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just read it i hope you like
its my favorite works and one of my best well to me it is

this was to my dad. he cried when he read it

Submitted: July 15, 2008

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Submitted: July 15, 2008



The glare from the Sun, beating down on my skin peering through me as if I was not there. I do thing to get his attention, at most just a look of approval, although the things I do have no effect. I just get an empty glare of disappointment and detest. His disappointment reflects onto me with an undesirable will to break down and cry and tell him how much this hurts me and how it breaks me to my core. But I must not show him that emotion, so I just let it bottle up inside me and fester into anger and dare i say almost being able to cope with the looks and disappointment.

Although i will never be able to live without his attention and affection towards me I turn and throw myself in the thick veil of love and affection of Venus to compensate for the negligence that he shows me. Without Venus I don't know where I would be. Ever since I could remember she was there to comfort me, listen to the issues have and to just be there for a shoulder to cry on

And if Venus could not be there I can always turn to the moon. Where can I start, although young she is very bright and the best thing to happen to me. She is my guitar without her I can't serenade my endless love toward this awesome celestial body; she is the beating heart in my chest, she is my everything she can take me to my inner child and release it to be in the black sea with a boat full of loot, or anywhere we want to be.

When I can, I like to hang out with the Earth. She is literally the ground under my feet, I would do almost anything for her and go everywhere with her. Even though she can erupt lick a volcano her rage doesn't fool me, she is just like me; sensitive thoughtful and likes her alone time.

Even though I have Venus, the Moon and the Earth that I can love Endlessly, I fear that I will never get the praise and affection from the sun, like I can get from them. The compliment I have never received from him and how he will never be satisfied with what I do and what I'm trying to accomplish. He only wants more from me and that's not even good enough for his exceedingly high expectations.

Even though he works hard to make things possible that were impossible when he was growing up, he forgets that working endlessly does not give the same rewards a loving family does. The thing that a loving family can give a man is two beautiful daughters and an extremely talented son with aspects you could never fathom, if you could just take the time to look at me and recognize the potential I have.

-John Lloyd

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