Our Flag

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Our Australian Flag

Submitted: February 01, 2007

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Submitted: February 01, 2007



Our Flag.


In 1901 our national flag was flown.

So to the rest of the world it was shown.

That a very proud country now stood tall.

And we would never ever let it fall.


Our troops in all wars under it fought.

And it told we could never be bought.

Our leaders told us that was in the past.

But after tragedy it’s flown at half-mast.


At sporting events it’s carried in joy.

We should remember that it’s not a toy.

Others take pleasure in trying to set it on fire.

But of these people I quickly tire.


To harm our flag, is to harm us.

We need to stand up create a fuss.

Lock them up throw away the key.

Make this a threat, not a plea.


We sold our flag for commercial use.

And now we’ve seen it get abuse.

It’s time this nation took back it’s soul.

Let’s put our flag back, at the top of the pole.


dopyright John Matthews


© Copyright 2019 John Matthews. All rights reserved.

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