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Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



When the alarm clock went off, Chantelle was still tired. She had spent the previous night at the pub with Raymond and James and hadn't got back home before three o'clock in the morning.

A beam of light infiltrating through the shutters pierced her eyes. It was morning already. Chantelle got up, opened the window to welcome the new day, and a gentle breeze caressed her chicks. 

While making her breakfast - tea and a toast, like every morning - a sad feeling, like a bitter aftertaste,  pervaded her mind; she thought of the night before, of Raymond and James. Of course she was happy she had met Raymond in the pub, but "who was the other guy and how did he get involved in the whole thing?"

She sat down and poured herself a cup of tea.

She had met Raymond four or five years earlier, when he was still a young promising architect, and she had immediately liked him, he was handsome, intelligent and sensitive; they had gone out a few times and had a short relationship too, but eventually things didn't work out well. Maybe she hadn't believed in their relationship; in a way she never really gave it a chance. He was still in his early twenties then and she thought he was too young; she needed a more mature man by her side, a man in a more solid position.

She poured herself another cup of tea. 

Then she had met Peter, he had seemed the man she had been looking for: fairly good-looking, bright and rich. They had a longer relationship, had even started to think about getting married. But at length she realised he didn't really love or even care for her, he only needed a Barbie-girl to parade with. The only thing he loved was his work and the only thing he cared for was his social connections. Yet she had learned a lot from him, she had learned how to treat people and maybe more importantly how not to treat them. She had learned what the important things in her life were, she had understood what she really needed. 

She thought of Raymond again; he hadn't changed that much. He was more mature and manly now, which made him more attractive to her. Maybe she could phone him - they had exchanged their mobile numbers the night before - and propose something for the day. Maybe he had no plans or, if he had, he might ask her to join in. They might go to Brighton; she loved seaside towns, there was always something so utterly romantic about them.

- Hello Raymond, this is Chantelle, I hope you weren't sleeping...

- Oh no, no. I have already had breakfast. What a surprise!

- Er... I was just thinking we might go on a trip to Brighton. It's a nice day and it must be lovely over there by the sea.

- Great. If we hurry up we can even make it for lunch. I know a fine little restaurant with a wonderful view over the sea.

- Excellent! One more thing. Do you mind driving? I don't feel like driving all the way down to Brighton.

- No, of course not. I'll come and pick you up in 45 minutes. Is that ok?

- Perfect. See you later then.

Chantelle didn't take long to get ready, she had never been anxious about her looks, she was one of those rare women who think they have something more to offer a man.

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