Asleep and Awake as the Glass Also Empties

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A novella about College, and the life and love and drinking and searching and finding that ensues within.

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Asleep and Awake as the Glass Also Empties - I

Submitted: August 17, 2012

A novella about College, and the life and love and drinking and searching and finding that ensues within. Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

II We were letting ourselves get good and numb with Novocain before the dentist started drilling. We were letting friends and frivoli... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

  II Time dances, step after step on stage while its pieces and players sway along with the rhythm… And I woke up feel... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

  IV Eventually we were on our sides and smiling at one another. She was moving her hand up and down my stomach with a flat ... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

  V The truth was I’ve been trying to kill myself since I first picked up a dumbbell, but it hasn’t worked yet. When... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

  VI I’d forgotten what night of the week it is while standing at the far end of the house by the speakers. From this clos... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

  VII It was later, not quite weeks, but days and hours at least. We were originally with a larger group of people, mayb... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

  VIII You’re Mike, the hungover, naked, blue eyed kid staring at himself in the mirror because you’re a sucker for shit... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

  IX It was early, but the sun was down and the night felt compelled to remind us of that fact. The air was crisp and everyt... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

  X Wes grabs the empty jug of wine by the handle and lifts it off the terracotta tile of our roof. “Once more into th... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

  XI Time blurs like a clock to the ever dilating eye, and I’m awoken by a sound. “Tsssssp…” Short but disti... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

XII I had run hard, and hopefully run as hard as I could’ve. My steps had been driven into the concrete to splinter shins, to c... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

XIII A Saturday swelled with ubiquitous sunshine, a tinted sunglass blue sky, a sports bar’s outdoor table warped by rain and a pit... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

XIV We’d like to believe the poisons we love so much don’t kill us… I’m sitting on the edge of the pool with my head tilt... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 17, 2012

  XV It’s been forever and a day, but my guess would be that Dan and Wes are having fun at the beach. Sincerely, and undou... Read Chapter

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