Life in a zombie apocalypse

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is about a young lad dealing with drama in the apocalypse

It's 2017 and you'll never guess what humanity's fight now. If you guessed each other your wrong...... It's freakishly amazing on how I was right all along since 8th grade. Oh yeah humanity is now fighting ZOMBIES that's right zombies!! It happened around the time of summer in June, I have no idea what had caused it at all, all I know is that it was playing PS3 all day when I looksd out the window and saw this guy who looked all gross was walking up the street and he was all bloody to so I thought he was a killer.... And in away he was, cause all I saw was him tackle this jogger lady, but attacked with out a weapon...... He used his face!! Like he was biting her and such!! So I ran out side with my golf driver and when I got to them is when I realized what just happened....... The zombie apocalypse has started, then I Smashed their heads inwith my driver.

But that was over 3 years ago and I have survived so for and I even have a small survival group!! That all includes me, a guy named spencer who's good with a shot gun, and a girl named Sarah the only friend I had other than my ex girlfriend.

But that does not matter, what matters is that I'm alive and doing well.

well with my group, who is managing well do to the fact we lost our last base to a hored..... Again. Yeah this has happened about 4 times now but we are ok.

So I'm in the office of our new base which is super-store yeah lucky us... No I'm kidding we are in sports check and I'm just making a nice litte home in the office room for me when Sarah came in to see how I was doing ( she's an expert on break ups and knows how they emotional they are)

\"So how are you feeling?\" She asked

\"Fine\" I grumbled

\"No your not if your grumbling about it\" she replied

\"Can we talk about this later? I have stuff to do\" I pointed out

And after that I never heard a word from her on that subject at all. The best part about staying where we are is all the weapons we have and the clothes, food and water not a problem.

You now I was pretty happy here till the day day she found us. It was a hot summer morning and we're were all chillin when we heard a knock on the barricade we had made we all got our weapons ready and I had Sarah open the gate we had so that if it was a zombie spencer and I could kill it. But when Sarah looked out the peek he we had.... She looked at me with concern and a frown and opened the gate.

\"Guess who.\" She said

And I then I left to my man cave and never came out for two days...Well I had food and water plus an actual bathroom so I was all good. Anyways the people she had in her group were Sarah Venderbeck ( that's was a surprise), Samantha ( sister ), and Daniel Richard(another ex boyfriend Or maybe not any more) and Brianna (old friend)

Well I finally came out of the office when spencer told me there were some zombies out side that needed to be taken care of and he need a partner to help. Now the only problem was that when I came out the girls try to seround me so that Stephanie and I could talk. Ha! Like that's going to happen! So I got them to leave me alone till I got back from a hored zombies I got to kill. So spencer and I geared up and the Daniel appears and he has some nerve showing his face to me.

\"So can I come\" he asked

\"No, why don't you and Stephanie go kiss in the back of the store!\" I snidely remarked \"ITS NOT LIKE THAT JOHN WE ARE ONLY FRIENDS!!\" He barks

The girls notice the fight now. We are in trouble now.

\"oh sure it isn't !\" I yell back

And that's when I got a fist in the face. And the fight was on. I stipped off all my gear and then ran at Daniel and punch him in the gut making him double over. I went to punch him in the face then but he recovered and grabbed my arm and swung me into some racks of clothes.

But before I could run back at him, some the girls had grabbed me and held me there. Then the other half of the girls held Daniel as well. And that's when Sarah came In the middle of us and all I did was put up a fight to get out t of the hold the girls had on me but could not!

\"Now your both acting like a pair of 8th graders, so I'm going to worn you if I see another fight I'll blow a hole in both your heads!!\" She said

Which was not a good thing cause Stephanie did not take that well. She left balling her eyes out after Sarah said that and it went dead quiet so when the girls let me go I ran for a baseball Bat I ran out side and nobody but samantha tried to stop me.

