Inchiro: The World Eater

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It's a work in progress bub..

Table of Contents


Västerås, Sweden  16th August, 1587   It's dark outside. There was a cold wind as the rain splashed quietly ... Read Chapter

Chapter 1: When pigs fly

’‘Can we just stop for a second? I need to catch my breath.’’ Said Inchiro to the man. The man halted swiftly, making Inchiro run... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: Ask the receptionist

As Nero walked around with Inchiro on his back, he realised they’re gonna have to leave through the main entrance. This meant he had to... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: What happened to Nasoo?

Millbrook, England 16th May, 1575   ’‘I’ve always loved Cornwall.. The streets are calm and beautifull, everyone i... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: Who's the emo?

Nero and Inchiro has finally found their way to the lobby. But as they saw the exit, Inchiro stopped. ’‘Nero. Wait.. I... I don’t h... Read Chapter

Chapter 5: Confusion arise

’‘Why did you call me here? I have other things to do you know’’ ’‘Shut up John, respect your superiors or suffer the conse... Read Chapter

Chapter 6: Prayers

Millbrook, England 20th June, 1575   It’s been some time since Nasoo lost his cool... Now instead of heading out on ‘j... Read Chapter