The Eternal Ones

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A cult wish to resurrect their dead leader. They perform a ritual and he comes back to life but with a craving for blood and flesh. They try to escape but he's too fast and their in a very isolated position, can they escape or be devoured?

Submitted: October 02, 2012

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Submitted: October 02, 2012



The Eternal Ones

'It's freezing out here, bloody Baltic.'

'I know it's cold William, stop complaining.'

'But I'm freezing.'

'You're wearing four layers of clothes how cold can you be?'

'Well I am.'

'Stop complaing now or I'll beat you up or maybe I'll light you on fire.'

'I wish you would I'd be warm then.'

'Well leave then, I'm sure the Leader won't mind if you abandon him.'

'OK OK, can we start yet?'

'I'm just going to.'

John takes his place behind the Leader's tombstone and I go to my place in the audience. Only me, John and eight others but we're enough and once the Leader is back more will join. My whole life has been leading up to this, my parents, having no home, the drugs but look at me now.

'We are here tonight my friends to bring back our Leader thegreat Stewart Logan, founder of our faith, father to those who choose life. This life is ours and ours to keep and take back when it is taken from us. Life was taken from our leader by a coward , now we shall give it back to him. Who's with me,'we cheer.

'William will you do the honors?'

I look back at him a bit unsure.

'Aren't you going first John?'

'NoI'm not going first what's wrong with you?'

'But your Arch Brother your blood's more important.'

'Of course it is, that's why I need to go last William. Look we've been over this I'm in charge now get on with it.'

'And when the Leader comes back we can go inside?'

'Yes,' he says exasperated.

I go to the grave, fold up my sleeve, take my dagger out of my belt and slice my wrist. I make a fist and squeeze my blood out onto the grave. It's snowing lightly but we cleared grave before hand. The snows deep on the ground but the weather can't be helped. After a minute John tells me I can stop, he hands me a cloth to hold over the wound and I go back and sit down and the next one goes up. the next ones Kevin, he's pretty skinny so he doesn't last too long giving blood. Then it's Frank the best looking of us, he actually wants to give more but John sends him back. George the biggest one gives loads of blood, but that probably wasn't intentional, Graham the second fattest one gives a normal ammount. Bruce the youngest looks nervous and looks in pain while giving his blood, probably never been injured before, I've fought and been beaten up a lot so I'm used to some pain. Donald the oldest apart from the Leader hardly flinches while bleeding. Then it's Lewis the mute one who keeps his mouth clenched shut while giving. And finally Jessica the only girl goes up.

'He's finally coming back John, tonight forever,' she says excited, her beautiful green eyes sparkling.

'Yes Jessica he will come, our blood will heal him,' John says.

She gives, wanting to give more, probably all her blood but John gets her to sit down.We're sure the Leader was shagging her, John told me he asked the Leader this but he punched him and said you don't question your Leader. John wasn't questioning him he was just curious. He would shag her and so would I, those tits and those legs, she scares me though. It's John's turn now, of all the Leaders brothers and his sister John was clearly the most important and worthy to become Arch Brother. He slices his wrist and bleeds hard onto the ground. He looks in so much pain, none of us realised how much it would hurt. He says the lines of the old language that will reach teh land of the dead and summon the Leader's soul back here.

'Our Leader who defies Death to come back tous on this night of the dead moon, we reach out to the Land of the Dead to prove that we are teh Eternal Ones, he who takes our bloodand restores you to life, be our Leader, now come to us.'

Nothing happens, don't poanic we did everything the Leader said to do.

'Where is he?' Donald asks.

'Be patient, he never said it would be bloody instant!'

'I feel sick,' I tell him.

'So do I now shut it!' he says impatiently.

Come on come on, I would give all my blood, we all would but I'd rather not Leader. The ground rumbles, he's coming I knew it. It gets louder, I stop breathing, all of a sudden the ground explodes and I'm thrown back. Everyone was but John gets up the fastest. Once the dirt settles I see him, the Leader. A man of average height, mid forties, slim, brown hair though now his burial suit is ruined and covered in dirt. he looks quite shocked he's back, I notice there's a horrible smell, I better not of shit myself. We stand up, everyone looks shocked but pleased, Jessica'sabsolutelly beaming. John walks over to him. he realises it's John, John must be forcing himself not to cover his nose.

'Welcome back Leader, we did as you said.'

'John,' his voice is hoarse from not being used for so long.

'John, how long has it been?'

'Six months, we've kept everything going and we got rid of Angus Massie. Not our fault his son joined us and killed himself. Are you alright?'

'I feel hungry, so hungry. and what is that stink?'

'No offense Leader but it might be you.'

He looks at himself, I can see him a bit clearer now, he looks like he's decomposing, that shouldn't be happening.

'Shite I thought this would happen.'

'What my Leader?'

'I'm alive but my body isn't. You only awakened my senses, I need to regenerate my body.'

'How can I help you do that Leader?'


'But Sir we've all donated, we feel a bit sick actually, we should go inside and discuss what to do.'

'Blood, I command it.'

