The saviour of my family

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This is a story from an old man that when his family members were saved by dogs

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



The saviour of my family


Dogs are called man’s best friends. Stories about dog’s heroic deeds can be heard everywhere. Miracles perform by dogs are often told in stories. The story I am about to tell are base on true stories from the person himself. He said that dogs save his family three times and he is really grateful from the bottom his heart.

Case 1:

When I was young, our family lives in the village. I have one older brother, two younger brother and three younger sisters. My father work as a farmer and my older brother help with his work on the field. We never had a dog and neither do our neighbours. There was one day that a stray dog came to our village. Out of pity, my older brother gave it some food and soon it went off and never seen again.

One day, my older brother encountered a king cobra in the field. Snakes are often found in the fields and the death rates are not low either. My older brother was so scared that he can’t even move. Our family thought that we will lose a good child and brother forever. Out of nowhere that dog came back to protect my older brother by attacking that king cobra. That dog sacrifices its life to save my older brother.

Case 2:

My friends invite my family to their party across the street. My wife said that she needs to prepare something before heading out. So I took my three year old son with me to the party ahead. My friend gave my son two candies as he saw him wondering around. He unwrap the first one and feed it to him and hand him a second. He receives the candy and happily running back home to show my wife, his mother. The adults are happily chatting with each other without noticing that my son fell down. The candy that is in his mouth stuck in his wind-pipe and starts to choke him when he fell. He is suffocating and no one notice. The dog in the neighbour’s house starts to howl. It is howling, not barking. My wife felt something wrong, the neighbour’s dog never howls. She look out the window and saw our son choking on the floor, his face is turning purple. She rushes out of the house screaming. Thanks to the howling, our son is saved.

Case 3:

When I finish my overtime at work, I drove my car home. It was quite late that time. It is around ten at night and it starts to rain. On my way back, I have to cross by some slops at the hill side. As the rain falls heavier, I hit the gas to accelerate. I went on about 60km/h. As I drove my car, I saw a dog crossing the road. I thought that by the time I reach it, it has already crossed the road. Never in my life I thought that the dog stops at the centre of the road and sat down. To avoid hitting the dog, I hit the brakes and steers my car to the side and crash head on to the divider of the road. Luckily I hit the brakes fast enough and the crash was minor, just the head lights shatters. I leave the car and to confirm whether did I hit the dog or not and I saw it running away from the road. I was curious about the behaviour of that dog and walk further to the place where it sat down. I was on my knees when I reach there. The road collapsed due to landslide. If that dog was scared and ran away when it sat down in the middle of the road, I will be the one that is at the bottom of the hills. At that time my eldest son is around ten years old and my youngest son at two. My family is gone if that dog didn’t save me.


Dogs save my family three times. Not just once, it is three times. Even now when I am buying food or meat, I would have extra to treat the stray dogs around my neighbourhood.

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