“OK I said bravely


  Dr. Jeung smiled and continued:


 Are you comfortable with this idea Ben?

“Yes” I said in a brave voice

 “The mask will fit gently on your mouth and nose what flavor would you like choose for your mask? We have Bubblegum and I'm sure we have Strawberry too. Which one would you like?


“I’ll take Bubblegum Please”


“OK great I will go get it and bring it out to show you”


When Dr. Jeung returned with the mask he sat down and said: “Here is the mask Ben when it is time for to take your nap I will put the mask on your face, all you'll have to do is take slow breaths into it and you'll be asleep. “Sometimes, kids like to sing songs, count or just breath into the mask as they are falling asleep, what would like to do Ben”?

“Sing a song” I said





“I'd like to see you try the Mask on OK?”

I could only shake my head yes.





Dr. Jeung held the mask near my nose “does that smell good? I replied in a quiet voice: “it smells good” “now let’s practice breathing into the Mask OK?




I took my mask and placed it over my nose and mouth: how does the mask feel on your face” does that feel OK?

“Yes” I said my voice was muffled because I was breathing into the mask

 “Ok now, as I explained, that is how you your take your nap


 I put the mask back on and inhaled I was feeling less nervous the mask helped me relax.



“I love the bubblegum flavor” I said

 “Good Ben!”

He smiled and I smiled a little

He said: keep practicing breathing through the mask for me OK?



“Ben I am proud of you you’re a big boy see you in a little while”




We shook hands and he went to get ready for me in the Surgery room


My parents were nervous and perhaps more afraid for me then I was while I waited to be taken into Surgery I practiced breathing through my mask for my mom & dad



A little while later, Two Nurses came in with a gurney to wheel me into the operating room

“Are you ready to go Ben”? They asked




I climbed on the Gurney and the nurses helped me cover up.


“Give Mom and dad hugs and kisses”



I said goodbye to my mom & dad and we headed down the hall.


 When we got into the operating room, I was helped onto the table. I practiced breathing through my mask a little more. The nurses said: That’s a cool mask Ben” she smelled it awesome smell too” she smiled and I smiled back she helped me lay down and handed me my Mask then  Dr. Jeung came over to me and attached the mask to a long tube connected to his sleepy air machine


“Hi Again Ben”




 Dr. Jeung gently placed the mask on my face and I started to breathe in and out and I started to feel relaxed and happy He held my hand in his and talked to me gently: “you’re doing a wonderful Job Ben can you imagine yourself camping?”




My voice was echoy through the mask he smiled patted my head and sang to me:

“Twinkle Twinkle little star how I wonder what you are” Dr. Jueng's calm singing voice slowly faded and that’s all I remember














The surgery took two hours. This means that Dr. Jeung monitored me and kept his sleepy air going into my body for that length of time. While I was asleep he monitored my breathing, blood pressure and pulse.


Once I opened my eyes, I was in the recovery room a nurse was with me:

“Ben, your surgery is all done Sweetheart do you feel OK?”

“Yes” I said and I closed my eyes to rest. I was very groggy from the sleepy air my Bubblegum Flavored mask was right there with me


“Ok I’ll let you rest”

A few minutes later she came over and said in a calming voice: “Ben, your Mom and dad are here to see you”

And there they where I was glad to see them again.






 After my surgery, I got to go home. My hernia surgery was called “same day surgery” that means when you have surgery, you get to go home the same day.



I hope your experience was as wonderful as mine was, weather you’re going for a same day surgery or an overnight stay at the hospital; everyone will be there to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

 If you have any questions on or before your surgery, I highly suggest a Hospital Preop tour in the tour; they show where you will be for your surgery & after


Let’s remember the key words:


Anesthesiologist (the doctor who will you nap for your surgery)


Anesthesia (Also called sleepy air the medicine that will help you sleep for your surgery)


Anesthesias mask (the mask used to give you the sleepy air, remember to choose a good flavor!






























© Copyright 2020 Joey Carson. All rights reserved.

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