The Girl in the Labyrinth

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A prostitute finds herself trapped in a labyrinth called life...

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012




Yara was sitting outdoors in a cafe beside the hairy old man with a low hoarse voice from last night, who was now smoking and enjoying his morning paper and coffee. He offered to treat her to breakfast, when he was buttoning his shirt earlier this morning.  Yara was hungry anyway, so she said yes.  Sitting here now, however, she regretted saying yes to breakfast.  This was boring and she could have used this time to find a new customer for tonight.  If she were to rate last night, last night went okay.  The man was a tourist and gave a generous tip.  He was old too. Something good about old customers is that they tend to get tired and fall asleep half way through, so last night was an easy job done.  She used to care how her customers looked or how old they were, but now she didn’t care anymore.  The Yara now could take anyone, any age, anytime.  It had been almost four years since she became a prostitute, a hooker or a whore, as some liked to call girls like her.  She got used to all of those degrading names and cruel words, and came to think of it, she was kind of a whore too.  This job was hellish; selling her body and having strangers go into and out of her. 

"Your body is a holy temple," her dead mother used to tell her.  She knew it was and it should be, but it just wasn't anymore.  It had become a filthy place where men came to seek pleasure.  Men favored younger girls, most men did.  She was nineteen, young and pretty with the full breasts and small waist that many girls desired and dreamt of.  These, however, became her curse.  All the men in her life, her foster families, her uncles, even her own crack head father with his stupid cigarettes and weed…all those dark unwanted memories that haunted her day and night came crashing into her world again.  She gave a shiver.  Never could she have thought that all the wrong turns in life had led her back to square one, the one place where her life was ruined. 

But where else could she go?  What else could she do?  Having dropped out of school since 2nd grade when her mother died, Yara didn’t know much about anything.  This was the only thing she knew how to do and did well.  Every move of defiance she made against the desirous ogles and eager claws of the so-called good men in the foster families, of her uncles, and of her drug addict father proved useless.  She fled from her father, her uncles and her foster families with the hope of starting anew and breaking away from her hideously painful past.  Yet, here she was doing again the thing that had destroyed her.  She had battled all alone in this lightless labyrinth that hope wooed her into, and then abandoned her.  All Yara could do was cry and cry till her eyes were swollen and her tears ran dry.  Darkness heard her heartbreaking tears and shared her sorrows.  It warned her over and over that destiny had put her in a maze with no exit.  Fate was playing this never ending game with her, on her.  She could go round and round in circles, helpless, trying to fight back and to find a way out; but it was a game she could never win nor escape from.  Life was a game she must play but could never win.

The old man took his last sip of latte and folded up his newspaper.  He took out another $70 and handed it to Yara.

“Again? Tonight?” His coarse voice cracked unpleasantly.

Yara bit her lips, then nodded and took the money from his hand.


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