The Dragonfly

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Here are the thoughts I had one afternoon while outside relaxing.

Submitted: September 04, 2013

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Submitted: September 04, 2013



I put on my flip-flops and my backpack after I made sure that my granola and sunglasses where in there.  I made the quick debate in my mind whether or not to take my dog with me.  I deceided not to take him with me and grabbed an apple and cold water from the fridge.  I put on my headphones and walk to the shade tree on the far side of the retention pond.


As I got there I unrolled my blankette put the red speaker on the corner and turn some music on and put it at the lowest setting before mutting it.  While laying here I began listening more and more carefully.  The first sound I heard was the cicadas buzzing in the surrounding trees.  I looked on the field, if you can call it that, before me.  I saw the differing grasses and wild flowers and find it amazing that such wild varaity grows in a man-made pitt surrounded by a sea of concrete and houses.  Houses that are packed so tightly that a larger dog can't take care of his doggie things in his owner's "back yard".


In the field I see many flying insects.  Today I see a butterfly I have never seen before.  I call it the golden butterfly because it has wings like aged paper with black specks and a bright yellow edge.  The others I see are black wing with golden stripes.  The thought comes to me that it would be so wonderful to have this golden butterfly land on the edge of my tows.  Also there are bees and dragonflys and other flying insects like beetles and some other insect that I can't identify.


While I rest I begin to hear the other sounds around me.  I bite into my apple and notice the crunch.  Then I hear the birds overhead.  A bluejay calling to it's love wanting it to come to him.  A pair of doves cooing with eachother.  They calm down and I can hear the music coming into range.  The slight restful sounds of a sitar playing about some timeless story from a nameless vilage.


Next I notice the jet plane flying far above me.  I wonder about the people on that plane.Where are they going?  Are they coming home from a long deserved vacation?  Maybe they are going on a buisness trip to make a deal that will help them earn the meger paycheck that they earn.


Then the first yellow school bus comes down the road.

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