\"Where are you going!\" She said to me

\"Outside to get stuff\" I replied

\"Ok but be back soon ok. Please?\" She asked

\"Yeah ok why?\" I asked

\"You and Stephanie need to talk\" was all she said before leaving

Ok so I'm outside in the sun feeling good I bashed a few zombie heads as well so that made me happy, now I had this stash of awesome stuff like guns and ammo and other stuff like that so when I got back an hour later and every one saw what I had brought the were ever so happy. I had told every one to pick a gun and then collect the ammo later for I had to organize it they thanked me and then left and when I looked back in the box I saw the had left my twin desert eagles alone!! Thank god, I love those guns so I was happy!!

Now it's been an hour later and I was in when my office doodling when Stephanie, both Sarah's and samantha walked in and all sat down in front of me. So of course I ask.

\"What is it?\"

\"You and her need to talk about what happened\" Samantha said with a stern voice

\"No I'm not talking about it\" I said

\"Oh yes you are\" Sarah.B. Said (that's what I'll call her so you guys don't get confused)

\"Yeah you can't bottle all those feelings up forever!\" Sarah said with concern

And that's when I seen the death glare from Stephanie and it was not a good thing at all when she glares at you.

\"There's nothing to talk about\" I said with no expression

\"John what is with you? Your like no fun anymore plus you have no expression but angery.What is with that? And it's all because because of her!\" Sarah.b. Said

\"Get out!\" I snarled

And that's when Samantha pulled the gun trick on me. But I was ready cause when she look up I had both eagles pointed at her.

\"Don't bother pulling the trigger cause if you do, these two are doing with me\" I replie

And of course she listens and puts her gun away and then sits back down.

\"Now get out\" I snarl again

And they all left. And all could think about was our happy days before I broke up with Stephanie. Man I regret that day so much... I don't even now what I did to get us to brake up! All I know was that she said it was my fault that we couldn't be together anymore.

\"Jeez what did I do?\" I wondered

I waited for an hour to make sure every one was all doing something, so I could get out side with out any one noticing me leave. But once I got to the gate I swear I saw Stephanie see me!! But I still went out side. Man it was such a nice night, when I left the building, the air was fresh and it felt good and there wasn't a zombie any were. They probably found a new food source else where. So I walked around for awhile then headed back in to the base and I saw every one asleep so I walked quietly to the office room and sat down this exhaustion and went through all the stuff I pack from home and found my iPod! I went through it to see what I had last out on it and found pictures of me and her together and then realized I had to talk about what happened.

I needed to move after three hours of siting down so I went and walked around the store, then came back to the office. But then I heard something so I walked over to it and it was all the girls argued over something! So I stayed and listened. Oh sorry it was only two girls arguing

\"But he's my ex boyfriend!\" Stephanie said harshly

\"I don't care you had your chance with him, besides you broke up with him then blamed it on him when it was his fault you guys couldn't stay together!\" Sarah said ( Venderbeck )

\"That doesn't mean I can't make some mends with him!\" Stephanie said

\"What ever but did you not see his reaction when he saw you it was pure anger and hatred\" Sarah replied and then left

Ok I'll admit I had no idea what happened there so all I did was walk back to my office but I saw a lone chocolate bar on the counter over to the right and it was like bonus! But I was happy after that so I went to my office to take a nap.

But when I walked in I was in for a surprise....... Stephanie was there.

\"Sit down John\" she said in an angery tone

\"Ok\" I said scared

\"For one I'm sorry for what I did, it wasn't your fault it's mine so I hope you can forgive me?\" She said nearly in tears

\"Stephanie Ifuck yuo!\" said

\"Ok sorry I have to go\" she said crying \"Ok\" I replied

I was so bored when I woke up that I went and tried to climb the racks of clothes but that didn't work so I went to the golf area to loo make the clubs when Sarah appeared.

\"I was wondering if you still have feelings for Stephanie\" Sarah asked

\"Ummm why are you asking me this!?!?\" I said with concern

\"Because I have fellings for you.\"

And then she pushed me in to the corner and then kissed me.

