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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short, erotic story about a young girl who realizes that her life is not what she expected it to be, and the man who changed everything.

Brandi was just a regular girl from Minnesota with big dreams of becoming an actress in Hollywood. However, through an unfortunate turn of events finds herself stripping in order to pay the bills. Just when it seemed her life was a hopeless dead end of predictable existence, she met a tall, dark, and handsome stranger who changed everything.


 How did it come to this? She thought as she walked into the room. Her life to this point had gone pretty much how she expected it to be and yet still there was a sense of regret and longing for a life that she would never even know; So why the regret? She earned a fair wage and all the attention an attractive 24-year-old girl could have, but somewhere deep inside her see knew that this place, these people, was not what she wanted for herself and yet nothing could’ve prevented her from this inevitable fate. Maybe it was her choices in life, maybe it was just a temporary solution to a temporary problem, but either way she was here now and it was her time to shine.

The night was just like any other night she worked. The air was steamy and humid though the air conditioning pumped mercilessly away trying to drown out the hot air stained from the musk of sweat, cigarette smoke, desperation and depravity. The floor stuck to the sole of her shoes, the kind of stick that she prayed was spilt alcohol and not the bodily fluids of some of the more daring male patrons who frequented this establishment. The lights dimmed lower, almost pitch black as the music began to fade. Then like a gunshot, the announcer started Brandi’s song.

“Alright, Alright everybody! Coming up right now to the stage we have our own little slice of heaven, ready to give all and show all. I am telling you gentleman get your wallets out because you are not gonna want to miss this! Please welcome to the center stage, the goddess herself, Miss Brandi Mitchel!!—

The cheers could be heard from outside the painted black windows. Moment of truth… she said to herself as she took her place in the blinding spotlight. If there was an upside to all this it was that the light was so bright that it prevented her from seeing the hoard of voracious, salivating men now climbing over each other to get a front row seat and a VIP look at the club’s main attraction. The music blasted its way through the PA system, the bass reverberating through Brandi’s entire body. Music had always been Brandi’s safe haven; her most cherished treasure. It moved her body for her and gave her an anonymity and comfort covering her like a warm blanket that she had always turned to in times of strife. Tonight however the music was deafening and damming. She cocked her head in preparation for the beat to take her body over, then in a sudden transformation, Brandi turned from the young, innocent, naïve girl from Minneapolis into the buxom blonde bombshell star dancer at the Sapphire Lounge.

Tonight was Saturday night, so she made sure she was wearing the appropriate attire, not that her clothing even mattered by the time her performance was over, but the air of mystery and intrigue was important. She moved her body in ways that would make a grown man quiver with anticipation. She dropped her body to the ground like a stone then crawled forward on her hands and knees toward the crowd. In the flash of a strobe light, Brandi disrobed. You never go full nude at the beginning of a dance her earlier training had taught her, always make them earn it. She spun around to reveal her costume: A vibrant, metallic blue bra with strings instead of clasps for easier discarding, a bright blue sequined G-string that left little to the imagination, all dominated by her 6 inch Versace Triple Platform black and gold heels, (a special gift from one of her more generous clients).

Her body was impeccable. Flawless.

Perfect in every sense of the word. Her breasts were the breasts of an underwear model. Brandi loved the way this particular bra made her breasts look, pressed together to achieve the maximum amount of cleavage, her breasts balanced her body like a classic hourglass. They were perfectly rounded which made them look firm and supple, and the way they jutted outward away from her and slightly upward gave them an irresistible perkiness that mean and women alike would fawn over. Just looking at her you could imagine how soft her skin was and how firm and supple her breasts would feel, but that would cost you extra. Her breasts were always larger then average even when she was in grade school and began developing faster than her less endowed female classmates.

