Day After Day, Month After Month

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Professional hockey is turning into a circus.

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011




As a hockey fan I watch a lot of sports center, but I have become fed up with the amount of media coverage in regards to Sidney Crosby and the changing NHL. As most people know, “Sid the Kid” has been unable to play competitive hockey for close to nine months with concussion-like symptoms. This has all become a spectacle for fans who want to hear legitimate hockey news. The media has had a feeding frenzy over this issue for months and it seems the NHL has began to change the way the game is played due to one injury and one player. Sidney is a hockey “phenom” that is for sure, but does this kid from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia really deserve to be the catalyst in the way the game is being portrayed and changed?

What used to be known around the NHL as, “The Crosby Show” has now turned into the Crosby circus. This constant Crosby spectacle has began to change the way I feel about TSN and other sports programs. The press and public was informed last winter that Sidney was out indefinitely with a concussion, which should have been the end of the story, but not this time. The media seemed to flock to Pittsburg to ask the same question, “When will you be back?” and they were all given the same answer, “I don’t know.” This continued day after day, month after month.

This kid is doing nothing and still hoards up masses of media. I am positive there are more pressing matters in hockey than the constant non-updates surrounding this one guy. This summer has been a devastating one for professional hockey. There had been four tragic events this summer, three separate deaths and a plane crash that took the lives of a whole pro hockey team in Russia. As sadistic as it sounds, maybe it would have been better if Sidney passed away from his head trauma. If that were the case I am sure his coverage would simply die off with him and save most viewers the head trauma of having to constantly hear about him. Still, the media seems adamant to check in on their little poster boy day after day, month after month.

No more body checking in the NHL? This sounds even worse than a Crosby update and thanks to Sidney this could be the new reality in professional hockey. Hockey has always been adored by fans because of it’s big hits, fast action and fighting, but it is now sounding like NHL officials are molding the game around players like Sidney. So far this season viewers have seen less bone crunching hits and many more long and boring games. Why not just change CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada” coverage of games to coverage of their “Battle of the Blades” figuring skating program? In the process the NHL should award the Stanley Cup to the winner of this show. Not to worry though because what the games lack in physical contact and action the media makes up for with Crosby’s concussion updates day after day, month after month.

Admittedly, it seems I am bashing Sidney Crosby, but I am a Crosby fan. The kid has been in fights, thrown out some big hits of his own and we cannot forget his natural offensive talent for the game. What I am not a fan of is how much media attention has been directed to this one player when there are other players who have recently had to retired due to the same head issues. The fact is the media is Crosby bias and yes, he is the catalyst in the way the game is being portrayed and changed. Does he deserve it? On a skill level he does, but on a health level he does not. These injury problems have been around for years and should have been looked at and corrected long ago. But for now, when everything else gets thirty seconds of TV airtime, Sidney will get five minutes, day after day, month after month.


John MacPherson - Oct 17, 2011

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