The Radio Psychic

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Rosie Glow is a psychic on the radio - but one of her shows leads to a drama, death and intriguing revelations.

Submitted: August 04, 2013

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Submitted: August 04, 2013




The Radio Psychic


Rosie Glow – The psychic (over-aspirated, almost ghostly voice)

Joe Glow – Rosie’s husband (rich and fruity voice)

Heather Power – Part of the psychic business team (scratchy voice)

Charlie Power – Husband to Heather, also part of the team (coarse, regional accent)

Barry Seaforth – A desperate fan of Rosie (heard only over the phone lines)

Sam Parker – A sceptic (well spoken)

Detective Inspector Twice - A female police detective (authoritative voice)


(We begin with the sound of the studio audience applauding. As it fades, Joe starts to speak.)

Joe: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome everyone! My name is Joe Glow - yes, indeed it is! But the one you have all come to see, or hear, is here, by my side, my wife, Rosie Glow. She is our medium, our seer. But first, a word or two about the spirit world – it is not like our own! Time, as we live through it, doesn’t exist there. The spirits are free of our constraints. The rules are very different there – the laws of physics, the laws of nature do not apply. For that very reason, we may find that our worldly expectations are sometimes not met. Our special loved ones may be seeming to ignore us with their lack of contact. But they are one with eternity. They have forever. We do not. At least, not yet.

But sometimes, given the opportunity, given the opportunity by ourselves, they will find a way to permit us a glimpse into the next world. Sometimes we are reminded of the past, our own past, sometimes our futures are foretold. And sometimes – sometimes – it’s just the touch of contact, the hand reaching from one side to the other to let us know, as we would let them know, that nothing is ever forgotten, nothing has ever left here entirely.

And do you know, the wonderful thing is, that we are all blessed, each and every one of us, with the ability to contact the other side. Yes, we are. We do so in our dreams, when our angels are in closest proximity. Yes, we are all blessed. But then we wake. And what do we see? The world, this cluttered and noisy, frantic existence clouding our vision - and we’re lost to the everyday once again.

However, there do exist amongst us, rare and precious as they are, some whose own spirit is like a portal, an intermittent but strong connection through which the spirit world can make waking contact. My wife, Rosie Glow, is one such portal.

She will speak, to you all, to our studio audience and to our radio listeners alike – but when she does, it may well not be Rosie speaking at all. We shall see. Be prepared to be amazed. Be prepared to make contact. - Are you ready, Rosie? Just nod, my love. - She is ready.

My wife will astonish you. She works through the medium of the natural, one may say the wild world. In the past, spirit enablers in the form of animals were called familiars. And so do we, Rosie and I, so call them. Witches, mediums and seers were burned at the stake, their familiars, and their pets, creatures like Freddie here, were also destroyed. (He is heard to be picking something from a container.) For those of you in our studio audience, please do not be alarmed by our familiars. For those listening in, Freddie is just a frog. Innocent animals like Freddie are often far more susceptible to the presence of spirits, of angels and indeed demons, than we are. Rosie works through their sensitivity to help channel her own. Here, Rosie, take Freddie to your heart. Now we must wait. Rosie, with Freddie’s help, will try to break through. And we too, all of us must try to assist Rosie. We must concentrate our minds, indeed focus our own poor tethered spirits to unite with those emancipated by death.

Talk to us, you spirits, through your servant Rosie Glow. Tell us, please tell us now, all that we should know.

Help us - join in, everyone. And you at home - conjure the other world with us.

Talk to us, you spirits, through your servant Rosie Glow. Tell us, please tell us now, all that we should know.

Talk to us, you spirits, through your servant Rosie Glow. Tell us, please tell us now, all that we should know.

Wait - I think, yes, I see the spirits stirring in Rosie's breasts - breast. - Rosie? (Whispering.) Rosie?

Rosie (after a pause, shouts, almost screams): Yes! – Yes, I’m here, I am here for you. Please, please do not go. There are many of us here, all waiting to hear from you.

Joe (whispering hoarsely): Stay strong, Rosie. Keep good your connections.

Rosie: Yes, I can - I can hear you, but you must try to speak up. There is still a huge distance. Please, tell me your name. (She halts again, for quite some while.) Yes, oh yes – now he’s coming through clearly. But I think, yes – is it Jim, or John? No – but definitely a J. A far more elaborate name. I can see a small, dapper man – still definitely a J – is it, yes, it’s Jeremiah!

Heather: That’s me – I mean, that’s my Granddad. Jeremiah! Who else could it be, with a name like that? It must be him.