Brandi never believed in surgery or any appearance altering body modifications to enhance her physique instead she relied on a starving student diet, mixed with an abundance of “extra curricular activities” to keep herself in shape for dancing. In her mind sex was a great way to work out, it requires flexibility, stamina, endurance and if you’re doing it right you just might be able to get a little bit of personal pleasure out of it. The spotlight danced off the glitter she had adhered to her chest and it twinkled like millions of tiny stars on a human skin canvas. Her long, sensuous, legs were some of her greatest assets and she made sure that her audience knew it. Brandi’s high heels gave her an extra 6 inches which gave her a height of about 6’ 2’’, towering above the clientele was very beneficial for private dances so that Brandi could dominate her customer’s attention without too much direct contact.

Her body was in full swing now, like liquid in motion. She wrapped herself tightly around the shimmering pole in the center of the stage, still oily from the previous performance and poured herself down it. She lifted herself high above the crowd and spread her legs as far as her balance would allow her to go then slid slowly down the pole until coming to a graceful landing on her firm buttocks. She repeated this step, incorporating different positions and descents she had learned from her colleagues at the Sapphire Lounge. The crowd was insatiable.

No one could get enough of Brandi Mitchell as non-sequential bills came raining in from all directions. Like a slave on an auctioneer’s block, the men began shouting for her to come over to them, waving their money in the air in an attempt to sway her favor. Brandi was no dollar bill stripper. She was an exotic dancer in her own right and that distinction allowed her to pick and choose her clientele. Only when a $100 bill was laid on the stage before her would she provide the attention her client paid for. So far tonight was just more of the usual drunken rabble, only there because it was their friends bachelor party or because they happened to have some extra cash left over from the week.

The dance raged on with a passion that only Brandi could bring to the stage. It was beauty. The music took Brandi in its arms and held her there for three minutes, like a lover holding and caressing her naked figure in a warm embrace and for a moment made her forget the mob of lascivious sexual carnivores that made her type of profession successful. When reality set back in, Brandi knew it was time to start working the crowd, the stage was littered with money, but Brandi knew that she needed more. She began writhing on the floor of the stage like she was about to orgasm then crawled on her hands and knees like the worlds sexiest beggar to the first man in the line of seats. Some nights she allowed these small timers and down-on-their-luck working men to get more then they paid for, but tonight was important so when the man didn’t immediately take out his wallet she knew to move on, she did this to each man down the line stopping briefly to spread her legs or vigorously shake her ass with each one and when it seemed that tonight was going to be another dollar-bill night, she saw it. The magnificent $100 bill on the other side of the stage was set down by an attractive dark-haired man in a suit which Brandi knew from experience was expensive. She swung her body around and she knew that now was the time for the pièce de resistance.

Brandi coyly reached her hands to the strings which held up her wardrobe, the tension in the room had a physical sensation that could’ve been cut with a knife, she looked straight at the man who put the $100 bill on the stage and slowly started to pull the strings. Every man in the club was now pulsating with anticipation. The bow she had carefully tied slipped through the knot and then burst open to reveal Brandi’s perfect bosoms. The mob went wild. Brandi turned around so that her perfectly shaped ass could be seen by all and then slowly brought down the edge of her panties to reveal the tiniest peek of incredible backside. Then, the wardrobe malfunction that everyone had come to see; Brandi in all her glory gyrating and bending her completely nude body around like an Olympic gymnast. She was as smooth and silky as a porcelain vase from head to toe, her light glaze of sweat glistening in the spotlight. Her nipples only added to the beauty of her breasts with a precise proportion that would have made even Michelangelo jealous.

Tonight, Brandi was a goddess, a perfect specimen of classical Greek proportions, her meticulous beauty regimen had actually paid off. The money began piling up on top of the stage, which made Brandi nervous because the floors became slippery with that much money on the ground, but she refocused her balance and went on with her rounds. Moment of truth she thought again as she approached the mysterious man with the $100 bill.

She came at him in sections, Brandi pulled every trick in her arsenal to make this the most irresistible approach she had ever done, then standing six feet directly over the man looked straight into his eyes and said, “You’re going to remember this for the rest of your life…” Brandi timed her approach perfectly the song began its chorus which made this moment seem like the climax of a concert event. Brandi dropped like an atom bomb, gravity pulled her down bending her knees to spread her legs and gave the man in front of her the most perfect view of her perfectly hairless pussy, then teasingly slammed her legs together to entice him to open his wallet.

