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I wrote this to my best friend one night,
since her 20th birthday was coming up
and she had explained to me on one day that she was very sad.
I tried guessing why she was sad,
and I was wrong.
So the letter didn't make a lot of sense, really,
but I'm sure she thought it was nice.

Submitted: March 14, 2009

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Submitted: March 14, 2009



To the stars.
count them; now there are 20.
Just enough to find on the abacus
of your frost-licked fingers and toes.
Stay warm, in your coat.
Stave off the cold not only with wool
but memories buried cozily in your soul.
Let them out,
to be peered at;
but slowly.
A furious tide will only release tears
of years passed.
Times have left you;
admit that, it only gets more true.
And let not the winter
interfere with those that loved you.
For in your heart,
They hope to keep you warm eternally;
along with those in the present,
close at hand.
Those who love you.
Those who care for you;
as you care for them too.
And yet, dwelling on past
brings mixed thoughts about.
Because they, who have slowly set in
the ever-changing stones of your experiences,
only paved a way for
the future.
Adventure pants you shall wear,
when off to ... where?
Everywhere is anywhere you want.
And anything.
You may know not
what you entirely want.
But there's nothing wrong with the present.
So, come;
let whatever need be,
to be there, to hold you
& keep you from the cold.
Let it brush the snowflakes off
your nose.
And if need be;
let the stars guide you.
The 20 you see are from the past;
they are but old light,
allowed to shine down on you as
new lights are created, and changed.
Happy Birthday *****,
there's so much more to come,
sooner than you think;
Count on it!

© Copyright 2017 John Friday. All rights reserved.

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