Rosie: Did he – perhaps - speak quietly, but with a - quite a high-pitched tone?

Heather: Oh my – oh yes! It is him! He had a voice like that. Does he still talk like that, on the other side?

Rosie: Yes. He is as in life.

Heather: Really? And is Nan with him?

Rosie: Indeed she is. They are together forever now.

Heather: And does he still like dressing up as a woman?

Rosie: Oh - well, you see, clothes are not a necessity.

Heather: Are they - are they nudists?

Joe: Things aren't like that over there, are they, Rosie?

Rosie: No. Our bodies are what we dwell in here. Not there.

Heather: Then what do they look like?

Rosie: They look like - like the love they bore for one another.

Heather: Before he started wearing Nana's underwear, you mean?

Rosie: Yes, exactly. They are happier than they ever were in this life, now that they truly have one another again. And - yes - Granddad Jerry and Nana Dee – they send their love.

Heather: That’s their names! That really was what we called them! Rosie, you couldn’t have known that! They must be here! You can see them, can’t you!

Rosie: I can. But now they are fading. They’re still smiling. Be happy for them. They want you to give their love to their daughter – your mother. Her name’s Jenny, isn’t it?

Heather: Oh - you know everything, don't you?

Rosie: The spirits know, not me.

Heather: Yes, my mother is called Jenny. She wanted to be here tonight, but she wasn’t well. Oh, I wish she was here to hear this.

Rosie: They have to go now, your Nan and Granddad. They’re saying goodbye, for now – just for now.

Heather (emotionally): Goodbye Nan. Bye Granddad. See you soon.

(The audience applaudes.)

Joe: Draw comfort from what you’ve learned here today. (To everyone.) All is well – all is very well! Rosie, tell us what you see now.

Rosie: I see a woman - her name is, it begins with a V, I think. Veronica?

Joe: Anyone? Veronica? Or something else beginning with V? - What? Oh - we have a caller, our first today. It is truly remarkable, how Rosie can make such remote contacts. It just goes to show how the spirits are with us everywhere, always. - Hello, caller?

Barry: Yes, hello. It's me. - Rosie - is it my mum you can see? Is it Vera, my mum?

Joe: Can we have your name, caller?

Barry: It's me, Rosie - it's Barry. Barry Seaforth. You haven't forgotten me, have you. You can see my mum, Rosie, can't you?

Rosie: Oh - no, Barry. I don't think so. She's gone now, whoever it was. But I don't think it was your mother.

Joe: Sorry, Barry.

Barry: But I'll stay on the line, shall I? Shall I stay on the line, just in case?

Joe: We might need all the lines.

Barry: Do you have any other callers?

Joe (after a pause): Stay for a while then, Barry. - Rosie, what can you see now?

Rosie: Well I - I don't think I can see anything, at the moment.

Joe: Here, let me take Freddie. We do tend to find that small creatures such as frogs wears out very quickly. I think we need to move on, to move up. – Now, you must not be alarmed, our dear audience, Rosie's next familiar will not hurt you – but he is a talisman of pure power – Rosie Glow’s powerful ally, her serpentine stairway to the heavens. (He is heard to reach into a box.) This is SAGE! He is a corn snake. Beautifully marked, perfectly harmless. (The audience is heard to gasp.) Just look at the power he exudes. - Here take him. Can you feel his strength of spirit, Rosie? Can you feel Sage’s wisdom? Tell us – tell us what you can feel through him?

Rosie: I feel – I’m almost overwhelmed – the spirits are abroad, they are all round us. We are never alone! Everyone, always remember, they are forever with us.

Joe: Forever! Let’s be prepared to hear them – open our hearts and our minds to their message!

Rosie: But there are too many – too many voices. Oh, I cannot hear. Please, please be gentle with me. One at a time, please. – Who is it? Who’s here? April – or, no, May. Mavis – is that it? Mavis, but everyone called her May?

Charlie: Yes! I think - it must be! My Aunt May. Mavis - May! Is it? Could it be?

Rosie: Yes, yes, I do believe so. She is here, with you. I can feel how much she wishes to communicate with you.

Charlie (calling): Aunt May - what the hell does she want now?

Rosie: Well now, I can see her, quite clearly. The clouds have cleared from round her. I can see her blonde hair, now the grey is gone. She is as she was when she was young, before the terrible afflictions took hold. She was your mother’s sister, wasn’t she?

Charlie: Her older sister, yes she was. Is she really here? I believe she is – I think I can feel her, just like before, when I was a kid.

