The Ashes Tests

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The Cricket Tests.

Submitted: February 01, 2007

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Submitted: February 01, 2007



The Cricket Tests.



The Pommies have lost another test.

Our cricketers all doing their best.

We now have the ashes in our grip.

Because the English team let it slip.


The guile of speed and spin.

That gave us the will to win.

That sent the pommies into the gloom.

Now we must extend the trophy room.


It’s Melbourne on Boxing Day.

Can we make the English pay.

This is the test we need to win.

If only to make poor Ricky grin.


Could this be Warnies record game.

Well the magic 700th moment came.

And what a surprise an amazing collapse.

Poor old Tony Grieg had a relapse.


Now we’ve lost the McGrath glow.

But who can we get to keep the flow.

Look’s like Lee and Gilly must be made ready.

Somebody is needed to keep the ship steady.




Now can we make it 5 straight.

Give it to Magill that would be great.

We will send the barmy army packin’.

For we know the skills there lackin’.




They should all leave Mascot on a plane

Carrying their baggage, and their shame.

Beaten outright and without the ashes.

Welcome them home, with no pomp and no masses. copyright John Matthews.

(02/01/2007 )



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