This man always had his money ready no matter what the situation. He reached into his pocket and seamlessly pulled out another $100 bill and set it in front of Brandi almost as if to say let me see what you have to offer. The sight of that extra $100 bill was all Brandi needed to instantly spread her legs. She continued dancing for the man, this was his dance and everyone else was drowned out. This dance was different somehow. She felt a sense of connection she hadn’t experienced with other high roller clients. He never made a motion to touch her, and the whole time Brandi was almost wishing he would. Suddenly a surge of vitality hit Brandi like a freight train, and an overwhelming sensation of pure sexuality washed over her like electricity starting at her toes and fingers then quickly centered it’s incredible energy deep inside the crevices of her anatomy.

Inexplicably she felt her pussy tingling with desire, the very thought of this strange man inside of her filled her entire body with quivering anticipation. Then almost as quickly as this sensation began the music started to fade out and the DJ gave Brandi her outro and announced the next dancer in the lineup. Brandi quickly snapped back to reality and said thank you to the man who had given her the money then proceeded to frantically clean up her collage of floor money before the next dancer came out to the stage.

This was the part of the evening Brandi hated the most. The sexual stigma associated with her job didn’t bother Brandi at all, what bothered her is when the music was over every person in the club would see her shoveling money into her robe like a desperate naked vagrant. This job is not for the prideful Brandi told herself, but deep down she knew she had pride and a lot of it, which added to her sense of self-loathing and negative self-esteem. Brandi gathered up her money and walked off stage to the dressing room area. Counting her money was the pivotal moment after her performance, because if she didn’t make enough money she would have to walk the floor and the smoking areas for private clientele.

Tonight she did better than usual. 97, 98, 99, 4000… holy shit she thought to herself, this was her best night in a couple of years. Brandi immediately started thinking about all the things that she would have to use the money for:  my car needs a new transmission. $1700, I need a new headshots for my (then she remembered the acting career she had put on hold for three years) she continued down her mental list, each item taking a significant chunk of her hard earned money away. That’s when she felt a tap on her shoulder, “Hey Brandi!” she knew instantly who it was, the sleazy middle-eastern club owner who no doubt wanted his percentage of the money earned.

“Get the fuck out of here!” Brandi yelled, I told you a thousand times to not come back here!” Hassan the club owner, leaned over getting a good view of the money she had just been counting and said “Did pretty good tonight, eh?” Brandi stared at him with a hatred you could actually feel heat off of. “Look baby, I’ve got a deal for you”, he said in his think middle-eastern accent. Brandi almost knew exactly what he was going to suggest. “You can keep the money you made tonight from the floor, minus my 40% cut you owe me, or you can give a private dance to a client and I’ll let you keep the whole thing plus whatever extra the client gives you, he’s already paid for the dance and is waiting for you in the VIP room. “Wait,” Brandi said, so you’re going to let me keep all of my money and whatever tips the client gives me?”

“Bullshit, what’s the catch?” Hassan shot Brandi a look like she should already know. “Hey baby, trust me, everything’s fine, all you have to do is go to the VIP room and make him feel like a VIP, grant him whatever request he asksfor.” Brandi knew this was completely illegal and girls got busted all the time for shit like this. “ I know what you’re angle is Hassan,” Brandi said, “I’m not going to prostitute myself for your business, and I’m not going to risk going to jail for you, besides, I’m just not that kind of girl.” “Hey!” Hassan interrupted, “No one is talking about fucking nobody! You’re my best girl and I have a customer that just paid $8,000 just to meet you, he asked for you by name!”

