Joy in my heart.

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This poem is about the joy i have in my heat and unconditional love i have in me.

Submitted: April 19, 2007

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Submitted: April 19, 2007



Theres a joy in my heart.
Its out of controll.
i live for someone, someone who gives me that joy.
Hes with me now, and always will be.
The joy in my heart is not your ordinary joy.
It comes from unconditionl love.
this love is there when i do wrong.
Its there when im asleep, and there when i awake.
It follows me everywhere just like the sorce of it.
This love will never go away, It will never bail,
especially when times get tough.
but theres more to this love.
Where does it come from, whoes behind it,
the sorce of this love cannot be found on the earth.
It's not something that is just a myth.
It's real.
this love and its sorce is the most real amazing thing you'll ever come across.
The name of this person you may of heard, this name is the most powerfull name ever.
This name is Jesus Christ.
This name will not only bring you happyness it will heal you, give you joy, and most importantly,
give you that love I can't comtroll.
Hes' in my heart living in me so let him live in your to. 
This may sound strange or even a bit wierd but when encounter him theres no stoping you.
He will bail on you or even leave you for a second, he's gonna be there forever. 

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