Rosie: Yes, she’s here. She’s with you. Always has been, ever since you were a little boy. Because she never had any children of her own, did she?

Charlie: No. No, she ... never did. She wasn't able to.

Rosie: She tells me it was her heart, and later her kidneys. She was never well or strong.

Charlie: No, she wasn’t well – but she was strong enough, believe me. Always coming round, always there.

Rosie: And she always loved you, Charlie. It is your name, Charlie, isn’t it?

Charlie: Yes, well done. I'm Charlie, little Charles that was. And now Aunt May's here again!

Rosie: She is, she is. She’s looking at you now, Charlie, like she always did. Do you remember?

Charlie: I’ll never forget, ever. How could I? May - if you can hear me - you are a jealous, withered, rotten old cow!

Rosie: Oh, dear me!

Charlie: She's here to haunt me, I know she is. - Are you, May? Is that what you want with me now?

Rosie: Surely not!

Charlie: She couldn't have kids of her own. She was barren, cramped, jealous and disapproving. A mean, disspirited -

Rosie: Oh, now, surely -

Charlie: Ask her - go on. Ask her why she's come back.

Rosie: I shall.

Charlie (after a pause): So what's she saying?

Rosie (after another pause): She says you were always like a son to her, Charlie, despite everything. She wants you to know that. You were always the son she would have wanted.

Charlie: You what? You sure it's her?

Rosie: Yes, Charlie. In death, she's not like she was in life. She was jealous, yes she was. But do you know why? It was because you belonged to her sister, not to her. Now she says she's sorry, Charlie. She loved you dearly - she still does.

Charlie: She said that?

Rosie: She's saying it now. She's saying all she wants to do is hug you, to let you know she was wrong in what she did in life. She always only wanted to hug you, but she couldn 't.

Charlie: But why - why couldn't she?

Rosie: Because life wouldn't let her - and, she feared, neither would you.

Charlie: I would have.

Rosie: But she never new that. And now - now she begs your forgiveness, Charlie. That's all she asks, your forgiveness. - Can you forgive, Charlie? Can you forgive your Aunt May?

Charlie: Well I - I'm not sure. I mean, I'm not sure I can.

Rosie: Charlie, we must forgive the spirits their earthly foibles - now they are perfected, they must see the error of their ways. May can see her mistakes now, and she is sorry for them. Forgive her, grant her rest, or she will lie in torment forever. Forgive her, Charlie. You have the power to set her spirit free.

Charlie (much affected): I can only - yes, I can forgive her. I do!

Rosie: Then tell her.

Charlie: Tell her?

Rosie: Yes, say it, Charlie. Speak to May.

Charlie (after a pause): May - Aunt May, I do, yes, I do forgive you!

(There is a huge round of applause from the studio audience.)

Rosie: That's just wonderful, Charlie. She will love you forever. – But she’s fading now, she’s clouding over again. But she’s waving to you, Charlie. Wave back. May can still see you. She’ll be back, she assures me, to visit you in your dreams.

Charlie: Bye, Aunt May.

(There is another round of applause.)

Joe: How’s Sage doing, Rosie? Is he growing weary?

Rosie: No. He’s full of spirit. He’s alive with celestial energy. Our loved ones are all here – they are ALL here.

Joe: Then tell us – what can you hear now? Through Sage, whose voice is nearest, who is coming through clearest?

Barry: Is it my mum, Rosie? It has to be her, surely? Is she with me, is she here, Rosie?

Rosie (hurriedly): Ah, I don’t – it seems to be someone else I’m seeing, I’m hearing. It seems to be – I’m getting the name Victoria. Is your mother’s name Victoria?

Barry (sadly): No. Not Victoria. Vera, you know that. But maybe -

Rosie: Well I'm definitely getting Victoria, or rather Vicky. That’s what everyone called her, I think, Vicky. I’m getting, yes, I’m definitely seeing red hair. I can see how tall she is.

Joe: Does that mean anything to anyone? Victoria, or Vicky? Tall with red hair?

Rosie: Is her husband here? Someone called – I think she’s saying Steve, or something beginning with S.

Sam: Yes, it’s me. I’m Sam. That’s my wife, for sure. Can you really see her?

Rosie: I can see her quite clearly now. She is smiling. She is glad to see you, Sam.

Sam: But I thought you said she doesn't inhabit a body on the other side? How do you know she's tall with red hair?

Rosie: I just - that's how she translates, across the - across the divide.