Holy shit, Brandi thought to herself $8000?? Who the hell would pay that kind of money just to meet me if he didn’t expect me to suck him off or some shit like that? Brandi knew that Hassan was ultimately a decent person in a dirty business and does actually care for his employees and though he had tried in the past to set her up to have sex with clients, he knew that she would never go for it. Reluctantly she agreed and put her costume back on. After dabbing the sweat from her arms and chest she sprayed herself down with some shimmer body spray and headed out into the VIP area. The VIP rooms were cleaned on a regular basis, although no one in their right mind could’ve called them clean, stains lined the carpets, and furniture, smoke filled the darkly lit hallway, and walking passed the doors you could hear the obvious moans and sounds of the more promiscuous dancers entertaining their VIPs with more than just a lap dance; walking down the hallway Brandi kept her head down and focused on her feet to try to filter out the sounds of depraved pleasure, but couldn’t help but think of the disturbing amount of semen and other bodily fluids that must be ruminating in the carpet underneath her feet.

Brandi arrived at room 6, where Hassan told her to go with a dirty martini for her guest. She pulled back the curtain, dreading whom she might find on the other side. Yet again, Brandi wondered to herself how her life had come to this point. When the curtain revealed her guest, Brandi immediately felt Goosebumps running all over her body, it was the mysterious $100 bill man.

He looked even more attractive than she remembered, mostly because the spotlight’s blinding effect. Now seeing him cast in a different light, Brandi recalled the incredible sensations he brought out of her while she was on stage and in an instant felt her panties grow moist. She wanted him, badly. However she never had sex with clients and had a heightened sense of morality even though she was an exotic dancer, Brandi took her sexuality very seriously. In truth, he was a very handsome man and he knew it. His short dark hair with some length on it, gave it a dignified, yet relaxed look. It was slicked back with product and the shine gave off a healthy glow. His deep blue eyes captivated Brandi and held her there in front of him almost like a deer caught in the headlights of a moving car. His prominent jaw and muscular physique coupled by the light scruff of his facial hair gave him a distinguished, refined, ruggedness and made Brandi feel like she could trust him implicitly.

“Hey there, it’s Brandi, right?” the man spoke as if he did not expect a response. Brandi nodded her head in agreement, she was a little embarrassed by her girlish bodily response like she just met her music idol but, she shifted her weight and had to bite her bottom lip with the tip of her teeth to keep from shouting “Take me now!” She resisted and managed to make her sexy mysterious demeanor even more intriguing to the strange gentleman. Brandi told herself to focus and make sure to let this guy know that she doesn’t have sex with clients, no matter how much she might crave it with this one particular client.

She walked over to him, leaned gently into the plush leather seat and slid up right next to him with her legs crossed towards him, placing her hand delicately on his shoulder she asked, “What’s you name handsome?” He smiled and said, “we’ll see how things go and then I’ll tell you” Brandi almost expected that response from him, most married patrons and people with something to lose wont give out a name. That was a red flag in Brandi’s book. “I’ll just call you Handsome then” as she gave him a little wink, “so Handsome, what can I do for you?”

“Well Brandi I wanted to meet you” he spoke with a commanding and authoritative tone, a man who speaks like that knows exactly what he wants, and he usually gets it, Brandi thought. “That dance you gave me downstairs?” Brandi nodded shyly, remembering how turned on she was. “It was the hottest and most erotic experience I have ever had with a woman without touching her.”

“Look,” Brandi said, this was where she needed to establish ground rules, “I just want to tell you up front that I  don’t sleep with clients, no matter how devilishly attractive they are… Handsome.” A look of surprise and concern crossed the man’s face, “Brandi, I realize that your manager must’ve told you how much money I spent just for a couple hours of your time in a private room and that must look pretty suspicious, but I wanted you to know my intentions.” Brandi was completely thrown aback by that statement.

Ok, Brandi thought, if he’s not trying to fuck me then he must either be trying to “save” me or he’s straight up falling in love with me.  Brandi had run into many of these men before who think they can change her, or they fall in love with her and start stalking her after she gets off work. “Well Handsome, then what am I doing here?” she said. He smiled a warm inviting smile and said, “I simply wanted to meet you and get to know you, I know that is kind of a strange request but after that dance I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my evening.”

“You liked my dance that much?” she asked. “Yes” he replied, “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and I’m not exaggerating.” Brandi felt herself blush, she was used to this sort of flattery but this man’s eyes didn’t lie, he meant every word he said, 100% genuine and that is something Brandi did not come across often in her line of work. Brandi felt herself getting excited again, what is it about this guy? Am I just effectuated with him or is there actually a connection here? She thought to herself.

