The Blood Moon

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A young woman reflects on her past while sneaking away from home while her parents are away, only to find she isn't the only one out there, in the forest.

Submitted: June 04, 2014

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Submitted: June 04, 2014



~~On many nights, like tonight, Alice enjoyed walking through the forest, listening to the different animals carrying on with their lives.  Her life was for the forest and all who inhabit it.
 The Coons forest, which she grew up in with her parents in a little cabin, was bustling with wildlife. Even though some trees were old and bare of the healthy bark they had years ago, it still had many critters up in the trees; birds loved to build their nest, and bears loved to climb the trees searching for honey if it was available. Nature was in full bloom.
 Alice’s parents were gone for the night, out doing their weekly shopping, so she decided to take up the opportunity before it passed. Her parents were almost always home; their old 89’ Corvette was usually in the driveway; collecting dust on its hood. The exterior color was white with black stripes on the side and the interior was white and red; Alice thought it was a boring color, but her dad loved it. The inside of the car was spotless; so spotless it practically looked brand new. But not tonight, tonight was shopping night; every Saturday they’d leave her to herself to restock on the food they required for the next week.

 Part of her wanted to escape, to escape the world she was in. Men with their chainsaws; they cut and cut down the forest trees, her trees. Right before her eyes, humanity was tearing down her life, her very soul. She couldn’t escape the world, but she could get out of this house. She had to, it suffocated her.
 She stepped outside, fully clothed in a Winger T-shirt and slightly torn light blue jeans, except for her bare feet. She loved the feeling of soft soil between her toes. It was her way of feeling connected to the forest she loved so dearly. Her long brown hair blew in the wind. That same wind blew the smell of wood and leafs towards her face. Her beautiful blue eyes glistened from the moonlight. To her, her eyes were the greatest thing about her body. Using those eyes, she saw where she needed to go.

 Walking for half an hour through the forest was interesting. Halfway through there was an owl flying above her. It circled her several times. It made her feel uneasy. It’s not that she hated owls; she just hated all birds in general. They frightened her. As an animal lover she loved all animals, except for birds of any kind.

 Long ago, when she was at the young age of 9, she was out one day and her dad was outside, chopping a tree down with a doubled bladed axe. Seeing a tree chopped down then was upsetting, the only place of comfort was at the back of the house. She ran to the back to get some space. Running behind the house was a big mistake, because when she arrived there was a murder of crows. The image of a little girl running at them scared the crows, so they all flew towards her. The flutter of wings and eyes, especially the eyes scared her. Her father came around to see her on the ground with tears streaming down her face. After a while her father was able to calm her down, but shed never be able to get that moment out of her head.

 Now wasn’t the time to focus on old memories, she was almost too where she wanted to be.

 Alice climbed over the only real obstecal in the forest: a small tower of rocks. Beyond these rocks, was a small hot spring. This hot spring could only fit one person, and that’s the way she liked it.

 As Alice was climbing over the rocks she slipped and felt a hot spurt of pain coming from her big toe.
 “Ouch! I want to relax, I don’t need another cut.” She said as her left food began to trickle blood; it traveled from her big toe down the back of her foot until it began to drip off her heel onto the ground below her. The smell of it made her nauseous; she hated the smell of blood.

 Pressing on, she continued to climb. Not long after, she reached the top of the rocky slop. But now getting down was an issue. Alice knew she couldn’t just hop on one foot down the rocks. She had to grit her teeth and make it down on both feet, no matter how painful it was.

 She turned around to get in position to climb down. As she reversed direction she noticed an owl sitting on one of the trees.

 It stared at her, it didn’t blink.

 “Shoo, go away!” She yelled at the feathered creature.

 It still stared at her.

 “Get out of here you stupid bird!” she yelled again, this time hitting the air trying to get her point across to the small creature.

 She got her point across, but she didn’t get the result she was hoping for.

 The owl flew towards her. It attacked her face; it clawed and tried to bite her. Alice put her arms up to try and defend herself, her arms were covered in claw and bite marks. More blood began to ooze from her body.

 Now that she was using her arms as a defense she had nothing to hold onto while climbing down the rocks.
 She fell.

 It was a short way down, Alice landed on her side; not knowing if she was going to be attacked again.

  When she looked up the owl was gone.  Tilting her head slightly to her left she saw it… the hot spring.
 “Oh thank god, now I can relax a little.”
 Alice got up, but she was covered with blood and dirt. She thought ‘Could I get infected by something in the dirt if I have bloody arms?’

 With only a few seconds of thought, ‘I think a nice long bath in the spring will clear everything up.’

 She was scared that the bird would come back and attack her again, but she knew not to panic in a situation like she was in. She decided to not worry, no bird or any other creature was going to attack her.

 Alice began to strip down. First, her Winger t-shirt had to go; she hated that band, she doesn’t even know why her parents got her that shirt. Beneath it, were her breast; at a C-cup, Alice was proud of her breast size. Back when she was in high school all of the boys would take any opportunity they could just to stare at them. If only they knew what they looked like without the bra. Thinking of this made her smile.

 Second, were her pants, they were old and beaten. She couldn’t afford new ones, so she stuck with the ones she had; hoping to not grow out of them any time soon.

 Finally, her bra and panties were the last to go. No boy had ever seen her fully naked. Alice thought this was a good thing, because most girls her age couldn’t get their clothes off quick enough.