And she made sure Stephanie saw it...........

Ok so what happened was not my idea Alright! She attacked me and the moment she kissed me, Stephanie appeared and man what a mess it was, cause when I finally pushed Sarah off and ran after Stephanie,I swear I saw a smirk on Sarah's face

Part 2

\"Ok it's not my fault that it happened!!\" I say as I run after Stephanie

\"OH SURE JOHN THEN WHY'D YOU KISS HER!!??\"she screamed at me

\"I didn't kiss her! She cornered me then kissed me!\" I said

But she didn't listen to me and ran off to my office. Not sure why. But anyways I could feel eyes watching me so I turned around and then I heard a gun fire and the next thing I knew I was on the floor in a little puddle of blood and heard screams of anger and sorrow. I tried the get up but my right arm couldn't move very well making it impossible to get up. And then I blacked out.............

Part 3

Ok when I finally woke up I felt terrible like I was sick feeling. But once I stood up and look around I remembered what happened and looked at my shoulder... I was shot! And it was all bandage up and hurt like hell! But what I can't understand is why am I out side? But at least I still have my guns. Ok so I take a look at my seroundings to see if I know where I am and luckily I do.. I'm at at the Chevy dealership! And lucky me I know how to hot wire a car!! But first I need a first aid kit.....

Ok it took me two hours to find it but I did and I pached my shoulder pretty good and then I found some gas and filled a camaro till it was full and then started it and man was that group for a serprise cause I was going to get my revenge.. But first I need some new clothes. So I stopped at traders and found a badass leather jacket, sunglasses and pants now I look like a badass biker! Only minus the bike and now I was ready to hit the road and kill the bastered that shot me! DANIEL RICHERDSON But when I got to sports check there was a hored of zombies at the barracade door so I had some target practice!!

\"Alright you motherfuckers eat bullets!\" I yelled at them

And then they all looked at me and started to walk other to me and them I charged and pulled out my two eagles started shooting. And I never missed.. I hit every zombie in the head! Until one grabbed my arm and tried to bite my arm but I just ripped his are off and the shot his face off. Literally. And then I realized that he was the last one. And I thought that there was more! Hahaha I guess when your having fun you lose track of things!!

Ok but anyways so when I walked up to the gate I heard people scrambling around and then stop. And then I kicked the gate down and walked in guns reloaded, and pointed forwards, and then I see every body that I was with until that dreadful moment..

\"S-so your alive after all\" Samantha said as I walked up to them

\"Oh you all thought I was dead?\" I replied

\"Yeah and I should have shot you in the head when I had the chance, you SCUMBAG!\" Daniel said with anger

And then I pointed my gun and fired point blank to his shoulder!

\"GAAAAAAAAHHH!!!\" He screamed

\"Now we're even you bastered!\" I said calmly

which I could tell on the girls faces scared them.

\"So your the one that was shooting out side?\" Sarah Venderbeck asked

\"Yep\" was my replie

And then out of no where Stephanie came out and hugged me.

\"What's with you I thought you hated me\" I said to her

\"I thought you were dead!\" She sobbed

\"Well I'm not so get off me\" was all I could say to her

\"Now I want to know what happened to me, if not I'll start shooting!\" I said to them

And so I sat there for half an hour listening to Daniel tell me what happened. And man was I pissed. Not only did I get shot but I was put out side to die! All Because Daniel loves Stephanie and cause I made her cry I had to pay the price! And so I picked up Daniel by the coller of his shirt and ask how long I was out there and you'll never guess how long I was... I was out there uncounsous for 3 days! I was do pissed that I just through him across the the store. And then I just realized that Sarah.b. and spencer was gone.

\"Where'd Sarah and spencer go?\" I asked

\"They left after Daniel shot you.\" Stephanie said

Well that's not surprizing since the way they looked at each other. So yeah now back to Daniel who was trying to get away from me.

