Our Prime Ministers

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The Story of Australian Prime Ministers

Submitted: February 01, 2007

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Submitted: February 01, 2007



Our Prime Ministers.

In Australia we’ve had thirty Prime Ministers lead us.

As far as I’m aware, none have been hit by a bus.

Sir Edmond Barton had the honour, he was the first.

He was quite well thought of, but then his bubble burst.


Prime Minister Alfred Deakin thrice took this role.

Then Andrew Fisher three times won his goal.

The first world war William ( Billy ) Hughes saw.

And John Curtin was leader for the second world war.


The famous words " think I’ll take a little dip ".

Where the last words heard from Harold Holts lip.

Poor Gough Whitlam said "maintain the rage".

But his story will be written on the history page.


Remember Malcolm Fraser his countenance cheesy.

Saying " well life wasn’t meant to be easy ".

Then Bob Hawke with looks of sheer pain.

Said " No child will live in poverty again ".


And owning a pig farm to pay the bills.

It stopped the taxes without any frills.

"It’s a recession we had to have" with these words.

Paul Keating must have thought us all nerds.


The children Overboard was a grand lie most bold.

When questioned John Howard replied " I wasn’t told".

Now which leader could be deemed to be the next.

Lets hope he or she has got much better text.

copyright John Matthews

( 30/01/2007)


© Copyright 2018 John Matthews. All rights reserved.

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