 Her second layer of clothing fell to the ground and there she stood, naked. She stood in front of the water; observing her naked body from the reflection of the spring water. She loved her curves and her perky breast; they were so soft.

 Alice stepped into the hot spring with one foot.

 “It’s a little hot, but I think I can handle it. Besides, the hot water will clean out my cuts.” She said to herself as she sat down in the hot spring.

 “Oh yeah, this is what I’ve been waiting for.” She said.
 Alice felt around the hot spring. She sat on a few pointy rocks. This made it hard on her bottom so she stood up.

 As she stood wet and naked, she looked up at the full moon.
 “Gosh, it’s so pretty tonight.” She said.

 Not far beyond some trees, about ten feet away, she saw something, something that looked familiar.

 After a while she was able to tell what they were.

 They were teeth; big, white carnivorous teeth the gleamed from the moonlight. Half a second later Alice realized the teeth belonged to some kind of animal.

 It kept it eyes on her. It could smell her girly sent... her blood.

 Frozen by fear, all Alice could do was stand there.

 It growled, and then barked. It wanted her.

 The creature barking snapped Alice out of her trance.  She got out of the hot spring, naked, and ran the opposite direction of the horrid beast before her. While she was running she could hear footsteps; they weren’t human, there were four… paws.  They were paws running after her. Too scared to look back she continued to run for the forest.
 Once she reached the trees the pain in her foot began to act up again, but she was able to hide behind a tree. Thinking that would help she remained motionless.

 It seemed to be a few hours of hiding, but only thirty or so seconds had passed. Her heart pounded, she was dizzy and couldn’t stand up, and so she sunk down to the ground. Her buttocks landed on sticks; which was very discomforting. She let out a bark of pain, but she quickly covered her mouth.

 It was silent. Nothing was heard but the wind blowing through the trees.

 Alice looked up at the moon, it was so elegant. She couldn’t keep her eyes off it. The moon, unlike the sun, gave her security. The sun caused pain; it burned her, scared her. She knew nothing would happen to her…or so she thought.

 Looking back down at the ground, she noticed a shadow; it looked like a large dog.

 What would a dog be doing all the way out here? She thought to herself. Wondering, she turned around; her face was the only thing to appear from behind the tree.

 Nothing, not a single thing was there.

 Was she crazy? Nah, her mind was just playing tricks that’s all

 “Why are you doing this!” she screamed. Tears began to stream down her eyes. On all fours she cried, she cried so much, and so hard she failed to notice the painting in her ear.

 This time it was real, it had to be. Hot breath hit her hard on her cheek; it was a revolting, stinky smell.

 With the reactions of a cat she punched at the breathing beast, only to punch at the air.

 Her body quivered with pain and anger. She screamed again; up at the moon, she wanted the world to hear her, to feel her pain. Alice didn’t want to suffer alone.

 “I want to kill 'em all. They can’t escape me!” Clawing at the dirt, she threw it at the darkness ahead of her. Dirt beneath her fingernails was discusting to her, so she clawed at the tree bark. Her fingers slowly began to redden, and then blood appeared on her and the tree. Running back to the hot spring, she briefly turned her head towards the moon; it followed her. Everything always followed her.

 “I want them to remember me; I want them all to remember me! For I am a part of them, for we are one!”

 Her fingers were numb, so she felt no pain as she wrote with her own blood using her fingers.

 The following was written on the one smooth rock around the spring:


 “Oh God, help me!” echoed throughout the forest.

 Alice was no longer the beautiful woman she once was; her hair was a mess, dirt covered her body. Those eyes, those gorgeous eyes now only read pain and misery. Her beauty faded away. She was dirty; she had to clean herself, so she jumped in the hot spring again.

 When she surfaced, she was still shaking, but wasn’t covered in dirt. She was clean, but her figure was not what it once was; her face was full of sorrow and fear. Fear, to her, was the only thing she could think of at this point; not her parents; nothing, nothing but fear.

 Alice got out of the hot spring, she looked at her writing on the stone; it was true
 “My domain is here, with everyone. Nothing will separate us.”

 Growling, it came from the shadows. It wasn’t just one this time, it seemed like a dozen of them.
 Alice remained silent; she didn’t want to believe it. It wasn’t going to be real this time.

 In the very back of her mind she felt what it was like for guys who went to school with her; they were teased by the popular girls; they acted like they were interested in the nerd, or the fat boys. When they thought they actually had a chance with the “hot girl” they tried to make a move, and then the girl would walk away from them, laughing and laughing at how cool they were and how they tricked that unfortunate person. It was a game to them. In the end, the boys felt weak and helpless. Alice…felt weak and hopeless

 The creatures advanced.
 This time it was real, more real than anything she’s ever known.

 Screaming and thrashing followed.

 Alice, who was now bleeding profusely, was on her stomach. She didn’t want to look at her back, because she knew, she knew it was a jagged mess. Tears streaming down her face again, she looked at the moon once again.

 “I…I’m…..I’m sorry.”

 The screaming started again; after a while it subsided.

 Only the forest moved; it seemed if one died it was the only thing to live. The moon kept everything safe, even from those who loved it, it was all hers. She claimed anything….

 …and anyone.


© Copyright 2019 John Kruger. All rights reserved.

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