Harbouring Existance

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Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



Slipping through time and reality,
Holding onto something strong,
Waiting for us to realise,
Where it all went wrong.

Why are we here in this dark place,
Travelling all on our own,
Making the best of situations,
Releasing but a silent moan.

Mind and conscience relinquished,
A thick tapestry of working alone,
Too many moments to think,
Left in our minds; despair and ominous tone.

Wanting for something more,
In our jobs and our lives together,
Never ending fear,
Of our last surviving measure.

Waiting for something to happen,
For something in our lives,
That wont leave us unhappy,
And remorseful of our time.

Floating souls of regret,
Wandering nightmare of hope,
Unfathomable realism,
Of those who hang on to a permanent rope.

Questionable desire,
For desire devours us all,
Wanting too much is evil,
Honesty continues to fall.

Actions which take over our minds,
Cheating on life and its misery,
Dark red anger thrives,
A feeling that lasts for infinity.

Heartache and grief is inevitable,
Suffering so much more inside,
Feeling like its not worth it,
Continuing with nothing but our pride.

The end must seem close,
Rapidly drawing near,
With questionable recluse,
Do we, in actuality, linger in fear?

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