Frosty Murder

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Kevin is alone and and sometimes the most beautiful things we say stand out even more when pain is unbearable.

Submitted: December 22, 2010

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Submitted: December 22, 2010



Kevin lay in his bed, all but asleep, he couldn't seem to doze off, it was a cold but still night, Kevin could feel the breeze blowing gently through the blinds, he could hear the noise of distant traffic, and the scurry of a couple of the neighbours cats playing on the frosty lawn. Kevin had been through rather a rough day, he had completely lost his rag with a customer and came so close to walking out on his job. The day kept playing again and again in his mind, like a video with endless tape on a loop. Kevin looked at his alarm clock on his bedside table 1:17AM it glowed, Kevin rolled over and tried to get himself comfortable. Kevin lived in a small cottage just a mile or so away from a busy town, unlike most of his friends he was alone, nearly 30 years of age he yearned for a partner or a close friend, he felt so empty with nothing promising to come to his life any time soon, he felt that this played a part on his sleepless nights. Kevin decided to make his way downstairs to the kitchen to get himself a glass of milk, as he wandered down his creaky wooden staircase he stopped in his tracks to listen, he could of sworn he heard somebody walking on his driveway outside. He opened his front door, only to find nothing, He thought he was sure he heard footsteps on his gravel driveway, but looked out onto nothing but blackness and a lonely street lamp at the end of the path. Kevin entered the kitchen, he didn't bother to switch on the light, he walked over to the patio doors, he could see his lawn covered in frost, the moonlight make it sparkle like a blanket of glitter, it looked so beautiful and yet so cold. Kevin stared at it for a few minutes and sighed, taking in the picturesque sight, he felt so warm. He couldn't fathom what was about to happen...

Kevin didn't even feel the knife entering his back, he couldn't even scream because of the gloved hand covering his mouth. He couldn't even struggle to free himself, he felt all his strength being drained out of him, the pain was just too much to bear he felt numb. He fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. He was still alive, he could feel the warm trickle of blood slowly making its way down his back, he could hear the footsteps of his killer leaving the cottage, slamming the front door. Kevin crawled to the patio doors, his back was covered in blood, he felt like he was on fire, he unlatched the door and crawled out onto the frosty lawn, he lay on his back as he looked up at the stars, the night was so clear, hardly a cloud in the sky, his breath swirled around him, he began to shiver but yet strangely comfortable. He felt the frost on his back, it was soothing to his wound, he could feel himself drifting off to sleep, barley able to make anything out he noticed a cat crawling its way towards him. The cat stopped at his face, and began to lick his forehead, Kevin did nothing he couldn't find the strength to shoo the cat away. After a minute or two the cat scurried away into the darkness, Kevin watched it go, strangely Kevin couldn't feel the cold any more, the pain had gone, his eyes began to flicker and began to close, he fell asleep on the cold winter night. He would never wake up...Kevin died at 1.53AM, he was found by the milkman 4 hours later.

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