“Brandi” he said, “In this room, we’re completely alone, we can do anything we want and all I want is to share a couple of drinks, and get to know you, if that is something you’re not up for then you can leave and I’ll give you $2000” Brandi’s thoughts were spinning, $2000?? I don’t even have to do anything…. “And if I stay?” Brandi asked. Quickly he replied, “If you stay and just be real with me, then you can name your price.” Brandi couldn’t stop from thinking of the possibilities, but after a little contemplation, Brandi thought less about the fact that he practically just offered her a small fortune to keep him company and more about this intriguing, mysterious man who was genuinely interested in her.

A loud POP, jolted Brandi’s attention away from her thoughts, it was a bottle of special Dom Perignon, $700 a bottle. The attractive man poured her a glass and gently handed it to her. Brandi took a small sip, the bubbles cascaded past her tongue, softly tingling her senses, and it was delicious. The man sat back down next to Brandi, their legs just barely touching. Brandi felt shivers run up and down her spine giving her goosebumps, it was a mildly pleasant sensation, and Brandi felt the tension melting away slightly.

She caught herself fantasizing about the man in the suit touching the small of her back and tracing the contours of her body with him fingers all the way around her breasts and then down to… “So,” the man asked, “what’s your story Brandi?” Brandi hated talking about herself so she made it as short as she possibly could. “Well” Brandi said, “There’s not much to tell really, I came out here to be and actress, and ended up as a dancer to pay the bills when that didn’t work out.” The man looked at Brandi with very sympathetic eyes, something Brandi could tell a mile away.

“Don’t feel sorry for me,” she said, “one of the things I hate the most is pity.” He placed his hand playfully on her thigh in empathetic understanding and replied “ okay deal.” Brandi wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen next. She looked deep into his eyes and as soon as his skin made contact with hers, an astonishing amount of sexual energy burst inside of her, she had to fight to keep from moaning, that touch shot carnal pleasures straight up her thigh and an incredible surge of lustful desire made her absolutely dripping wet with envy for his manhood. She couldn’t fight it anymore she had to have him, “I want to dance for you” she said almost in a whisper. “Just you and me, right here, right now.” The man’s eyes twinkled with delight, “Brandi I doubt anything in this world could make me happier.”

Brandi stood up and walked over to the music controls and put on the slowest, longest song she could find. She wanted this moment to last. The music started a soothing R&B groove, sexy in every sense of the word. She eased up to him slowly, then placed her hands on his knees, “Take off your jacket” she requested, and he obeyed. The lighting was much better in this room, Brandi could see his manly features perfectly, but that only made her pussy even wetter, it came on so strongly it started soaking through her panties. Brandi couldn’t help herself, her sexual desire was starting to take over rational thought and what was going to happen next was pure physical ecstasy.

Brandi started her dance by straddling the mysterious man’s lap, she could feel his legs against hers, making her desire pull him on top on her even stronger. She started moving her hips and torso in a slow circular movement closing in closer and closer to his chest with every rotation. She grabbed his tie and pulled him in closer to her, then raised her right leg up and over his shoulders, gently placing her high heel onto his chest and playfully pushed him back. Brandi then raised her leg straight up into the air kept it locked there in a perfect display of her ballerina-like flexibility, her panties did not help hide how glistening wet her pussy had now become. Her panties had been soaked clean through with her sweet, warm pussy juice. The man noticed. Almost instantly Brandi could see the physical effect this had on her client, his pants became tight with the pulsating vitality of his manhood. Brandi then lowered her leg and stood there for a moment, the sight of this man’s bulging package sent Brandi into an emotional frenzy. She stood over him straddling his chest, and then traced his lapel with her fingers, she was unsure about what she was about to do. She never acted like this around clients, but she couldn’t resist the temptation any longer.

