"Our Christmas tree"

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Our Christmas trees

Submitted: January 22, 2012

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Submitted: January 22, 2012



Our Christmas tree


After we were married and Christmas would come near

We would go buy a tree and my wife would dress it with care

All through the holidays it stood straight and tall

After the holidays I would drag it out through the hall

I would drag it through the hall and down the stairs

Balls and lights breaking all the way, but who cares

My wife would ask, are you crazy

I would say no this way was easy and I was just lazy

Year after year buying a new tree, new lights and balls

End of the season and there I go dragging the tree through the halls

When we moved to our own home we had a tree for Christmas day

End of the season I opened the door and out went the tree the same old way

My wife and daughters said I was crazy and no more

No more will a tree go out the door

The next year there was a fake tree on Christmas day

After the season they told me to keep away

The family would say how crazy and about the extra money

My only thought that it was funny

So every Christmas stands a fake tree

No more trees out the door by me


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