Sam: Is she in the nude too?

Rosie: No, I - she's just smiling, Sam, that's all.

Sam: Is she well now – is she happy?

Rosie: She’s very happy. She wants you to know that – to know that she approves of everything you’ve done.

Sam: Does she now? And what have I done?

Rosie: Sorry – I can’t quite hear her. She’s beginning to fade already. It’s so difficult for them, you see.

Joe: This kind of communication, even through such powerful mediums and familiars, is always so strenuous. Are you able to continue, Rosie?

Rosie: Yes, I’m fine now. So is Sage. Don’t worry, Sam, your wife is still here. I can hear her more clearly now. She wants you to know she approves of what you’ve done to the house – that’s all. She likes the alterations, the extension and the new bathroom.

Sam: Yes, I know she does - or at least the would, if we’d had it done.

Rosie: But she’s telling me it’s exactly how she would have wanted it.

Sam: Of course it is – because she always wanted a bigger bathroom, now she can’t afford one.

Joe: What do you mean?

Sam: I mean, she wants another bathroom for the house because she still lives in the house. And I don’t mean her ghost. She’s living in her own house, with me.

Joe: Then what are you doing here?

Sam: What do you think I’m doing here, Joe? I’m showing everyone what you are, that’s what I’m doing here.

Joe: What kind of a trick do you think you’re playing?

Sam: Me? I’m not playing tricks, Joe – you are!

Charlie: Why don’t you just bugger off out of here?

Sam: Why, Charlie? Eh? So you won’t have to hear all the stuff I told you earlier, before the meeting got started properly? (To the audience.) Charlie's Auntie May, asking for forgiveness? Really? Did anybody else tell their stories to any of these people?

Joe: This is crap!

Sam: Yes, it is! (To the audience again.) Can’t you see their crap, the way they regurgitate all the stuff you’ve told them, Rosie Glow and Joe, and these others. That’s all they do! Oh, they alter and disguise it, they embellish it just enough to make you think –

Joe: We’re not making you think anything!

Sam: Aren’t you? Like you haven’t made my wife think her mother’s suffering on the other side? You know my wife, Rosie, don’t you?

Joe: Does she?

Sam: Yes. So do you, Joe. Her name is Victoria, and everyone does call her Vicky – she’s Vicky Parker. Ring any bells?

Charlie: Get out of here!

Sam (ignoring him): When my wife came to you, Rosie, she was in mourning. And what did you do?

Rosie: We helped her.

Sam: Oh, you call that helping, do you? You helped her to suffer even more, thinking her Mum was still in pain, and only you could help her out of it.

Rosie: Her Mum was in pain – because your wife was. All I tried to do was –

Sam: And how much money did your so-called help cost? How much have you taken from her?

Charlie: Why don’t you get out of here, if this is all you can do to contribute?

Sam: Contribute? What, like you do, Charlie? Like she does - that other fake, little Heather over there, with her pretend Nan and Granddad, in the nude?

Heather: Me? Leave me out of this.

(Sam laughs, ironically.)

Sam (to the audience): Can’t you see? Can’t you see what they’re doing between them?

Barry: Throw him out! Why don’t you throw him out?

Charlie: Yes. Why don’t we throw him out?

Joe: No. Anyone can come to these meetings.

Sam: Yes, as long as they pay –

Joe: No one's paid to come here!

Sam: No, but you'll get them all to pay, in one way or another, won't you! They've all been selected because they're vulnerable and -

Joe: Everyone’s welcome – even you! Now, all, these people are here to ... to –

Sam: Oh yes? Why are you all here? Why are you listening in to this? What are you looking for?

Barry: I’m looking for contact – I only want to see my Mum again - like she used to be.

Sam: Don’t do this. Your mother’s dead, that’s all.

Rosie: No, she’s not. She’s got Alzheimer’s. She just doesn’t recognise you, Barry.

Barry (almost in tears): No – no, that’s not it. She went. Finally. This morning. She passed away. I’ve only just left her. I only just came away.

Joe (after a pause): Then she’s at peace now.

Sam: Is she, Joe? How do you know that? How do you know she isn’t still suffering, like you and Rosie told my wife her mother was still suffering?

Barry: Shut up, you! Why doesn't he shut his stupid mouth! - Please, please, Rosie. My mum must be there. I’m sure she is! You can contact her, can’t you?

Rosie: Well, you know I can never be sure.

Barry: Just try, Rosie, can’t you? She's been away from me so long I've waited ages for this.

Sam: Don’t do it!

