Love me now if you do

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

He is the leader of a sect, he has no feelings, he doesn't love anyone, include himself. His goal is to revenge and annihilate 'Wind canyon'...
She is an ordinary girl from 'wind canyon', abducted for the purpose of revenge. But no matter how cruel he is, he just can't bare to hurt her.
She doesn't care about the relation about the two sect, she just want the person she loves to notice 'Love me now if you do' but...

Table of Contents

Prologue: The promise

Prologue: The promise R.C.99, winter “…Hawk…please don’t… hate me…” The soft and weakened voice whispers here a... Read Chapter


Chapter 1: Hawk Not many people out there know that the world we see is not driven by The Whitehouse or undisputed weapons, or the he... Read Chapter

Chapter 2: His Mission

Chapter 2: His Mission ‘Crimson Hall’ has its own unique system of governing the entire clan. A system that is not known to anyon... Read Chapter

Chapter 3: The Fateful Meeting

Chapter 3: The Fateful Meeting The place where Hawk went for a ‘long walk’ is called ‘Sky Cliff’. It is named like this cause... Read Chapter

Chapter 4: She is...

Chapter 4: She is…  ‘Crimson Hall’ is dived into sections like any other ordinary companies. The main office is where they... Read Chapter

Chapter 5: Hawk’s anxiety

Chapter 5: Hawk’sanxiety Sitting at the passenger seat at the back, Hawk told himself that it is not because of those words from th... Read Chapter

Chapter 6: Gilbert & Shou, Father & son

Chapter 6: Gilbert & Shou, Father & son   “Sigh…” Xin sighed for every piece of clothing she packed into her l... Read Chapter

Chapter 7: The match making legend

Chapter 7: The match making legend St. Gabriella is a girl’s high school. This school established sixty years ago by a local church... Read Chapter

Chapter 8: Reunion

Chapter 8: Reunion Hawk is here to observe the place before executing his plan for kidnapping Shou’s fiancé. He send Jebson and Je... Read Chapter

Chapter 9: Abducted

Chapter 9: Abducted Hawk finally comes to halt after he is sure that he is out of that girl’s vision. He turns back and falling lea... Read Chapter