Longing for Missed Opportunities

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Man walks out of a bar to see a couple that he once knew and suggests that they hurt him a year before. Told in flashbacks it shows the whole story. But which one is the hero?

Submitted: March 26, 2012

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Submitted: March 26, 2012



Longing for Missed Opportunities

I come out the bar,slightly drunk and hungry,I need a kebab,there'sa couple kissing and feeling each other up against the wall of the bar. It's them I know it is, Christy and John. Those gits, it's been a year since I've seen them and their still together, just rubbing it in my face, I should go over and knock him out, but I just can't be bothered and I'm too hungry. Maybe next time you two losers.

Their kissing and feeling each other up and I'm walking towards them. I should just turn round but that would look stupid sand anyway why can't I walk where I want to? This is my school as well, they don't own it and they don't own me. I'll just walk past them, I won't bother them and it won't hurt them. They don't seem to notice me, and then his fist hits my face. I go down, shocked as always and try to get up. I'll just go past them. Last time I fought him we both hit people that weren't involved, there's no need for that. But he pushes me back down and starts kicking me. Christy cheers him on and there's a crowd now, well as much of a crowd that can fit into the corridor. No teachers or prefects anywhere, bloody useless they are, their no match for him anyway, being the best fighter in the school since he boxes.

'Think again mate before you walk past me,' he says.

'I was walking past you,' I say.

'I don't care you reject,' he says.

'God your wierd you know that right reject,' Christy asks.

'Yeah baby he is wierd,' he says and punches me again.

A week earlier, we've just finished having sex; we're both tired and breathing heavily. I look over and see Christy crying.

'What's wrong?' I ask.

She hugs me closer.

'Everything, me, us, Jamie, just everything he does to you John. Why do I let him do it?'

'Because he'd hurt you like he does to everyone else. I won't let him.'

'He's never hurt me. Well, not physically.'

'Exactly, he just puts you down because he knows your better than him.'

'We're almost there aren't we?'

'Yeah, just three more months and school's over. Everything changes when you leave school. We can go to University and he can't touch us.'

'He might hurt you.'

'I can take anything he can dish out. I mean he can't kill me.'

'He might try to. If he does I'll kill him. I mean it John; he won't get away with it anymore I swear.'

'He's a bastard not a psychopath. And if he does start real trouble we get the police. I doubt his family would want to hear about him trying to kill people.'

'You haven't met his family. His dad feels me up, when I was fifteen for God sake! I never want to see Jamie or his family or friends again. Even in our little city that should work don't you think?'

'I do. They won't be our problem anymore, I promise you that.'

'I still remember when I fell in love with you, you know that?'

'I do. I remember it well.'

It was winter five years ago, schools just finished for the weekend, Christy and Jamie are walking home and I'm heading to a friend's house in the same area. They're a little bit behind me. I don't realize that their there. Jamie grabs my jacket and throws me onto the road. I get up quickly and get back on the pavement.

'Hey loser, think your tough?'

'Alright Jamie, you want to fight, then let's fight. Myabe you shouldn't watch this Christy, it could be ugly.'

'Don't talk to me loser,' Christy sneers.

'Yeah, thinking you can talk to my woman you reject.'

And he comes at me, and knocks me down. He's on top of me trying to hit me but I push him off. He's stronger than me but I'm certainly not a wimp. He gets up and I punch him, he come sback at me and I actually manage to block his punches. His face is going red and spits coming out his mouth.

'Come on baby, beat him and come on!,' Christy shouts to Jamie.

We punch and he tries to kick me but I move out the way.Then he gets me down again but I'm still keeping his hands off, at least for a little longer. I hear a car coming towards us, I'm not sure if he sees us because it's quite dark now. Christy screams,' Jamie get off the road, car!'

But he doesn't hear her. I grab his coat and push him off me towards the pavement. He lands on it and I manage to jump to the other side and the car goes pasthonking his horn. I stand up feeling tired.

'Are you OK baby? Christy asks Jamie while he's standing up.