Barry (more loudly, more desperately): How I’ve longed for this moment! She’s been gone for years, Rosie. You know that.

Sam: Tell him the truth! For once – the truth!

Joe: Barry, Rosie’s going to do all she can for you.

Sam: She can’t do anything for you!

Barry: Shut your face, you moron!

Joe (heard to be replacing the snake): Rosie – it’s time. It’s time for Max.

Barry: Yes - Max.

Rosie: I’ll do all I can.

Joe (heard to be going to the last box): That’s all you can do – but that’s a great deal. Barry – everyone! – we’re going to call on Rosie’s most powerful familiar – Max, the beautiful emerald tree boa – the green god of –

(He is heard to reach into another box. But there is a violent reaction from inside and Joe gasps.)

Rosie: Joe!

Joe: What’s this? What the hell is this? - What have you done to me?

Rosie: Joe, what is it? What’s the matter?

Sam: You should know, shouldn’t you? You’re the psychic!

Joe: Charlie - you - that wasn't Max in the box, was it!

Rosie and Heather: Joe! Joe!

Joe: Come here, you! - Charlie, you -

Charlie: Get off me! What's the matter?

Heather: Joe, leave him. Get off him!

Sam: He's got a knife!

Rosie: Don't, Joe! Don 't be an idiot!

Charlie: Keep away from me, you madman!

Joe (breathlessly): Cut me, Rosie.

Rosie: What?

Joe: Here, look. Snake bite. Poisonous. Cut me. Suck out the poison.

Rosie: I can't, Joe.

Sam: It won't do any good.

Joe: What? How do you know? - Oh, bugger, I - help me! I can feel it already!

Heather: What did you do to him, Charlie?

Charlie: Nothing!

Rosie (as Joe is heard to stumble and fall): Joe! Oh, my Joe!

Sam: Keep him calm!

Rosie: Joe! Oh, Joe!

(They all fall silent. All that can be heard is Rosie's steady weeping.)

Heather (after a pause): Poison? A different snake?

Charlie: Let me have a look in that box.

Sam: No, let me. (He's heard to open and slam the lid of the box.) Put a weight on it. On the lid. We don 't want that thing getting out.

Barry: What's going on? What's happening?

Sam: This is - attempted murder. That's what this is!

Barry: Attempted? Isn't he dead?

Rosie: No! Call an ambulance!

Barry: I have, already. I've done it. It's on its way to you.

Sam: Have you called the police, too?

Barry: No, I - I haven't.

Sam: Why not? Call them!

(Someone is heard to enter.)

Sam: I said call the police!

DI: No need to do that, thank you.

Sam: No need? Who the hell are you?

DI: My name is Detective Inspector Twice. Here's my ID.

Charlie: Blimey! Who called you? Barry didn't. I didn't.

Heather: Neither did I.

DI: Nobody called me.

Rosie: But if nobody called - how did you - how could you know?

DI: Through my own psychic powers, perhaps? Very handy, for a detective, wouldn't you think?

Rosie: But that's - I don 't - it's not -

DI: What, don't you believe in psychic powers?

Sam: No!

DI: No, neither do I. I happened to be listening to my local radio station - this one. I live here, Mrs Glow. - You are Mrs Rosie Glow, aren't you?

Sam: She is.

DI: And you are?

Sam: Sam Parker.

DI: Of course. And you are Charlie and you are Heather, am I correct? - And your surnames?

(There is a pause.)

DI: Your surnames, please!

Charlie: Charlie Power.

Heather: And Heather Power.

Sam (snorts with sarcastic laughter): I knew it! They were together, all the time.

DI: Yes, quite. And you, Mr Barry Seaforth - thank you for calling an ambulance - are you still there?

Barry: I'm here.

DI: Good, stay there. - Now then, (turning to the audience) ladies and gentlemen, my name is Detective Inspector Twice (someone is heard to enter) Ah, well timed, that man. This is Detective Sergeant Single. Show everyone your ID Sergeant, if you'd be so kind. - What's that? Yes, we are still on air. (Pause.) No, Sergeant, you may not say hello to your mother.

Rosie: My poor husband's been bit by a snake, and he wants a shout out to his bloody mum!

DI: Exactly! Sergeant, I'd appreciate your appraisal on the condition of the injured man, immediately, if you'd be so kind. (Pause.) Ah, I see.

Rosie: What? What is it?

DI: Cover him, Sergeant. Cover his face.

Rosie: No! What are you doing?

DI: We can't do any more for him, Mrs Glow.