\"Oh Daneil no need to run cause I will always find you! I hope you know that\" I said with a twisted smile

\"Y-you stay away from me and Stephanie!\" He snarled

\"You won't need to worry about that cause I'm leaving now\" I said walking away from him

\"Any one who cares to join is welcome exept you Daneil\"

And then I had three people behind me following. And my only thought was that I had won And then I lead then I showed them my camaro and they were all impressed by my find! And I was loading stuff I brought out from the store and the I didn't stop when I saw two guns pointed at each other and then the moment they fired their nine milimeters I accidentally walked in between them not seeing what was going on and got nailed by two bullets . And fell to the ground in pain... But got up quickly. Which was not a good idea cause I coughed blood but I did not care cause I was not dieing here!

\"Ok now the both of you are going to get in the car and shut up and think how stupidity nearly killed you! And if it weren't for me you'd never get to do the things you wanted to do!\" I said enraged to the limit

\"Ok\" they both said quietly getting into the car

\"Wow you goy really mad !\" Samantha said

\"Yeah well how about I shoot you lets see how mad you get\" I replied

\"No thanks \" was all she could say as she got in the car

And after all that I started the car and left Daneil and the store in the dust. And a bonus I never heard a word out of Sarah or Stephanie for three hours and you know I was lucky cause the two shot took were clean so I won't get poisoning. And finally the silence was broken by Stephanie.....

\"John what made you come back?\"

And all I said was it was because...... Part 4

Ok I never should have told Stephanie why I came back cause it was apparently halarious! You should have been there, all three girls were laughing like a bunch of teens on weed........ Techeclly they are a bunch of teens but... what ever I think you get the point. So yeah........

So we arrive at my grandparents house and of course there are two zombies in the house and they look hungery. but instead of flesh they got a bullet in the head. And Man I love the look those girls give me when I don't give give a whippedy do who I shoot! But anyways when I had to get the dead out of the house and then cleaned the house up So it was livable.

\"This is where I'm living now do if you don't like it leave. So any one leaving?\" I said while slumping onto the couche

\"No\" said three girls

\"Ok now we must talk about rooms-\" I Half said

\"DIBS ON JOHNS ROOM!\" Stephanie half yells then runs it to my old room and slams the door

\"Ok then......?\" Was my reaspons to that.

Three hours later we have the place barracaded. And I did most of the work. I also made them food!

\"Lazy bastereds...\" I grumbled as I walked down stairs in to the basement where I was sleeping

\"What was that?\" Sarah ask.

\"Nothing\" I replied

\"Ok then\" she said and left

I was so happy when I hit the bed! I was extremely tired and I was in pain so I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. And slept like a rock

Now when I woke up it was noon, and that's not normal for me, cause since the apocalypse happened I woke up super early. So I got out of bed with coution and quietly walked up the stairs with guns locked and loaded. Ok I open the door and it's weird music was playing and it was peaceful... To peaceful. It worried me right to the core!

And the worst part was the fact that the girls scared me shitless with a good morning in union! That's not normal for them cause Samantha and Stephanie hate Sarah with a passion. it was really weird that I nearly shot all three of them. But Anyways it got even weirder after that. For one they made me breakfast ( which I ate with caution and kept my eye on them ) and then they said we needed to talk and that I was to give then my guns.... I was in for some trouble now...

\"Ok John we have to solve a problem you started\" Samantha said

\"Oh my god.. Fuck my life... Are you serious!?\" I said back

\"Yep\" she replied

\"Ok fine lets get this over with I have stuff to do\" I grumble

\"Ok we go out side then\" Sarah said

And so we went out side... Only to be ambushed!! They hand cuffed me and then through me to the ground and told me to stay on there. Then Sarah went to the right side of me while Stephanie took the left of me... What the hell was all I thought of at that moment.