She slowly lowered her body, unintentionally rubbing her clit all down the man’s chest, then his stomach, until her ripe supple ass came to rest right on top of the mysterious man’s enlarged package. She could feel it throbbing through his pant material and she pumped her ass back and forth along his lap teasing his manhood. They were now face to face and Brandi leaned into him with her right hand caressing his neck, and touched her lips to his.

It was a delicate kiss, she needed to test the waters and see what his reaction would be. The man looked deeply into her eyes and pressed his lips to hers, seconds passed by and then he released her. Then in a fit of wild passion there was no more inhibition, no more apprehensiveness, they were locked in an intense power struggle over who wanted who more. She grabbed his suit by the lapels and shoved his lips into hers, the pain only added to the intense sexual sensations. Her tongue gently enveloped his as they proceed to grind and pulsate on each other like two belly dancers caught in an infinite loop. He pulled her hair slightly and brought his mouth to her ear, licking, and sucking from her ear lobe to the nape of her neck, his hands now exploring the forbidden territory that was his exotic dancers supple breasts. Brandi had to have him.

Without trying to make it look enticing, Brandi quickly undid her strings. The sweet return of her perfect breasts made their appearance, she buried his face into her bosoms and proceeded to keep grinding up and down on his now fully erect penis underneath his pants. Her nipples tasted like cotton candy, a sweet treat for any man. He caressed the edges of her nipples with his tongue, the response to the temperature change caused them to firm up and stick straight out as if pleading to be sucked upon. Brandi moaned in blissful exhilaration, what am I doing?? She thought, now I’m just another one of the sounds in the hall!  Normally this would’ve bothered Brandi deeply but she could not resist this man any longer, her breath felt short from the intense adrenaline rush she just had, but her unquenchable thirst for this one client left her thighs trembling with arousal, she needed to pull away for a moment, if for any reason just to catch her breath. So she pulled him away from her perky aroused nipples and stood in front of him with only the thin layer of fabric from her panties separating them from total ecstasy. She took a deep breath and right before she went in for another kiss, she saw the large wet spot her dripping pussy had left on the man’s pants. “Oh my god I am so sorry, please let me get you a towel or something!” she exclaimed.

“Brandi,” his voice was soothing and sensual, “I’m not angry at all, and I’ll prove it.” Brandi watched intently as the man took his finger and touched it to the damp spot on his pants. He then lifted his finger to reveal the wet pussy juice had adhered to his finger and was now stringing to his pants. He collected as much as he could, and then brought it up to his mouth. Brandi’s eyes lit up in excitement as the man licked the tip of his finger in delight. She could feel his tongue around her nipple still and wanted more. Immediately Brandi threw off her soaking wet panties and jumped on top of the man’s lap.

To her excitement and surprise, he wrapped his strong arms around her, she loved feeling his tight grip on the small of her back and then swung her around so that now she was the one sitting on the seat and the man was the one in between her legs. “I’m going explore every inch of your incredible body” he said. This came as a shock to Brandi as the few men she had had sex with pretty much went straight from making out to penetration, but this man was different. He brought her lips to his and firmly entered his tongue her mouth, their tongues embracing with the taste of cotton candy and $700 Dom Perignon complimenting the sexual act. He then kissed his way down the side of her neck, his rough hands exploring every contour and line of her body. Down to her chest, he kissed his way, giving her nipples and breasts another burst of sexual arousal, this could’ve brought Brandi to climax, but then he stopped and continued to kiss his way past her breasts. Then down to her stomach, then down to her belly button, then down further, by this time Brandi could hardly withstand the amount of pleasure she was now feeling through her entire body. He then grabbed her left ankle very delicately and slid off her $2700 high heel with his other hand.

He could’ve sworn that Brandi was complete perfection from her head to her delicate toes. Even Brandi’s feet were perfect, they were smooth with no wrinkles in her skin or unpleasant aroma, the feeling came washing over him, he had to know what they tasted like. A look of profound concern on Brandi’s face as she realized that he was about to do something that no man had ever done for her in her entire life, he gave her a reassuring look that this was something she was going to enjoy and then gently kissed the inner sole of her foot. Then tracing his way from heel to toe he maneuvered his tongue into the finest contours in between her toes, licking and sucking on each toe individually.

