Murder most Foul

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The murder scene

Submitted: February 02, 2007

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Submitted: February 02, 2007



Murder most Foul.


As I rounded the corner "What a Surprise".

Yellow tape was everywhere before my eyes.

It told me that this was a crime scene.

Where a murderer had recently been.


The body lay at a gruesome angle.

Arm, Legs and the head in a tangle.

Blood was splattered all over the place.

At least somebody, had covered the face.


Police and forensic worked the crime scene.

It wasn’t the place for anyone who’s green.

The body was then taken off by the coroner.

We all knew he wasn’t a foreigner.


All the evidence would point the way.

And the culprit would be made to pay.

At least he’d have his day in court.

From the prosecutor a long sentence sort.


As the victim’s family withstood the test.

They spoke of forgiveness and the rest.

But then the jury, it’s sentence sang.

You my dear fellow, you should hang.


copyright John Matthews

( 04/01/2007 )

© Copyright 2019 John Matthews. All rights reserved.

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