To be a Line-Dancer

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Learn to Line Dance.

Submitted: February 02, 2007

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Submitted: February 02, 2007



To be a Line-Dancer.

I’m a Line-Dancer from way back.

But finesse is the quality that I lack.

What foot to start, It’s got to be right.

Or is it the left, "Oh boy" what a fright.


With a right 45 and a left as well.

Brush-up and swivel, my that’s swell.

The instructor knows all will be fine.

Still she shouts out " keep a straight line".


Well all goes well, the practice is done.

So the music starts, now for the fun.

Stepping to the left at just the right angle.

Believe me, we still get into a tangle.


It’s shuffle and clap to the best beat.

There’s an outback, hey that feels neat.

Then a hip hop and with a fast spin included.

I’m looking for a place that’s secluded.


No, not a grape, but we now have a vine.

The house of blue lights that would be fine.

And high heel boots beat out a time.

To a boot scoot rhythm down the line.


Country music is what it’s about.

Having a good time it makes you shout.

To kick up ones heels on the dance floor.

Tomorrow you know you’ll be back for more.


The dancers with a smile and a song.

Now know the dance, it can’t go wrong.

In a long straight line they now spin.

Happy and laughing it’s done with a grin.


So now I know what it takes to achieve.

And to be the best I need to receive.

All the instructions and not be a prancer

If I’m to be a qualified line-dancer.


copyright John Matthews.

( 22/01/2007 )










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