Brandi had never felt anything like it, the man’s tongue tickled her foot so abruptly she had to fight the urge to kick him in the face, but after about 20 seconds she felt the sensation all over and then centering it’s sexual energy in between her thighs, she couldn’t help but moan again, by this time her pussy was so wet with anticipation that it actually started to drip her sweet juices onto the seat. The man traveled up slowly and kept true to his word, he explored every single inch of Brandi’s impeccable body with his lips and tongue. He followed up her leg, and onto her thigh, where he suddenly raised her legs over his shoulders so that Brandi was straddling his head. Oh god how she wished for this moment, he cupped her left breast and stroked her nipple, as he touched his tongue to her waiting pink. He found Brandi’s sweet spot immediately without even trying and rubbed his tongue gently back and forth across the tip of her clit, Brandi was already feeling like she was going to climax. With both legs still over his shoulder, she grabbed his head with both hands and shoved his tongue straight into her dripping wet pussy.

It was so deliciously messy, her pussy had the perfect scent, and the taste was sweet, the man had never been so enamored. He wanted to taste, feel and explore every single inch of her, there was only one last spot that he had not dared to explore. She wouldn’t go for that,  he thought,  there’s no way such a sweet incredible girl would let me go that far. He looked up into her beautiful green eyes, but kept tongue fucking her pussy, she returned the look and then something beautiful and unexpected happened. Brandi was so overcome with arousal that she didn’t want him to stop there. She actually wanted him to stay true to his word and explore EVERY inch of her body. It’s like their minds were working in complete unison. Any desire the man could possibly dream up was about to come true all in one night, with one woman.

Brandi pulled her legs backward, her flexibility was matched only by her current libido, she kept pulling her legs back until her feet were perfectly crossed behind her head, exposing her glistening pussy which had just been licked clean by the mysterious man. He then kissed the inside of her thigh and traced a perfect line from the bottom of her thigh all the way to her pussy and then slowly began descending his tongue to the sweetest treat he had tasted yet, Brandi’s perfect puckering asshole. It was beautiful, her perky and firm ass was temptation enough for any man, but this, this was like her very first time, she felt innocent again for a moment, as he pressed his lips and tongue to her beautiful asshole, Brandi could feel the very hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She couldn’t even moan it felt so good! Her mouth opened wide as if to scream with ecstasy but not even air came out. She felt his tongue sliding in and out of her asshole, penetrating a little more with each thrust of his tongue spontaneously taking her breath away.

Brandi had never felt this way before about anyone. She would’ve never even let her ex-boyfriend do that to her, though he pressured her to do it multiple times. The overwhelming sensation of having her asshole tongued brought Brandi to a sweat with little beads running down her back. It was her turn now. She pounced onto the man straightforward, knocking him to the ground on his back. Brandi was the insatiable one now, she wanted him with every fiber of her being. She quickly undid his belt and unzipped his pants, she had to see what this guy was working with. To her surprise the man’s rock hard erection sprung out of his pants like a soldier being called for active duty and narrowly missed hitting her in the face.

Holy shit she thought… He’s huge! There his manhood stood, 8 inches from the rest of him. To her delight she saw that he was very well groomed because Brandi hated overly hairy men. Brandi ripped off the man’s shirt and tie in excitement, the moment she had fantasized about all night was finally here. Brandi took his manhood in her hand and placed her mouth around the head of his penis, and proceeded to see how far she could get his pulsating erection down her throat. Much to the man’s pleasure Brandi could only get down to 5 inches and tried again and again to get it down further. Deeper and deeper past her tongue and down her throat she stroked, until the pressure was too great and she needed his godlike love stick inside her. She straddled him while he was still laying there, perched perfectly over his cock, Brandi’s vagina dripped out even more pussy juice onto his erection, mixing perfectly with the saliva still clinging to the tip. She reached her hand underneath her pussy to guide his throbbing cock gently into her dripping wet pussy. Brandi had never been with a man this big and it scared her at first but once she guided it all the way in, taking every single inch of his manhood inside of her, she knew that she could never go back to smaller dicks again. He had ruined men for her.

