Curse of the antique clock

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*Tick tock tick tock* and the clock strike at XII. It chimes twelve times before it stops.

Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012



Curse of the antique clock


*Tick tock tick tock* and the clock strike at XII. It chimes twelve times before it stops. The day resets at twelve at mid-night. Ever since I bought that clock, my day seems to repeat and repeat and repeat. I have no idea what cause this phenomenon.

That morning when I look at my clock hanging on the wall of my dining hall, I noticed that it was no moving at all. I tried to turn the spring behind the clock but the key snapped into two pieces. The other end of the key was stuck in the key hole. No matter how hard I tried to pick it, it just won’t budge. I have no choice but bring it to the shop that sold me that clock.

When I arrived at that shop, it was closed down and shifted to another state. Feeling depressed, I walk on the street hoping to find a shop that can repair that broken clock. Something is calling me when I reach the end of the shop lot, telling me to turn into the alley of those shops.

T the end of the alley, there is a rundown shop. When I entered the shop, I realize that this shop is selling clocks and repairing clocks are available. I went to the counter and hit the ring twice. An old man came out from behind asking what business I have here. “I am looking for someone to repair my clock. The broken key stuck in the key hole and I can’t seem to pick it out.” I said.

He took the clock from my hands and examines it. He search carefully at the casing and unscrew the casing. He examines the innards carefully and put down his tools. “I am sorry to say this but, this clock does not worth the repairing. The charges will be more expensive than buying another.” He said. He shows me the part that is broken. “This part here is the cause. It causes this gear here to chip and this one here out of shape. And the broken key jammed the whole mechanism which is unable to dismantle. To repair this clock, the whole mechanism needs to be replaced, might as well buy another one.” He explains.

Giving up that clock, I need to buy another. So I ask for his recommendation. He showed me a bunch of clocks but none of it piques my interest. He asks for my presences and I told him. He thinks for a while and says “I might just have the thing for you.” He went into the back of his shop, rustles around for a bit and come out with a package. He puts the package on the table and opens the wrapping box.

The beauty of the clock caught my eyes. The exquisite design, the colour matches the clock’s design; even the hands are carefully crafted. This is gorgeous. This is the clock that I wanted. The old man told me that the previous owner told him to gift it away to the one who likes this clock. I feel bad to take an item without paying anything. The old man honestly refuse and money offered to him. At last he accepted a small amount when I said it is for the checking fees and his service.

I hung the clock on the wall and felt that it is a perfect match for my house. Every day, before i went to work, I will look at the clock for a while. The more I look at it, the more I fell in love with it. There is this mysterious feeling linger around it that I can’t explain. It is like I am charmed by it.

When I was relaxing at the hall after work, someone is knocking at my door and I answered it. They are here, the debt collectors. My due date is tomorrow, so they are here to remind me about the payment.

Yes, I am in debt. My business is running low for a year now. I have no relatives to rely on; I have to get a loan. I know that those people are with the mafias, and I know how bad it can become if I can’t pay back. But I have no choice, the bank need guarantors to approve the loan. “I wish that tomorrow never come...”

As usual, I woke up at seven, prepare breakfast for myself, dress up and go to work. It felt strange; everything that happened up until now seems familiar, I think that is what they called De javu.

After a hard day of work, I relax on the couch in my hall. Someone started to knock at the door and I answered it; the debt collectors are here to remind me of my due date tomorrow. Feeling depress, I start telling the clock everything. It is kind of like telling your worries to a best friend. “I wish that tomorrow never come...”

As usual, I woke up at seven, prepare breakfast for myself, dress up and go to work. Didn’t I experience that yesterday? Must be my mind doing a trick on me. It is really strange, even the lunch is the same as yesterday’s lunch set. Why did I even order the same thing?

After one stress day, I sat on the couch for relaxing. Then the knocking sound comes again exactly at eight. It is the debt collectors again. “What is the meaning of this? Didn’t you people come yesterday?” They then give me a weird look and touch my forehead. “Doesn’t seem like he had a fever or flu. Anyway tomorrow is the due date; I hope your payments are ready.” And they left. This is getting weirder and weirder.

After I decide to note down all the counting days that I repeated. It had been thirty three days and counting. I have tried all different things to make it different but somehow it comes back to the same thing. Tonight I decided that I won’t sleep and see what will happen.

*Tick tock tick tock* and the clock strike at XII. It chimes twelve times before it stops. Both minute and hour hand move counter clockwise. Before I knew it, I woke up in the morning on 13th March again. Why did the clock move backwards? I decide to wait at home today. I wanted to monitor if the clock moves backwards in the day. But it works normally at day time.

*Tick tock tick tock* and the clock strike at XII. It chimes twelve times before it stops. Before the hands move backwards, I tried to grad it and stop it from moving. But strangely, I can’t seem to touch it. It is like a mirage, an after image. I woke up on 13th March again.

That’s it; I am tired of going through the same day for thirty sixth day. I smashed the clock with a hammer and throw the remains in the waste bin and decide to take a walk on the street. After the walk, I felt much better. I took a shower and went to bed. Hopping I will woke up on 14th march.

I woke up in the morning and the first thing I am looking for is the news paper. After I looked at the date, it sent me down to the bottom of the well. It is still 13th march. *Tick tock tick tock* I heard that sound. I turn around and the clock is still there!

I can’t stand it anymore! Even after I destroyed the clock it is still the same! I went into the kitchen and grab a knife and I cut both of my wrist. Losing a lot of blood and I thought I can finally escape this infinite loop. I am getting tired; my eye lids are too heavy to lift up again. I can finally escape!

But then again, I woke up on 13th March again. The cut marks on my wrist are gone. Even the blood that was gushing out staining the carpet gone without a trace as if that never took part. NO! I am sick of it already! I went up to the rooftop and jump down with my head facing downwards. This time for sure I will be dead.

But yet again, I woke up on 13th March again. I sat in front of that clock staring at it until 11.50 p.m. “What do you want me to do? Why are you doing this to me? If I knew that you are like this, I wouldn’t have brought you back with me that day. I wish I never brought you back with me that day.

I woke up with in rainy morning. Lightning strikes and thunders rumbling. It is different from those forty days. Those forty days never rain in the morning. Has the infinite loop end? I grab the news paper and saw the date; 14th march.

I turn towards the place where I hung the clock and found it missing. There is a little piece of paper there instead.

‘Never simply make a wish; you will never know what that it will turn out.’

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