\"Ok John I'll give you ten seconds to chose between Stephanie or Sarah. The one you love and want to live you'll save. While the other dies it's simple as that and if you don't chose one they both die. Some chose wisely!\" Samantha said pointing me guns at the two girls and then started to count


I was panicking cause I liked Sarah and staphanie lot


Then I made my choice......


Then I leaned on Stephanie and planned as I heard the gun shot.......

Part 5.......

Man I was a reck sitting there I felt sick to my stomach. And when Samantha unlocked my cuffes I didn't get up.

\"Come on john let's go back inside\" Samantha said abit to happily

\"Fuck you\"

\"John leave it the dead can eat it\"

\"Why did you make me do that?\" I asked them

\"It was either her or me John I had to know who you liked more\" Stephanie s \"I'm leaving\" I stated with no excpression as I got up

\"But we just got here?\" Stephanie said

\"Well I'm leaving. You can stay I'm not\" I said

And walked back to the basement to pack. And I packed every thing I needed, weapons, and books and clothes and other stuff. And when I walked up the stairs there was crying but I didn't care I was leaving so I slammed the door as I went out. I put all the stuff in the trunck and was about to get in the car when I saw the girls walk out of the house and I pulled my gun out and fired two shots

\"Double head shot\" I remarked as I got in the car

Four hours of driving in silence was nice. It gave me time to think about what happened. But I had to think about other stuff as well, like what to do next and were to go. But that was all interrupted by this random barricade in the middle of the road. But I could deal with it, I had a grenade.

So I have the grenade set and ready... I pulled the pin and ran for the car but I never did make it cause when the thing went boom it sent stuff flying and I was impaled by a sharp stick in the shoulder

\"Well shit\"

Part 6

Blood gushing out my shoulder like a broken fire hydrant, because of a stick!, and man did it hurt like hell. But it had to come out. So I grabbed hold of the stick and counted to three.


Sweat dripping with nervousness


Then a wave of rage filled me and I pulled the stick out before I said three. I regretted it afterward.

\"Holy mother of god!..... Fuck!! I yelled

But at least the stick was gone, but now I had to patch myself up before I bleed out. Off to the med kit. 20 minutes later I was all done and on the road again. Yaa! Yeah right like I was happy. But soon I realized that I had no idea where I was going or was. All I know is that I'm lost in the woods. Then the greatest thing appeared in front of me a gas station!!! Yes!! Man was I lucky. So I pulled up to the station and got out. And checked the gas pump.

\"Still works?...... Yes\"

So then I fill the car plus some old cheri cans full so I had some for later. Then I had to check for food and water in the station, plus other supplies. But when I went in I had a surprise waiting for me.... I was attacked. But all I did was punch the attacker in the face and they fell down(lol)

\"What the hell!!\" They yell ( it was a guy)

\"Who's there Erick!\" Someone yelled at the yelling ( it was a girls voice)

Then \"Erick\" got up and shined a flash light in my face for it was dark inside as well as outside.

\"John?\" He said confused

\"Hey Erick, HEY KAYLA!!!\" I said

How the hell do you know who am I\" she yelled back

Then I started laughing uncontrollably at that response. Erick just looked at me as I fell to the floor.

\"John your still an idiot\" Erick said

\"I-I-I know!\" Is aid through gasps of air

Then Kayla walked out to see both Erick and me laughing our asses off on the floor. But the moment we saw her we both stopped laughing.

\"What? What's the matter? Why'd you stop laughing?\" She questioned us

\"Ummm.... Well you look scary as all hell with a shotgun.\" I said to her

\"Oh... Well-\"

But she was interrupted by the banging of the doors. \"Walkers\" I said in a grave voice

\"I'll be back... Maybe.\"

And then I was gone in a flash. Dual desert Eagles ready.

And when I got to the door I released both clips of my guns on the walkers without mercy. The I look the the side and saw the horror in the eyes of both Eric and Kayla.. Then it was all over no more zombies all dead.

\"Need to leave soon\" I said to them

\"But you just got here!\" Erick said.