Brandi was moaning so loud at this point, that she was the only one that could be heard from the hallway, the gentle lovemaking had now progressed into full blown fucking and ramming. “Deeper!” she cried, “Oh god fuck me deeper!!” Without hesitation the man wrapped his arms around Brandi again and while still deep inside her pussy, picked her entire body weight up and off the ground. The two were now standing and simultaneously fucking at the same time. So the man could fulfill Brandi’s request, he propped her up against the padded wall, and continued to penetrate her as deep and as hard as his rock hard erection would allow him. Mercilessly pounding Brandi’s pussy to the point of pain, but it was a certain kind of pain that Brandi just couldn’t get enough of.

Harder and harder he thrusted his hips into her, Faster and faster he knew that he was going to cum soon so he knew he had to take it easy or he would cum before she did, but that was going to happen over his dead body. He eased off a little bit slowing down and randomly changing his speed, then Brandi grabbed him and shouted “Oh god don’t stop baby! Don’t stop! I’m so close! Don’t stop!!” that was all the motivation the man needed, he laid her down onto the seat and gave Brandi everything he had, pounding so hard her ass rippled with the force and the slapping sound reverberated off the walls. The man was on the verge of shooting his man load all over Brandi he was fucking her so hard then he felt Brandi’s pussy start to pulsate “Oh god!!” she screamed. “Oh my fucking god!! I’m gonna cum baby!! I’m gonna cummmmmm!!!” then in an explosive eruption, the man and Brandi both shot their orgasmic juices all over each other in a shower of climactic ecstasy that rained down upon them. White, hot cum burst out of the man’s cock covering Brandi in a layer of his jizz all over her exquisite tits, simultaneously Brandi shot a straight clear stream of warm female ejaculate out of her pussy, spraying right onto the man’s chest and all over his engorged genitalia, the taste was surprisingly sweet and they both tasted each others juices, each enjoying every single droplet that was fortunate enough to get into their mouths and then collapsed next to each other in sexual exhaustion. After it was all over the man helped Brandi stand up as both of them were rather shaky, he got dressed, then they embraced and kissed. Neither one wanted to leave the other. Brandi began wondering if everything this man said was true or was it all an act to get in her pants. “So, is this where you tell me you’ll call me and then I never hear from you again?” she asked. The man looked over to her with a new look in his eye. A look that told Brandi everything she wanted to know, that he loved her.

“My name’s Christian” he said, “and it was an incredible pleasure meeting you.” Then he turned around and made his exit, Hassan was there to greet him and thank him for his patronage. Brandi watched him leave thinking that he was just another scumbag so she reached for her clothes on the seat and her hand felt something. She looked over and there sitting in her hand was $10,000 in cash. Her money troubles were finally over… then she noticed something white underneath the money band. It was a handwritten note addressed to her in an envelope, she quickly opened it and it read:

Dear Brandy, if you’re reading this then you have shown me the best night of my entire life, I feel I’ve already fallen in love with you and if you feel the same way then please come to my estate at 2213 Worthington Avenue. I’ll be there to greet you and if you do not feel the same way then please enjoy the money, it’s all yours. I look forward to seeing you again.


Yours Truly, Christian


The End

Submitted: December 09, 2014

© Copyright 2021 John Moore. All rights reserved.

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Emma Brooks

I think that you have a lot of potential. For starters, the diction is amazing. Each detail was perfected and crafted in such a way that made it more realistic. But if I can provide some constructive criticism, the dialogues were a bit hard to read. Everything was placed into one huge paragraph. I would recommend when writing a dialogue/conversation or separating thoughts from each character that you use the "enter" button and split them apart.
But overall, what a descriptive piece. Well thought out, elaborate, and just amazing!
Great Job!!

Tue, December 9th, 2014 2:46am


Thank you so much for the input! I'll definitely work on that!

Mon, December 8th, 2014 9:43pm

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