Rosie: No! Please, no! - Who's done this to him? Who? You, Charlie?

DI: Mrs Glow, I'll have to ask you to control yourself.

Rosie: Control myself? He's dead!

DI: Yes, and it's my job to find out exactly who has perpetrated this crime. (To the audience.) Each and every one of you has witnessed this murder here today, so each and every one of you may be valuable to myself and to the Sergeant here, to help with our enquiries.

Rosie: I’m not having this! Where's that ambulance?

DI: Sergeant Single – stop that woman!

Rosie (as we hear her being restrained): Take your hands off me!

DI (when Rosie has calmed): So, you will – you will all – help us with our enquiries. One of you, indeed, many of you may have seen, or indeed heard something significant – to our investigation I mean to say. It is unusual, although not unheard of, for such a crime to have so many witnesses. But I have dealt with such cases in the past – and my modus operandi is to keep all of my witnesses – allof my witnesses in place – this place. Even though it seems as though snakes may have been released here. One has certainly been replaced, therefore one may well be on the loose. If anybody spots it, please inform me – or rather, please inform Sergeant Single. He’ll be only too happy to deal with it, won’t you, Sergeant? - Sergeant Single, stay right where you are! - If anybody spots a snake, the Sergeant will deal with it, won't you, Sergeant.

Charlie: It's a bright green boa, not poisonous.

DI: There you are, Sergeant. – But now, everyone, as you have all witnessed the crime, you will all witness the investigation. So please do not switch off your radios. And should anybody wish to leave the studio, even for a visit to the ladies’ loo, be prepared to be accompanied by Sergeant Single. - Sergeant, where do you think you're going now?

Charlie: He wants to go to the loo, to look for snakes, right, Sergeant?

DI: Nobody, and I mean nobody, is going anywhere. - Now, Mrs Glow, I'm sorry, but I do need to ask you this - from my experience of these things, Mr Glow looked very much as if he suffered from a hardened liver. In which case, he would have had very little resistance to what happened to him. Did he drink much?

Charlie: Only as much as he breathed!

Rosie: He’s dead! Joe’s dead – he’s gone! This is all your fault!

Charlie: Nothing to do with me!

DI: Is that so, Mr Power? Then tell me, why do you think the deceased believed you were responsible? He did, didn't he, from the sound of things?

Charlie: He had his reasons, I suppose.

Rosie: Yes – like you threatening to kill him.

Charlie: I didn’t –

Rosie: Yes you did! I was there. And she was there - Heather was there! You told him you were going to kill him.

Charlie (after a pause): I was going to say that I didn’t mean it.

DI: Just let me be clear, here. You, Mr Power, and you, Mrs Power, are man and wife, are you not?

Charlie: Are we?

Heather: Yes, we are – we are, Charlie.

Charlie: If you say so.

DI: But you two are married?

Heather: Yes.

Sam: You see what they do? – They were here, in the audience, both of them – put here to mix with the rest of us, trying to find things out. I told you, the whole thing’s a scam. Don’t believe anything they say. They’re all liars!

DI: If you would mind, Mr Parker, I’d like to be clear on the situation here first, before we muddy the waters with –

Charlie: With a load more mud!

DI: Yes, if you like, Mr Power.

Charlie: I do not like! I don't like any of it, I don't!

DI: So, please, tell me – why did you threaten to kill Mr Glow?

Charlie: Ask my so-called wife!

DI: No, Mr Power – I have asked the question of you, I expect an answer from you.

Charlie: I didn’t do it, kill him I mean - but I did threaten him. Of course I did – for what he did – for what he did with her - with Heather - my so-called wife!

DI: Ah, I see.

Heather: No you don’t. You can’t see it at all, nobody can.

Rosie: I bloody well can!

Charlie: So bloody-well can I!

Heather: No, I mean – the way he was, with me - the way he - he made me feel like I was important to him. The things he said.

DI: Oh? What things?

Heather: About lots of things - what made him happy – then about how unhappy he was. With her.

Charlie (laughing bitterly): Unhappy? Oh dear, oh dear!

Heather: I’m saying what he said about her, that’s all.

Rosie: You’re talking about me, you – you –

DI: Sergeant Single! Ensure separation of these women, if you’d be so good. – Now then, I can understand how emotions are running wild under such circumstances, but please remember, this is a murder investigation.

(For the rest of the Detective Inspector's investigation and resolution of the crime, please enjoy listening to the full recording.)

© Copyright 2020 John Brindley. All rights reserved.

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