And then you'll never guess who popped her little head in to the room we were all in. If you guessed Victoria Mazerolle you guessed correct.

\"Oh it's stupid. Hi stupid\" she said

But a bullet St the door beside her shut her up real fast.

\"There's no longer law around here now little girl! And you piss me off to much I'll kill you and I don't care what your sister says or thinks! I said with rage

But I had heard enough. I gathered some food, water, and left for my car. But when I got in and starts the car there was three people running out of the station.

\"Ok let's lay some ground rules\" I said

Part 7 Guns... Always using guns. I don't get why but that's what it's all about now. like you can't go anywhere or even meet anyone without a gun pointed at you face like really! all this shit is getting annoying. always having to kill people is not the way to go, or be remembered for, so when the shooting began when we were in the car i put the pedal to the metal and drove my way out of that hell hole when I hear a bullet rip the the car door and drive straight through human flesh.

“if you got shot keep your mouth shut and don’t speak at all i need the silence to pull this trick off” i shouted

and all i heard from Erick is a whimper and then nothing could be heard over the car. Doing a drift is harder then I thought. But I managed to do it pretty good though, and so I then drifted around and ran over the shooters (nobody I knew, but by the look on Kaylas face she knew them..oh well).

So we drove a while.... And by the time I realized where we were I was completely wiped out. And then Victoria ruined the silence.

\"Where are we going?\" She asked

\"To kens house.. Now shut up\" I snarled at her

And then with in half an hour we were pulling up to kens house. So I got out of the car and waltzed right to the door and smashed it down and yelled to ken.

\"Ken get your lazy ass of your bed and get over here!\"

\"Holy shit! It's gay boy! Did you get subject 1 and 2?\" He yelled back

\"Yeah I did\"

Part 8 \"Subjects? What the hell are you talking about?!\" Kayla said in a concerned voice

\"Hahahahahahahahahah!!!\" Was the only response from both me and Ken Then cruel as can be I shot Erick and Kayla in the legs so they couldn't run away

\"Your a bastard John!\" Erick said in a snarl

\"Meh what ever hahaha\" I said with a laugh as I walked over and dragged them both of them onto two tables Ken had set for subjects 1 and 2 (Kayla and Erick)

But I lost it when I saw Victoria's face

\"Hahahahahah! What's the matter victoria?” i laughed

“nothing you idiot!!” she yelled

and then thats when kem came down the stairs with a bag which i took as the equipment we need to start this experiment . i've been waiting to do this since the outbreak started.

“ so ken how do we do this?” i asked

All we do is inject them with the virus and who ever doesnt turn is zombie free! thats how!!” he said

and so he pulled out two syringes and gave one to me and then he went to erick and looked at me and said

“you can do your bae” he said

“SHE’S not my bae! not anymore anyways” I yelled at him

then i just walked over to he and grabbed her arm and tied a rope around it. only to realise she was out cold. great i thought this is going much better than i thought it would. but back on track i tied her down and then injected the Z virus into her and then left.

while i sat on kens couch he came in and sat down beside me.

“hey ken” i said

“hey bud any kinky shit happen while you were out and about?” he said with a crazy smile

“no ken nothing happened, nothing kinky anyway, people died, people we used to know ken, people from school! and i killed them, most of them any way”

“uh john where'd that little girl you brought in go?”

“ oh shit ill find her, sorry about this ken”

“no prob john”

and then i found her out side crying her eyes out. then as i walked up to her i had an idea. and so i picked her up and brought her in the house.

“w-what are you doing?” she ask in tears

but i didnt answer her back i just kept walking in to the kitchen to see A: erick dead and a Zombie and B: beautiful Kayla fast asleep. cute i thought.

anyways i put Victoria on a table and strapped her down. and grabbed another syringe and as she tried to struggle i injected her also with the virus. only i had this one specially modified.

“have fun” i said as i walked out

Submitted: December 21, 2014

© Copyright 2021 John MacIvor. All rights reserved.

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