'Well we could get you some more. Lewis give some m ore to our Leader now.'

Lewis comes over and holds his slashed wrist out. The Leader looks hungry, like manically hungry, I feel a bit scared now. He grabs his wrist and drinks. Bloods gushing out now but the Leader keeps sucking, Lewis is really clenching hios jaws shut and he's really pale. He falls to his knees.

'I think that's got to be enough now Sir, Leader.'

He doesn't stop, John touches his shoulder and he looks at him. I can't see the Leader's face but John looks scared and worried then he steps back. The Leader goes back to drinking. Lewis collapses and the Leader drinks. He stops adsits up breathing heavily, Lewis isn't moving.

'More,' the Leader says.

'Sir I think you killed him.'

He turns to John, he lunges on him and bites his neck. He falls down screaming while the Leader drinks his blood. Everyone's frozen, John hits him but he doesn't move. He makes gagging noises then he's sick on the Leader but he still doesn't stop then John falls back with the Leader still drinking from him, oh in the name of God what's going on? He promised us he could come back from the dead. Is this what happens? It's gone wrong, like every other fucking thing in my life it's gone to shit! I'm cursed, that's whta this is! Everyone looks scared, some are excited, Jessica the most, crazy bitch. He stops drinking from John and takes a bit out of his neck, swallows it whole and looks over at us. Oh God he wants more!

'Drink from me Great Leader,' Kevin has gone over to him.

'No from me Great Leader,' Frank's gone over to him too, are they mad? He takes Kevin first and then moves onto Frank. When will this end? Maybe he's fed enougfh now, he's starting to heal. He finishes and says 'More.'

He's become a monster, Jessica goes over to him,'take me Leader I'm yours, be my Dark Master for Eternity!'

He bites her neck and eats it. od he's a zombie. He's going to kill us all! George, Graham, Bruce and Donald are running away. Good idea,I follow, the van's not too far away. We can get back to the base and think this through in the warmth.I look back: he sees us running and chases us. Oh God, I pick up teh pace, I hear a scream, he caught up with Donald, they were great mates since they were the closest in age. Now he's having him for dinner. He liedto us, maybe he expected this and knew he would need food. George tries to open the van but it's locked.

'Who's got the bloody keys?' shouts Graham.

'Shite John kept them,' Bruce says. He's coming to us. George screams and runs at the Leader, he throws snow in his face but that doesn't stop him. The three of us run back to John. The Leader'sfinished withGeorge, we couldn't do anything for him or anyone else. These people were my friends and I've let them die. We were supposed to be made immortal tonight not this horror! Bruce finfs the keys and Graham's found John's gun. He's on his way back to us.

'Fire, kill him!,' I shout.

Graham aims and fires, he misses. He fires again and again misses.

'Shite give it to me,' I yell.

He puts the gun in his mouth.

'Wait Graham wait!,' I yell.

Don't do this to usGraham,' Bruce says.

He pulls the trigger, the snow's covered in blood and now pieces of a head. Bruce grabs the gun, throws the keys to me.

'Start the van hurry!'

I run for the van. Bruce fires, hits him in the chesat but he's still moving. Shoots again, hits his shoulder, he's still running. Shoots the gun jams, the Leader's at his throat. He screams, I'm sick of screaming, I'm sick of this nightmare and I'm going numb from the cold. I get in and start it up but it won't go, there's no petrol. Shite John was meant to be in charge, why didn't he get it filled up? The doors flung open and he pulls me out. He's holding me down and holding the gun in the other.

'William, I am your Leader and I need your blood to live. don't dare disobey me.'

'And what about them you bastard, what will you do for them who gave their lives to you?'

'I'll bring them back, you'll see it'll all be fine.'

'And become blood drinking flesh eating monsters like you. it's already wearing off your rotting again, it'll never stop. Your like this forever.'

'I came back i can fix it,' he drops the gun, he stinks so badly.

'I am your Leader,' he leans in. I've grabbed the gun and shoot him in the chest. He backs off.

'You can't kill me, I've defeated death.'

I fire again, it jams. He stabs my chest with a dagger, pulls it out, I think it was my heart, I feel sick.

'Your so fucking thick, I'll find some better Brothers to serve me.'

He comes at me again.I fire at his head, it hits and he falls back. so much for the Leader. I try to get up but can't. I guess it's my fault, I joined the Eternal Ones, I knew it was unnatural to come back from the dead and I still joined. We got what we deserved. At least there's life after death, I might find peace after all. I feel like I'm falling asleep,I must be dying. Not like whatI thought it was. No life flashing before my eyes, I'm thinking of my life though. My mum never being home because she was working all the time, never knowing my dad, being bullied at school, never finding work, the drugs, even selling them sometimes, it was Jessica and John who found me two years ago. Everyone laughing at them yelling cult bastards but they were nice to me, showed me their secrets, telling me the shit lives they've had, how the Leader will make them better and then the world and rid everyoneof pain. I believed them and now I'm going numb all over, it starts pouring icy rain, I close my eyes.

© Copyright 2020 John Mitchell. All rights reserved.

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