The power of God

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My First Poem :)

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



The power of God
By: Joey Berry 

Believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord
Believe He is the Word
Believe He is in control of the World

Believe on Heaven and Earth He is watching Over us all
From the Winter to Spring to Summer and the Fall
He will help us up when we fall

During the day He helps us make our way
We need to love in all we do and say

Wherever we go God will follow
God can get rid of our messes and make us clean and hollow
He'll help us through, and ease our sorrow

God will provide everything we need,
When we follow him we will grow like a seed,
We all need to follow his lead,
And that means doing God a deed.

None of us are perfect and have sinned and lied
We need to be filled with God's love instead of pride
We don't need to be afraid of God or hide
He will forgive us no matter what and is by our side

God wants to have a relationship with you and me
Being where God wants us is the best place to be
When we are blinded by things, He makes us see
And all our sin is forgiven and we are set free

Wherever we are he is here
So we can hear
He is our Dear
So we shall never fear

When we read his word
We know he has heard
We are the ones he always prefered
Even when the worst has occurred 

He loves us 
When we confess 
He will impress 
By getting rid of our stress

The power of God is true
When we are stuck like glue
God’s power will come through
So may God Bless You

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Poem / Religion and Spirituality


Poem / Religion and Spirituality

The power of God

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