Death is deserved

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What's life and why are we gifted with it? Something we didn't ask for but once we have it we want to hold it. However it has an end for some reason...unfair, some would say, but is it really so?

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



Life, what’s life? It’s something we don’t understand and sometimes we don’t even want. However, it’s all we have. Without it we would not care, because we wouldn’t exist. Life is wonderful despite all its downs, but as everything else in this world, it has an end, it will be over after a while. Why? No one knows, but we are doomed to live and die, that’s the rule, the law.

This world is such that the simple fact of being born states you deserve to die. You get something you don’t want for something you didn’t asked for. What or whoever is behind this, is playing a joke here. Or maybe that’s the meaning of life; no matter what you do or what you want, you deserve to die. Then, I ask myself, can it be that death is good after all?

We live our lives with fear of its end, not because it’s going to be over, but due to our lack of knowledge of the end’s nature. If we knew there is an afterlife, fear would be gone. But no one knows that. And after thousands of years believing there is a paradise beyond the black curtain, the belief of “nothing” is now generalized. Science has helped us understand darkness will be our only companion. Could be anything, but after all facts, it’s the most probable. And that’s what scares me about this world. I get to exist for nothing, and I’m not blaming anyone, I love my life because it’s mine and it’s everything I have and I’ll ever get to have. However, for the gift of life I got without even knowing, I also get a curse, death. That means I deserve to die, as every other creature on this planet, no matter what I do to change it, I’ll never be good enough to deserve my life, my existence… and that’s why death is my end. And the same goes for every living human.

Because life is such a gift, so big and wonderful, that nothing can ever pay it back, except its own end. There is no way to compensate what we have but with our own death.

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