'Fuck off me. Of course I'm alright you stupid bitch. And you, don't think you saved my life you loser. The car would have stopped and I would have dealt with that arsehole. Come on you idiot, what are you standing there gaping for?'

'Nothing, I'm sorry,'she says.

They walk away; I'm waiting five minutes to get my breath back and to give them some time to get ahead of me. I'm staying over soI won't see them later on. Don't know why I bother, or why he bothers picking on me. Two years this has been going on, primary school was frustrating because of idiots like Jamie but this is too much. Christy looks back at me. I smile at her becuase I can't read her expression. Later on I learned she was confused. She always thought a big tough guy like Jamie was what men should be like. She never thought a guy like me could be so brave as to save Jamie's life and that Jamie was so unappreciative towards that. And that he was so cruel in what he said to her all the time. Just thought that was what men were like. It was a month later thats he came up to me and thanked me for saving Jamie. This was the first time she ever said anything nice to me, I thanked her because that was just the decent thing to do. Then she kissed me, right on the moutgh with her tongue. Her arms were round my back, I out my hands on her head feeling her soft blonde hair. Her breath was warm and sweet. Mine tasted of Red Bull. She didn't seem to mind that though. I think it was a minute later she stopped and smiled at me.I smiled back, I didn't know what to say, and she walked away anyway. That was my first kiss ever as well. That's how it started for us, the occasional kiss private. then we started hanging out together at the weekend. She told Jamie she was doing girl stuff with friends. He didn't seem to care. She thought he was having an affair, he probably was.At our six month anniversary we had sex for the first time. Best thing I've ever done so far. She told me sex with Jamie hadn't been good for months now. He drinks too much and he's injured form boxing a lot now.Then only a week later Jamie swore to her that he would be different, that he'd be kinder to her and to just give him achance. He even tried cutting down on the drugs and drinking. She had a choice and she chose him. she told me she loved me but she and Jamie were more compatible. He needed her. She also told me she couldn't stand losing the friends she would lose becuse Jamie would be that spiteful to her. They'd pick him and be more popular and make her miserable, like they do to everyone else they don't like. I told herI understood, and we parted ways there. And what happened, well I didn't go all Wuthering Heights and swear revenge against her, Jamie and everyone they care about.I swallowed my pride and got on with my life. We didn't speak after we broke up. I had a really bad date, a brief girlfriend and a girlfriend that lasted through fifth year. A little after we ended it half the school sees Jamie shouting at Christy, some shit about her apparently kissing a mate of his. He won't even hear her out, she runs out crying and Jamie leaves, says, he needs a fag. I find her out side walking home; she says she's had enough for the day. I kiss her and ask her to be with me from now on. Jamie won't ever come near her again, I swear to her. She holds me and says she wants me and only me. Didn't quite work out like that. Jamie apologized to her and she's genuinely afriad of him hurting me. She stays with him and tries to get him to not fight me, or just not so badly. We see each other as much as we can, knowing once we're out of school people won't care about Jamie after that, he won't have any power over people then. He'll be like everyone else, an ordinary, unknown person, we can be together just as long as we wait for a little bit longer.

I walk away from the bar and run into Mark.

'Jamie mate, how you been?'

'Alright, I saw John and Christy just now.'

'Oh mate you alright?'

'I will be, come on I need a kebab badly, maybe some chips aswell.'

'Sure mate. Look if it means anyrthing, she would like you for who you are now mate. You're not who you used to be are you?'

'I know. I just couldn't control myself. If I wanted something I took it. I was respected. I guess the boxing made me too aggressive. And the cannibis and coke as well. That's what you do when you're a teenager. Well, I thought that's what you're meant to do anyway.'

'We all fuck up mate. You changed, that's what matters. How do you feel about them?'

'I guess I'm happy for them. I try to be. She deserves better. He seems to love her so I'm fine with that. I just wish I could have been the one to do that for her.'

'And be the one feeling her up outside that bar right now.'

'And there's that as well mate.'

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