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Submitted: April 30, 2018

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Submitted: April 30, 2018



The pub was full when James resolved to enter. There were mainly men chatting while sipping their ales or watching the screen of the muted TV set; the music was also on but nobody seemed to be listening to it.

James had been standing outside the pub, forcing himself into it. Since the accident, it had always been difficult entering a pub; since then he had tried to avoid crowded places. But then, after carefully evaluating the pros and cons of the situation, he finally made up his mind, coming to the conclusion that taking risks is part of life and that being the protagonist of one's life, however tragically, is better than being a passive spectator. Being a man, he thought to himself, implies taking responsibilities, and if necessary risks.

He went straight towards the counter and ordered a pint of beer. He looked around to find a table but they were all taken. Suddenly he felt uncomfortable, he felt like everyone was spying on him; rationally he knew it wasn't true, rationally he understood that it was his un-comfortableness that made him feel so, but nonetheless that was how he felt.

James straightened his spine a little, made his best to control his posture and movements, he also made an effort to wear a natural expression on his face and then drew a sip. The beer ran through his throat and flooded his chest with fresh life. An expression of satisfaction stole on his face. He was feeling better now.

On the other side of the pub, James saw a man leaning against the wall. He was looking at him. James felt uneasy, but immediately realised it wasn't his un-comfortableness that made him feel so, it was real this time. The man was really staring at him. James wondered how he could avoid his gaze without looking down, but the man was already smiling at him and James couldn't help smiling back.

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