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She has been admitted to the hospital for months. She was once a cheerful girl...

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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Submitted: June 15, 2012




About her


She has been admitted to the hospital for months. She was once a cheerful girl that nothing can get her down. We grew up as childhood friends. So I know her quite well. When my parents died in a car accident, she was the one who pull me out of the black hole. Even when her grandmother died, she was the one who cheer me up instead. She was the most cheerful girl I have ever met. Secretly, I have fallen for her.

For years I have fallen for her. When I had musters enough courage to confess to her, she somehow changed. Something changed her when are in senior high. No one knows what happens and she disappears without a note. I tried to contact her family but no one tells me what happened.

Finally I found her on the summer vacation. She is in her grandparents’ home village. She cut her hair short. I kind of like it when she had those long glossy hairs. But this is kind of refreshing. The style is not bad either.  As I can see, she is still cheerful as ever. But sometimes I notice there is sadness in her eyes. I don’t know why but she is hiding it from me. She always avoided the questions about her that I threw at her.

One night when we were sitting at the veranda watching fireflies, she asks. “Remember when we were kids when we promise each other to do that one thing for each other?” Of cause I do. I promise her to bring her to New Zealand when I can afford it. “Yes I remember it. I said I will take you to New Zealand when I can afford it. Why did you ask?” She just shakes her head with a sweet smile.

Never did I know that is the last smile I receive from for the rest of the year. She never attends to school after a month the school starts. Later on I found out that she was hospitalized. She had Leukaemia. Acute myelogenous Leukaemia is what they called. Now it all makes sense to me. I finally understand why she asks that question.

She refuses to meet me whenever I went to visit her. One time her mother let me into the room and I met her. Nearly all of her hair dropped off. When she saw me, she stated to throw things that she can get on her hands and a glass finally landed on my head. The nurse sends me for treatment. I got six stitches for that.

When I ask her why she refuses to meet with me, she answers while crying, “I can’t let you see how ugly I am right now.” I hold her in my arms and told her “You were never ugly.” After that day, she is willing to meet with me. I gave her a beanie as a birthday present but it turns out ugly. “You think I am ugly right now is it?” and refuses to see me for a week. After she cooled down and willing to see me again, I saw her happily wearing the beanie I gave her.

To fulfil the promise I made, I have been working with part time jobs to earn enough for a trip to New Zealand for two. That’s all I can do for her. Her parents strongly decline the idea of taking her to New Zealand. But in the end, her parents are willing to pay half of the expenses. That really took a load off of me.

One night she suddenly told me “Let’s elope.” But we need the doctor’s approval first. She said she knew that her time is near, it is now or never. She told she had secretly made all the arrangement. The flight is tonight. Without any choice, I took her to the air-port with the wheel chair we sort of took it from the hospital.

After I’ve done all the documents at the counter I returned to her side. She was so happy that all went well. Suddenly her nose started to bleed. She said she dug her nose and accidently injured the inside. But the bleeding won’t stop. When her parents and the doctors caught up to us, she fell unconscious and never woke up again.

Finally I am at New Zealand with her ashes. I have finally fulfilled my promise but you never did.

“I’ll marry you when we are grown ups!”

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