The diary of a killer (psycho)

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This is a diary of a psycho killer.

The diary of a killer (psycho)


10th June 20XX

Dear diary,

Today I have met the doctor.  He suggests that I should keep a diary from today onwards, noting down my daily life. I don’t know why he suggested but I think it should be fun. So I went to the stationary and bought a diary. And this is my first ever written diary in my entire life.


11th June 20XX

Dear diary,

This morning when I went downstairs to grab a bite, I met the usual couple fighting every morning. Honestly, I was woken up by their fight every morning. It is kind of annoying. So I decide to end their fighting by keeping her in my apartment. I kind of invited her in when she is going to her usual job. I don’t know why but she is screaming for help when I invited her in. So tape her mouth with a duct tape. She keeps moving around too much, so I tied her to a chair. I wonder why she is not moving at all right now, I bet she is just tired.


12th June 20XX

Dear diary,

I have a wonderful sleep last night. I was right to keep her in my apartment. They have successfully stopped their fighting every morning. I am proud of what I did. I must say that I am a genius. I can’t let go of her hands to drink water, so I poked a small hole enough to insert a straw. But if she drinks too much, she will need to go to the toilet. So I decided not to give her any.


13th June 20XX

Dear diary,

This is bad. I think I have fallen in love with her. Whenever I looked at her crying face, my heart skipped a beat. I have decided, I am going to make love to her after I have finished written today’s event in the diary.


14th June 20XX

Dear diary,

Last night I felt wonderful. This is the first time I had this kind of sex. I followed the instruction on how to tie her up on the bed. She isn’t enjoying at all like the book said, must be some mistake in the printing. It must be the condom. I think she hate I used a condom. But I can’t get her pregnant after the first time we had.


15th June 20XX

Dear diary,

Today I bought a First-aid handbook to check on her. She is not moving since two day ago. She had no pulse, no breathing, and the pupils have no reaction to lights at all. According to the book, she is dead. Isn’t the dead should rest underground? So I took her to the forest and buried her under an old oak tree. All the digging is too much for me, I am really tired right now.


16th June 20XX

Dear diary,

Today I woke up when someone is banging at my door. They were police officers. They ask me if I have seen the person in the picture they have. Of cause I have, she is the one I fell in love with. But I can’t tell them where she is. If they knew, they will take her away from me.


17th June 20XX

Dear diary,

Today I met a beautiful girl at the central park when I am jogging in the morning. Her smile was so beautiful, like an angel. I wonder if I will be able to meet her again tomorrow. I hope I do.


18th June 20XX

Dear diary,

Yes! I saw her again today. I am so happy. She smiled at me when I tripped watching her. I think she fell in love with me.


19th June 20XX

Dear diary,

It is raining this morning so I couldn’t go to the park today. I read the news paper instead. They found her. How did they found her? Must be the girl at the park I met yesterday. She must have told them where she is so they can take her away from me. Now I understand; she is jealous of her. I have to tell her I love her more tomorrow.


20th June 20XX

Why is she with another guy! How dare you cheat on me! It must be the temptation of that man. Don’t worry, I will eliminate all temptations.


21st June 20XX

Yes! I found out where he lives. You will never get away with this.


22nd June 20XX

I have just locked him in his house and set fire on it. I have finally eliminated the temptation towards her. Serves you right, I even spend the whole day to prepare for it.


23rd June 20XX

Why are you in his house? Do you love him more than I do? Serves you right! I am the perfect choice but you choose him instead. You do not deserve the love I have. That’s right, burned and dies with him.


24th June 20XX

A sexy woman offers me sex. Of cause I agree, it is what she offered right? But she demands money after we are done having sex. She offers it, why do I have to pay? She started screaming bad words and tossing stuffs in my apartment. She is annoying with her screaming. I must stop her before everyone thought that I am some kind of a pervert. Somehow I manage to silence her after I strangle her neck. I am too tired right now, I need to sleep.


Note 1: He was caught in the next ten minutes after he finished writing. Someone on the opposite building saw the scene and made a report.

Note 2: This diary was present to the court as evidence.

Most important note: This is just a made up story, none of it is real. But if there is something similar to this, it is just purely coincident.

Submitted: June 07, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Johann Kings. All rights reserved.

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