Because You Asked

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wrote this, because that's how I felt about a girl. We were being pulled in two separate directions, quite literally. So, instead of pursuing a relationship that would have, most likely, imploded
due to the distance. We decided to simply hang out more. Throughout the poem there are certain hints to the most important memories I have with her. For instance, "I let you go, to lift you up."
she had convinced me to be her partner in a ballet recital. I keep referring to the sea, and the "could not's" as I like to call them. This was from a trip we took to the coast, in which she helped
me deal with my great grandfather's death. The "Sticks and Stones" line, was due to the fact that she was one of the people I could trust to send my poetry too. As well as others that I don't care
to mention.

Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018



Because you asked


The sinking feeling

As Im slowly



I let go

To lift you up


I drain my cup

To fill yours up


I'm bleeding out

To get you out


The pain I feel

Is almost worth

The cost


For now you see

To save you

I am lost to  

The Sea


It’s waves pushing me

To pull you


Hands outstretched

And heart cut out

Never to be touched

Or gently caressed


I am bleeding out

Onto the earth

And so with it

My worth


The future I see

But only a beam

Through the sea

Slowly fades

Into nothing


For without you

There is no sun

As you make it dim in comparison


For without you

The world grows


As your fingers slip away


Without you

The world ends

And I stand

Here sinking

To the abyss


The pain

More wretched

Than a gunshot


For as I slip away

I see your eyes,

The very moon could not compare

I see your hair,

The very waves that hold me down could not compare

I see your simile,

The shells on the shore could not make more beautiful


I shall see all of

These things

Day after wretched day

And know

Despite all of these things

I must let you go

Because you asked


It is neither your fault

Nor your intention

But i suffocate

None the less


I bear no ill


But still

My heart has stopped


You hold the key

To a treasure

Searched and sought after

By many

You will not open

My chest

Cries out

Will you not open?


I know not why

I cry

I tried

To set you free

Now the die cast

And I slowly



Sticks and stones

May break my bones

But words

Will never hurt me


As if the scars

On my soul

Could compare

To the breaking of bones


Your name carved

Onto my stoneheart

Once bravehearted

Now desolate beyond

Any remembrance


As if that

Is as simple

As the mending of bone


For through it

My heart bursts at the seams


Shrank into no thing


Through it

My soul soared among the clouds


Dragged to the depths of the ocean


It seams air

Cannot save me


I breath

With anguish

Simply to inhale

Is one more reason

For agony


A twisted joke


That the very air

I breath

Has no remorse

For me

It counts my  

My suffering

No better

Than my peers


I say again

I do not blame you

You do what must be done


It does not trade

Or hamper

What I feel



Takes the toll

Knowing it was


Knowing I was


Knowing I saw

The light in a tunnel

Only to be

Rewarded with nothing but

A limping heart

A cracked soul

And cold, dead, hands



Because you asked

I must accept

My fate


Because you asked

I must sacrifice

It all


Because you asked

I must





© Copyright 2020 John Michael Smith. All rights reserved.

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